SUNSAT Series - 7

Sadhana Sangama  - SUNSAT

1st SUNSAT at New Jersey, July 27th 2014:

6 sadhakas were present.  Satsanga started on time and did finish on time.  There was some lingering discussion for another 15 minutes on preparation for proper sitting, allowing mind and body to quieten down so that meditation becomes more enjoyable.  

We began with OM chanting followed by Guru mantras.  We were guided into meditation by  Guruji’s voice from the CD “Expansion of Consciousness Meditation. - track  01”.   This track was recorded at SS ashram so there were all the usual early morning sounds - birds chirping, roosters crowing, etc.   Sadhakas noted that it made them feel as if they were actually at the Ashram being guided into meditation by Guruji. We were guided to a deep state of silence which ended with OM chanting.

As guided by Jyothiji and Guruji, Subhadra shared some of her  spiritual experiences of her recent pilgrimage to India.  She prefaced it by stating that the one speaking was only reporting what the “Self” experienced, that “Self” which is one with all.  

Until next Sunday, Namaste.

In service,

SUNSAT update from New Delhi:

The group met at 7.30. Now the crowd is getting stabilized at 6 and above. Now that the pattern is set and there is a small group, it is time that Satsang should be given the thrust.

Nothing was discussed to strengthen the Satsang in this week's Satsung. Jyothi Maa's programme is due in Delhi over 8th to 10th August. I plan to discuss about how to strengthen the Satsanga after Amma's programme in Delhi.

But  I personally feel that the fundamental principle that should be guiding the Satsanga is that it should help you to stay with yourself (I mean, inside). In other words, connectivity with one's own self should be the purpose of doing Satsang. This would mean that we do Satsang not only on Sunday mornings but every day, whenever possible. Connectivity is a process and SUNSAT should be become an occasion to experience this connectivity in a group and realize that connectivity with one's own self and connectivity with a group are not two different experiences.

This idea may sound idealistic but it is not so because it is not my thinking. This is what all realized Masters keep on repeating :)

Till next Sunday, Happy Sadhana

N. Narayanan

Vande Guru Paramparam

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