Art of Contentment - 1

New Beginning

Hello Bansuri. How are you doing?

Hi Sankara! I am doing great. For the first time, I feel, I am in BLISS!

Oh is it? How come?

It is my true nature, isn’t it Sankara?

Bansuri, I know you for years! Now don’t fool around! How come you got to know your true nature?

Sankara! I am just trying to remember what our Guruji said that the true nature of our being is Atma Tripti, Atma Bhava and Atmananda. 

Good to know that there is some sort of change in you post attending Sadhana Sangama’s Winter Camp. So how was the camp Bansuri ?

It was marvelous.You surely missed that. I never felt being at home anywhere else than at Sadhana Dhama during the winter camp. 

Great! It’s sad to note that I could not make it, though I thought a lot about it to be there. 

Sankara, I think to attend such camps for a week, sometime it requires lot of efforts & hard decisions compared to going out on a picnic tour for a week effortlessly!

Oh Bansuri! Don’t be too critical, you never know what my situation was back in my family. 

Oh yes, you are right. I should not become too critical of others, just because I attended this camp. I too have my own share of missing camps earlier with some lame excuse. 

Bansuri, I do agree with you that we should make all efforts to be part of Sadhana Sangama camp, as it’s the only time we from different parts of the world come together and spend some quality time in Ashram, listening to Guruji & Amma’s lecture & meditation session, in addition to reflexing our muscles & breaths.. More importantly, get our Sankalpa strengthened & motivated to trend on spiritual path. But alas, sometimes you see… something or the other comes up and hold us from attending the camp. 

Don’t Worry sankara, I have Guruji’s session recorded audio files with me. Why not we together listen it for some time every week?

That’s a great idea Bansuri. Though nothing comes close to listening to Guruji live in front, nevertheless this audio recordings will surely help people like me who missed the camp. Thank you so much. 

Thank you so much Bansuri, I was looking for a New year Message from Guruji and I got it by listening to this clip. 

Sankara, do you mean to say Guruji gave us an advanced New Year Message during the camp ?

Yes Bansuri! Did you not get it ? The New Year message is:

With the grace of Guru Parampara, Let’s all be blessed with the beauty, grace and the joy of natural way of living like a child and get real strength of creative intelligence & patience to be in the state of ‘Now’. 

With that feeling, let’s spend this new year day Bansuri…. See you in next year…  Jai Gurudev.

Jai Gurudev!

- 'Bansuri'

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