Let's hear from Guruji - Role of a Guru (Series 6)

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Role of a Guru
In our continued attempt to analyze various DVD's of Sadhana Sangama through our 'Let's Hear Guruji' series, let us today look at 'Role of a Guru' - a lecture by our Guruji recorded on Guru Smarana Day.

'Role of a Guru' is a single DVD which is a must for every aspirant who are in the path of Inner journey. It gives you the essence of Guru Disciple relationship and it guides the aspirants with the answers for all their queries towards his/her Guru.

It is very important to know how the relationship between a disciple and a Guru should be and what is the duty of a disciple towards his/her Guru. While Guruji Pattabhiram is our Guru, he is also a sincere disciple towards his Guru 'Swami Rama'. In this lecture DVD, one can notice our Guruji taking the role of a sincere disciple when he remembers the events that took place between Him & Swami Rama and in places where he guides the aspirants from various issues he/she may face in this sacred relationship, he lovingly takes the role of a Guru in explaining it in the language that we can understand & relate with. 

Sadhana Sangama DVD

Guruji Meditation session 
This DVD first starts with Meditation session where our Gurudev guides all the aspirants to feel the presence of the Guru tatva on the Guru Smarana Day. He states during the practice that, "Stillness of the body, rhythmic breathing and calmness of the mind are the three prerequisites for meditation". He explains that when one experience these three prerequisites, they would be in touch with the space within, the space where one can meet their Guru, the inner guide, the light that leads to the eternal light.

He guides the aspirants to feel the presence of our Pujya Gurudev Swami Rama of the Himalayas, who has represented and representing the entire lineage of Himalayan masters, the tradition of meditation and self enquiry, which includes all & excludes none.

After the Meditation session, our Guruji first starts explaining what the word 'Guru' means.  He states that the word Guru means dispeller of darkness. But what is the darkness here? Darkness here is the walls we have created among our-self.  The mind is not able to experience the seed of infinity that is there in every human soul because it has created walls after walls. Meditation is the process where we start breaking out these walls to reach the space within where we meet the Guru tatva. Guruji then explains various means one can break this barrier & how this Guru tatva unfolds in every soul when the disciple moves in this direction. 

Moving ahead, Gurudev explains the various stages that happens in the Guru-Shisya relationship. He primarily talks about 3 stages that one has to encounter while relating with the Guru. This session is a real guide for all the aspirants because we primarily would be falling in either one of these stages and it is important for us to know the do's and don'ts of Guru disciple relationship in each of these stages.

Guruji explains beautifully the various scenarios where there is a possibility for a disciple to disbelieve & misunderstand his/her Guru and instances where he/she feels like running away from the Guru. Guruji also explains how the Mind tricks the Sadhaka to feel bad or unhappy with the Guru, so that he/she can stop associating with the Guru anymore. These talks are really an eye opener for the sadhaka's to understand how they should relate with the Guru. 

Guruji points out that many students think that the 'Guru' means 'Kama denu', who gives whatever one ask or demand for. But they don't question themselves even once, 'Why Guru has to give and yield to their demand & request'. We ask, we demand our rights, but we don’t understand our duty before asking.

Guruji then explains how the mind now plays tricks which makes the disciple to judge their own Guru and how it tries to quantify Guru's grace towards them.  Here Guruji explains that one needs deeper conviction & shradda to stay firm. Otherwise, He warns that the mind would put serious questions on aspirant's mind stating, 'I am doing so much to my Guru and what He is doing in return for me' which would slowly create doubts upon Guru's action and ultimately make the disciple move away from the Guru.

Here Guruji shares one beautiful story between a disciple and a Guru, where the disciple starts doubting his own Guru as he goes through series of trauma & problems in his life and what happened towards the end. It's a moving story where, Guru's love & grace is beautifully explained. MUST WATCH.

Moving ahead, Guruji states, 'Even if Guru shows 100's of miracle, the confused disciple's mind would still expect one more miracle to start trusting Him'. The mind says, 'let the Guru first prove that He has the power, then let me trust Him'.  Here our Guruji explains the connectivity that happens with the disciple when He surrenders completely with his Guru. He remembers & shares following three instances which are the major highlights of this DVD:

1) Experience of our Gurudev when he met Swami Rama for the last time on August 1996 when he was in his physical body;
2) Experience of our Gurudev at Sadhana Dhama Ashram on the day before & after after Swami Rama left His body on November 1996;
3) One of the instance that happened at our Gurudev's public program at New Jersey

Guruji further states that It is very easy to relate with a Guru at the material plane. For e.g. if one is going through a problem, after Guru blesses him, the problem disappears, so he believes that there is someone called 'Guru'. If someone is praying for money as it got stuck somewhere, after Guru blesses him, he got the money, so the trust on Guru develops.  This is one kind of relating with the Guru. Most of us, we love to stay with such Guru, if He is having such tricks to play and we always value guru through such miracles & tricks. In the beginning it might be needed, but a disciple has to move from this stage. A sadhaka should not get struck at the initial stage only. A disciple has to move from expectation level to the unconditional level, through the passage of his own karma’s.

Guruji then explains what kind of issues that would creep in when a disciple goes through his own Karmic life and how he starts to see Guru differently because of his own Karma. He then also explains how a disciple can do the purification and how he can be in touch with the Guru by dissolving his own ego, attachment & expectations.

Guruji then moves on to explain what is Guru Smarana Day and how a disciple should approch the Guru Smarana day.  Guruji here asks a very perennial question, 'Do you have the trust in the hands of your guru'?. He says, 'Shraddha he, paromo gadhi'. Your intellect, analysis, postmortem of your Guru, cannot help in anyway. They only help in peripheral level. Beyond that they don’t have any sense. Its only the trust that would help & guide you.  Guruji asks the disciple to come out of the conditioned expectations to unconditional space.

As there is no point in doing Sun salutation after one becoming blind, it's of no help if one realizes the true essence of a Guru only after He departs. This DVD is that gentle reminder to us to understand & realize the true essence of 'Guru' and the pivotal importance He carries out in a disciple's inner journey. This is that guide which any disciple can refer if he wants to know how to relate with his/her Guru and this is the guide to refer, incase the disciple is stuck somewhere and unable to relate with the Guru.

Before concluding, let us remember one of Swami Rama's beautiful quotes:

Swami Rama says:

"In India Guru is a sacred word that is used with reverence and is always associated with the highest wisdom. The guru is unique in a person's life. The relationship between disciple and guru is like no other relationship. The truth is that the relationship of guru to disciple is indescribable. The relationship extends to the realm beyond the world, transcends death, and stretches far beyond the limited karmic bonds associated with family and friends. A mother and father help sustain the body of their child, and nurture and guide the child through the formative years of life to adulthood. Guru sustains, nurtures, and guides a soul through lifetimes to ultimate liberation. Guru is the disciple's guide through life, through the mysterious terrain of the spiritual heart, and into and beyond the realm of death".

We all are fortunate & gifted people to be in midst of that Guru lineage guided by our revered Guruji Shri.Pattabhiram. A true Sadhaka never misses an opportunity to seek & learn from the Guru. He understands the importance of Guru's presence and values every minute, every second of it. Hence it's a treat to hear our Gurudev talk about the various nuances of a Guru-Disciple relationship in this DVD. 

Life is made in such a way that no other relationship can travel all together without getting perturbed, humiliated or disturbed. That's why true Guru-disciple relationship is sacred relationship where they travel unconditionally. So friends, experience this divine essence of Guru-disciple relationship by listening to Guruji's wonderful lecture on 'Role of a Guru'. 

If you are interested to get this DVD, please contact +91-9312796128 / 9868112750 or write to basantpnd4@gmail.com. You can also get these DVD's or any other DVD's from this list here 

Below is an amateur attempt in remembering & thanking that Guru who is showering grace & love for all of us... (play with audio & watch it in full screen)

Prayers to the Guru to let us be in His loving lap always...

Vande Guru paramparam..


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Shri Rama Dootham - Story Series - Part 4

Shree Rama Dootham
Click here to read Part - 1, 2, 3

"Read the next line in Hanuman Chalisa", said the messenger keeping his eyes closed.

I should have brought my voice recorder today. How else am I going to remember whatever he is teaching me today?. Wondering what else is in store for me, I opened my Hanuman Chalisa book to recite the next line...

Budhi hina tanu janike sumirau pavan kumar |
Bal budhi vidya dehu mohi harahu kalesa vikar ||

Without waiting for him to ask, I started reading out the translation of it as given in the book that I had with me:

Knowing myself to be ignorant, I urge you, O Hanuman, The son of Pavan! O Lord! kindly Bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge, removing all my miseries and blemishes.

'See the beauty in it', the messenger said right looking at my eyes, “Knowing myself to be ignorant”, such a learned scholar, with all humility admits being ignorant seeking the grace from the lord to give strength, wisdom & knowledge'. Do you have that quality with you my son ?

What quality sir?

'Mein Nahi Tu Hi'.... 

"means... ?" I enquired...

The Messenger replied back, "When Hanuman overcame all the hurdles that he had to face while crossing the ocean in search of Sita, and when he finally landed on the Trikuta Mountain, all the celestial praised him for his might, courage, and ingenuity. However Hanuman thought he could only do it because of the grace of the lord. He didn't for once felt pride about His achievement. He Says, 'It's not my power, It's all because of Ram, any power that I have it belongs to Him'. No Ego, how else can he cross the mighty ocean, without his Ram's blessings, tell me?".

I was trying to ascertain what he wants me to understand...

He continued, "So son, do you surrender your achievement at the lotus feet of your Master and say 'Oh! my Lord, whatever fame, accomplishment, knowledge, power, prosperity I have, it's only because of your grace & nothing else. It's not me, it's only you. Do you do that ?

I did not want to answer this question as I know the messenger is not really waiting for me to answer. He just wants me to remind myself that I need to surrender the fruits of my action at the lotus feet of my master and not personally claim any importance for myself. 

I remember once Guruji was saying that:

'Selfless Service is not only a challenging task but also a crucifiying task. Every minute, every second, 'ME' tries to pop out. 'ME' tries to come forward, at that time, again and again, sadhaka has to gather that 'I' without hurting that 'I' and offer that 'I' at the lotus feet of the parampara. If your mind says, 'I did it', 'because of ME it happened', gather that as a flower, and again and again offer that flower at the lotus feet of the god and the guru and pray to that lord, 'Oh lord this flower, is still has to pick up the fragrance and the essence of the humanity, bless that flower with that fragrance'.

For a second I closed my eyes to seek the blessings to overcome my 'I' feeling and to empty my 'I' so that it can become an instrument for the Grace to work.

I decided to ask my next question to the Messenger.

"Sir, why Tulsidas seeks the blessings of Hanuman for strength, wisdom & knowledge?" 

"Won't you stop asking questions" the Messenger shot back. 

I just shrugged off my shoulder without knowing how to respond. 

Messenger after a moment of silence said, "When you think of ram, you always think of Sita. When you think of Sita you always think of Ram. That’s why Ram is also called as 'Sitaram'. You should always try to reach them both. If you ask what is so unique about praying to Hanuman, it is HE who was gifted to have united both Rama & Sita through his strength, wisdom & knowledge which is again nothing but the blessings from the Lord Ram. That’s why Valmiki has dedicated an entire Kanda for Lord Hanuman titling Sundara Kanda, So..... "

My Mind suddenly caught hold of his statement 'When you think of Ram, you always think of Sita. When you think of Sita you always think of Ram'. 

I quickly interrupted him and asked, "Can't I worship only Ram?". 

For some strange reasons, I could not worship or rather I have never worshiped Sita as I would have worshiped Lord Ram, Why is it so, Am I doing any sin by ignoring her?

Messenger now looked straight into my eyes. I could see he is searching for something more. How would I tell him that whenever I pray to my Guru, I do not keep Guru Ma in same pedestal. Somehow I keep ignoring her and don't offer the real respect from the Heart that normally flows for my Guru. I was feeling rather embarrassed now knowing that the Messenger is reading my thoughts. I may be wrong, but somehow I desperately wanted an answer for this, because for a long time, this was bothering me inside.

I could not control, as little tears started rolling in my eyes. I knew I am doing something wrong but with helpless state I looked at the Messenger to help me to come out of this.

The Messenger for a moment closed his eyes and started speaking:

"Bhringi, an ancient sage (rishi) is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. The sage was so fanatically devoted to Shiva that he did not even care for Parvati. While all the rishis paid homage to both Shiva and Parvati, this great sage 'Bhringi' would not worship Parvati and dedicated himself solely to Shiva. The sage performed circumambulation of Shiva daily but ignored Parvati.

Shiva is 'Trikalagyani', the one who knows everything about the past, present and the future, knew this too. He was waiting for a right moment to make the Sage understand the universal truth. One Day at Mount Kailash, Sage Bhringi, as a symbol of his devotion & worship towards Lord Shiva, wanted to do Parikrama (Pradakshina) of Shiva alone, again ignoring Parvati who was sitting next to him.

Shiva noticing this, glanced towards Parvati & took the form of 'Ardha-nari', making Shakti one half of His body to demonstrate to the Sage that they are two halves of same truth. However still adamant, the sage took the form of a 'bee' to do parikrama of only one half of Shiva and not the other half which is the Shakti swarupa.

Seeing this, Goddess Parvati blessed the sage stating, "Since the sage only did the parikrama of the purush, he is happy to be blessed with purusha (male) tatva alone. So let me bless Sage Bhringi his desire to get the blessings of that Purusha tatva and let him be free from any Stri (female) tatva from his body.

Instantly, Bhringi lost all flesh and blood and he became a bag of bones. He collapsed on the floor, unable to get up. He lost all parts of the body that come from the mother. (In Tantra, the Indian school of alchemy, it is believed that the tough and rigid parts of the body such as nerves and bones come from the father while the soft and fluid parts of the body such as flesh and blood come from the mother.)

Bhringi realized his folly, apologized and sought his forgiveness. He realized that, Shiva and Shakti make up the whole. They are not independent entities. One cannot exist without the other. Without either there is neither. The sage realized that although Shiva and Parvati appear as two different bodies but they are in essence one – the source of all creation, sustenance and dissolution.

This Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) and illustrates how Shakti, the female principle of God, is inseparable from Shiva, the male principle of God.

"So son, When you think of ram, you always think of sita. When you think of sita you always think of ram". Never ignore one for another. Bete! Samaj mein Aya Kya ?" (Son, did you understand) asked the Messenger closing his eyes.

I got the slap that was due for a long time. Though not physically but the impact was there. How foolish I was ignoring 'Ma' all this time. I realized as important it is to receive the Purusha tatva, it is equally important to realize the significance of the 'Prakriti - Stri' tatva. 

I resolved to see them both equally from today and continue to serve them both who have put their life & soul in the service to Humanity.

"That's enough", said the Messenger. I took it as the signal to stop brooding about the past and move on with the present. So I quickly composed myself & got ready to ask my next question.

"Stop Interviewing Me. Go & do your duty. Don't waste my time" came the stern reply from the Messenger. 

I tried to plead him to spend some more time with me but the messenger was so stubborn that he asked me to stop bothering him anymore. I knew I had many questions to ask and I did not want this to end so abruptly. My mind started thinking to devise a plan quickly to allow Him to sit with me for some more time. 

(to be Contd...)


(Please note that the views expressed in this fictional story series are the views of the author's own imagination taking reference from various sources which includes but not limited to Valmiki Ramayana, Kamba Ramayana, Hanuman chalisa along with Swami Rama & Guruji Pattabhiram's teachings. If you find any text inappropriate, the author seeks humble apologies.

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Summer Camp 2013 - Series 4 (Guruji Pattabhiram's Janma Dina celebration)

Summer Camp - Special update
One of the exciting feel good factor for all the Sadhaka's who attend the Summer Camp every year is to get a chance to celebrate together this great Day (21st May) with our beloved Guruji. This is the day when all the family members of Sadhana Sangama feel that this is the day of shine, the day of bliss, the day of Joy, the day of happiness, the day of our Guruji Pattabhiram. Yes, this is the 'Janma dina' (birthday) of our beloved Guruji. 

Abraham Lincoln once quoted, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life counts. It's the life in your years". We do celebrate & cherish the birthday's of our closed & loved ones including the 'self' year after year. For some, it's the day of retrospecting, for some it's just the day to share happiness & for some it is the day to feel good about to know how many of them remember their birthday's even if they don't remember other's!!

So in this situation, it is interesting to find out, How a Guru celebrates His Birthday? Does He celebrate in first instance? Below is a brief synopsis of this eventful day during this year Summer Camp to know the answers for these questions. 

Though the day began as usual like any other day, the members of the Sadhana Sangama family, were quietly planning this event to celebrate even if Guruji himself want the day to be treated as any other normal day. This event was planned together by all the aspirants and the Sadhaka's requested Dr. Shikaripura Krishnamurthy ji, Sri. Shankar Narayana Shastri ji & Shri.Srinivasa murthy ji to lead the function.

Dr. Shikaripura Krishnamurthy Ji, Shri. Shastri Ji & Shri. Srinivasa Murthy Ji
Starting this function, Dr. Krishnamurthy ji stated, "We are all integral part of the Sadhana Sangama family and you know when once we become a integral part of the family, we cannot dispense it. A brother/sister cannot say to his brother / sister, that you are no more my brother/sister. We cannot say to our father that you are no longer my father, because it is karma. In the same way, it is our punya (good) karma that we are all integral part of Sadhana Sangama initiated by Shri. Swami Rama and initiation continued in this part of India by our revered Guru Shri Pattabhiram ji. 58 years ago this great soul landed on to this earth and this heart went on beating 58 years and it is going to beat for 62 years more. To celebrate the birthday of our family brother, elder brother, may be fatherly associated by his dharmapatni Prof. Jyothiji, we all sit here for a short program to invoke the blessings of the lord on our Guruji Pattabhiram to continue to serve this land with this divine mission.

With this, he requested the group of sadhaka's to begin the function with a small wishing prayer. This Prayer was sung by Smt. Bhanu along with group of enthusiastic children. Below you can find the live Audio recording of this prayer:

The Prayer:

Janma dinamidam ayi priya Guru
Santomotu te Sarvada mudam 

Prathaya mahe bhava satayusi;
Isvarah sada tvam ca raksatu

Punyakarmana kritimarjaya, 
Jivanam tava bhavatu sarthakam

Janma dinamidam Pattabhiramahe,
Ishvarah sada tvam ca raksatu

Prer yaamahe bharatham sada,
Saadanam tava bhavati sarthakam

Smt. Bhanu singing the prayer along with enthusiastic young aspirants

Sadhaka's joining the wishful prayer
Post the prayer, All the children one by one, gave flowers to Guruji, wishing Him which our Guruji lovingly accepted and blessed them. 

Happy Birthday 'Guruji'
Thank you my dear children's

Dr. Shikaripura Krishnamurthy ji, speaking further briefly translated the meaning of this Prayer to all the Sadhaka's. He stated, "All the good things only comes to us because of our punya (good) karma. We are celebrating this function of our own family. We should pray and get the continued blessings of the god to enjoy this happiness in the family set up. Therefore pattabhirama is the central nucleus force of our family and we beg mata Poorneshwari, mata Lalitaparameshwari to bless you on the janma janamdiam. May god shower on you all goodness, He is always pleasant, He is always happy, I have not seen pattabhi becoming angry. He is like Lord Ganapati, who is always smiling, ever pleasant, Santhosa, blissful face, blissful appearance, blissful personality, so may god bless him ever. 

"What do we pray? May lord isvara protect you from all the difficulties of health. May god bless him with safety, security. He is getting fame by his punya karma, He is inspiring many of us, He is putting back on to the track of dharma for many of us, otherwise we would have gone somewhere else. This punya karma has given Him 'krithi', and He does not enjoy this 'krithi', He says, let it be there and He offers it back to the Lord. May your life be successful". 

"Let us all together motivate bharatham, the whole country so that, all that you have achieved these days, and all that we are together trying to achieve, all our sadhana’s may be successful, may be fruitful, in building up the humane, enlightened, and successful India and world". 

Later Krishnamurtiji requested Shri Shankar Narayana shastri ji to speak few words. Shastriji welcomed all the aspirants for the function and said, "Guruji and Mataji, and beloved brothers and sisters, it’s a privilege to be here on this day, when two things come together, we call it a coincidence. But there is nothing coincidence here, everything is planned and happens. So we are all from different homes, different shades, different culture, different language. All of us merged to be here on this eventful day. I remember the day, on which we met together in a thick jungle near sagara, bachodi. And it is that day, which was brought by Krishnamurthy ji, and personally that occasion myself, associated with the great Sadhana Sangama. Without that, I think I would have been in some roadside. So I hope many of us, are inspired by his presence and by his teachings. Another good thing is, I have not seen Swami Rama. It is true Pattabhiramji, he have been a association with the great Himalayan sadhaka 'Swami Rama' and even though we have not seen Swami Rama, we are linked to His parampara (tradition), through a great soul (Guruji), which has linked all of us with that great soul (Swami Rama). We are really grateful and may the almighty give you all the strength and life and pleasure, if not pleasure, to endure all the problems you face"

As a Symbolic, memorable event for the day, sadhaka's requested Guruji & Jyothi Ma to light the lamp. The light which represents the glow of parampara, was initiated with the Holy chants from all the assembled participants along with Guruji. 

Guruji Pattabhiram & Jyothi Ma lighting the lamp

Guruji Pattabhiram & Jyothi Ma lighting the lamp

Guruji Pattabhiram & Jyothi Ma chanting Shanti Mantra & praying for the well being of all Sadhaka's

Lamp lit on the occasion of our Guruji janma din (birthday)
After lighting the lamp, Both Guruji & Jyothi Ma, did namaskar infront of everybody thanking them for their love & warm wishes. 

Guruji & Jyothi Ma thanking for all the love & wishes showered on them

Our beloved Guruji & Ma prostrating to all for their wishes & prayers
On this auspicious occasion, our beloved Gurudev lovingly stated, "I did not expect this, it’s a great surprise to me and I profusely thank Krishnamurthi ji, Shastri ji, and the entire Sadhana pariwara showering on me, so much love and affection and concern. Life is worth when jeeva receives grace and the showering from the humanity and also from the divinity. Otherwise this life has no meaning. Since my childhood every minute , this inspiration has to go on in me, to serve the humanity. I did not think about myself. During my younger days, I received two mantra’s. The first mantra is “mein nahi tu hi”. It’s all you, you, you and you only. There is no 'ME'. In 'YOU' I see myself. Not in 'ME' I see 'YOU'. In you, I see myself. It means you are the mirror, I am the reflection and I have been growing in this beautiful fragrance of ‘mein nahi tu hi'

The second one ‘rastraya swaha , rastraya itham, na mama’. These two have inspired and inspiring me continuously to serve the humanity. At the later stage, Gurudev (Swami Rama) has strengthened this and gave me the clear message, "Bete, selfless service is your worship’, do it. You do the selfless service, the rest is assured from the parampara. Don’t ask anything. Don’t seek anything. We know when to give, what to give, how much to give, where to give. You just offer yourself and serve selflessly"

Serving selflessly is really a very very challenging, crucifying task. It’s not mere a challenging, but it is crucifying. Every minute, every second, 'ME' tries to pop out. 'ME' tries to come forward, at that time, again and again, sadhaka has to gather that 'I' without hurting that 'I' and offer that 'I' at the lotus feet of the parampara. This is the sadhana. Not controlling, not suppressing, not fracturing, but gather that 'I' again and again. It’s a beautiful 'I', 'I did it', 'because of ME it happened', gather that as a flower, and again and again offer that flower at the lotus feet of the god and the guru and pray to that lord, 'Oh lord this flower, is still has to pick up the fragrance and the essence of the humanity, bless that flower with that fragrance'

Ma & Pa
If you work in this direction, life will give us a meaning, will give us a message and will give us an inspiration to travel further, otherwise selfless activity at some point will turn into a very frustrating activity, makes the sadhaka to temp and attempt for suicide again and again. 

It’s not that easy. Because every time the action takes place, but you cannot claim anything about that. Because, the mind over the years, has developed a very powerful impulse called “parigraha” means to possess, i.e. 'ME' & 'MINE'. If you listen to our own mental japa that is going on, when we are not conscious, we hear, 'ME MINE, ME MINE' only. It’s the only japa going on and that is the inspiration to do actions, and every actions comes out of that is going to be a karma and karmabandhana. So a sadhaka has to constantly work inside while performing the duty outside. He has to work continuously. But deep inside he has to find out, is this action painted by 'ME' or is it the action of the grace of the divinity. 

After 50 years of age, we have to celebrate, janmadin as a chintana din. Contemplation. Not merely cutting the cakes and all those things. That is upto may be 15 years. After 15 years, on every birthday, we have to make a sankalpa. It should become a sankalpa din. On this birthday, I am going to aspire & work towards this activity, I am going to work like this, like that etc. It should go on upto the age of 50. After 50, it’s not the sankalpa, it’s the chintana. Contemplation, enquiry. What is that enquiry? Who am I, from where I have come, to where I have to go is the enquiry.

If you are able to work at this level, from where I have come, to where I am going, and find out what is this 'I', Is it possible for me to catch this 'I', Is it possible for me to face this 'I', Is it possible for me to feel this 'I', then grahasta will slowly elevate himself to the vanaprastha level. Upto grahasta level, upto the age of 50, it is sankalpa, I build up my family, I serve my people, I work, I do this, I do that, all excellent. But after the age of 50, we have to elevate ourself to vanaprastha, means 'going inside', where we have created the dense, wild forest, sitting inside the forest, contemplating on 'Who am I'?, What is my relationship with all the surroundings?. Just closing the eyes and able to stay with it, able to feel that itself, becomes a beautiful dhaarana

You need not try to find the answer, in contemplation, there is no seeking, in contemplation, there is only 'seeing' and 'experiencing'. So friends, on this day, this is what, I do. I observe silence, I stay with myself, but fortunately or unfortunately, since 7-8 years, I am not able to observe silence, because camp (summer camp) comes only during this time, but it’s really a wonderful thing to spend this day with you all. 

So is it possible for each one of us, on janma din, to contemplate on what is this janma, who has taken this birth, why the birth has taken place and what is the purpose of this birth, on which direction the journey is on, and where this journey is going to culminate?.  If you are able to work on it, immediately, our great acharya, Shankaracharya’s mantra will start ringing in our ear's. The mantra is:

"Bhajagovindam, bhajagovindam, 
govindam bhaja moodamate, 
samprathe sannikite khale, 
nahi nahi rakshat, 
dukrin karane"

Here, some people call it as a piece of grammar, a rule of grammar, but symbolically, it’s not that. Symbolically this represents the world. By holding on to this world, you are not going to get, samprathe sannikite khale, when I have to leave the body, this world is not going to come to support me, protect me, help me, guide me. This world, whatever I am doing here, fame, name, working day in and day out, working, building, demolishing, constructing, reconstructing, molding, all these things, they are not going to come, that is the dukrin karane here. 

Now is it possible for me to detach from the world and see. When you detach and you see, then bhaja, will start. Bhaja at one level means 'chanting', at another level, 'worship' and at another level, 'merging' with it.  so in the beginning, bhaja means, let me chant, it means, let me introduce, another language in the mind. The language is Govinda. That is the language one has to introduce. It’s a new language which mind is not familiar and now we have to to make the mind to be familiar with the language ‘govinda, govinda, govinda'. Once it is familiarized, then we have to move on to the second, 'pujana'. 'Pujana', means 'worshiping'. Worship means respecting it, respecting means, looking again and again and again, that is called 'Puja'. Respect, re-spect, look again and again. Look at 'Govinda' again and again, that is 'pujana'. It’s not simply doing some ritualistic activities. 

So I have to elevate myself from bhaja to pujana. Once when I start experiencing the pujana, in that the duality drops, and only 'THAT' stays, that is the Samadhi bhava. Here very interesting thing is, Shankaracharya is not insulting the human beings, He says, 'mooda mate', i.e. 'Eh! dull, headed intellect', please see the beauty of it, he is not addressing, 'Eh! stupid fellow', No. He is not using the word, stupid fellow, dull fellow, He says, 'muda mate', 'mate' means the 'intellect'. 'Eh dull headed intellect, think about it, work on it', it means, Shankaracharya, is helping us to respect ourself keeping us at the highest level and the main culprit for all this is the 'mate', the intellect. So catch the intellect, work with the intellect and change the attitude & approach of the intellect towards life. This is the message.  

So on this, occasion , it is not only my 'janma din', it is the 'janma din' of all. So let us feel like that, and let us start contemplating on 'Govinda'. 'Govinda' means that which is sustaining everything, holding everything, protecting everything, relishing everything, that is 'govinda'. So one has to ask this question, "what is that which is relishing me, what is that which is protecting me, what is that which is making me to function, to work, 'bhaja', let me connect with that". 

So friends, let us experience this. So janma din if you celebrate like this, this is the celebration. Otherwise, if we merely cut the cake, we eat the cake, and finish the celebration, there is no real meaning in it. So let us go back with this message, I once again thank you all for showering me so much love on me. Guru parampara bless you all, thank you very much. 

After completing this 'Thank you' speech, our Guruji realized that He still had 15 more minutes before the next break. So with all sincerity and with the permission of the participants, Guruji continued his lecture session on "Love & Family Life" which we will cover in upcoming updates.

Vande Guruparam...

(Aspirants who wish to hear the complete Guruji lecture series on 'Bhajagovindam' public program can get it here)


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Shri Rama Dootham - 3

Ram siya Ram siya Ram jay jay Ram
Part -1, 2

"Sir I have a question, did…" As I opened my eyes to ask my next question, Oops! Suddenly I saw myself alone in the Dhyana Mandir and the messenger was no longer to be found.

Where has he gone... ?

Sir!, Sir!.... I kept shouting looking all around... All I could see is the 'Jai Hanuman' sitting in the meditative posture at 'Dhyana Mandir'. But where did he go ?  Was he really there? Is it my hallucination or am I still in my bed dreaming? What a day has it been for me. I am still to come to full terms of it.

What shall I do now? One part of the mind suggested me to go back to sleep and another part asked me to stay here to & do my japa & meditation. Many a times, I have seen this fight inside where one part suggests me to do something constructive for which I need to put some hard efforts, while another part suggesting me to do the opposite. I admit most of the times, it is the later which wins as I am habituated to the routine schedules. 

'Get up at 5'0 Clock' tells one part whose voice is very feeble. 'Oh it is only 5'0 Clock, still you have enough time, sleep a bit more' says another voice whose voice is much more audible & strong! Even to listen to the feeble voice, I have to struggle a lot. Often I go with the more comfort & easy one, which results in snoozing the alarm clock, put a plaster on the feeble voice to keep its mouth shut & sleep! There ends my sadhana too on that day....

Atleast coming to the Ashram of this kind, which is a result of intense Sadhana & Tapas from our Guruji, I wanted to give the feeble voice more hearing. So I decided against going back to my bed. The moment I took the firm decision, I could see there is no more fight inside. I could no longer hear the suggestion of my mind to go back to my bed. Is this what Guruji used to say about 'Sankalpa' ?

I remembered what our Gurudev used to say about 'Sankalpa'.

"When I make a statement, the body, the mind, the intellect, the emotions, when all these dimensions accept that statement totally, completely and starts respecting it, that is called 'Sankalpa'.  Sankalpa means one voice. No two voices inside. When sankalpa is pure, then 90% we have already reached the goal and won the battle".

Hmm..., now I realize that I am not able to succeed in my Sadhana, because the sankalpa shakthi is not there. I decided to keep my ears more open to that feeble voice. I resolved to give THAT it's importance which it deserves. I sat before Lord Anjaneya, closed my eyes and started doing my Japa.

After my japa got over, I remained there with my eyes closed...

Few quite moments passed by....

"Raghukul Riti sada chali aeee,
Pran Jaye par Vachan na jaye.”

Ram siya Ram siya Ram jay jay Ram 
Ram siya Ram siya Ram jay jay Ram"

The Messenger is back!

Opening my eyes slowly I saw Him sitting there in the same place smiling and chanting with joyous mood. He called me again with same hand gesture movements. I quickly sat near him and before I ask him any question, He repeated singing:

"Raghukul Riti sada chali aeee,
Pran Jaye par Vachan na jaye..."

"Eh Balak, now you have resolved to hear your inner feeble voice, remember this is your 'Sankalpa'. This is the promise you have made to yourself. Give up your life, but not your word". If you are determined, possible distractions will still be there, but you will continue on your path and remain undisturbed." 

I just nodded my head to what he stated. I sensed now that he could read my thoughts well in advance. I recollected how He used to give answers exactly matching my thoughts so far. More than surprise, I now started to feel more cautious to watch my thoughts. I feared what will He think of me, if he comes to know my routine ugly thoughts that keeps coming with me as my shadow. 

He looked at me and smiled. There he is, he should have read this thought too. Oh God!, how to attain the state of thoughtless state? 

He now started laughing. I could know the reason for his laughter. He must be laughing for my desire to have the thoughtless state. 

Anyways, First, I want to know, where was he all this time?. why he suddenly vanished? I waited for him to answer by looking at him as I am sure he would have read my question too. But strangely he continued to have a blank face as if he is waiting for me to ask something. What a strange person He is? He answers for those questions, which I don't even ask Him and he remains silent for those questions, for which I wanted him to answer. Is he really reading my thoughts or is it my own imagination?

To dismiss this state, I decided to speak my mind instead of thinking about it. 

Sir!, where....

"Son, Tell me for what purpose you came to Dhyana Mandir"?

Sir!, I thought let me do my morning japa here...So..

"Did you do at the first instance"?

No Sir!, when I was about to begin, I heard you chanting 'Rama, Rama', so I couldn't do it further...

"Son, that's why I left.  I left so that you can do your Sadhana. Now you have done, I have come back again.  Next time, when you see me interrupting during your Sadhana, ask me to Wait. I will be more than happy to wait for someone who is sincere to their Sadhana, understand"?

Ok Sir, is all I could say at that time... Sometimes, Words don't come easily... I realized it at this moment...

"So, what were you asking me, Did Hanuman recognized the greatness of Lord Rama at their first meeting ? right!. Even though knowing this information is not going to help you in any way for your own enlightenment, let me still answer it hoping that you would take it as reference..." 

The Messenger continued stating, "You were feeling low for not able to recognize the greatness of your Guru in your first meeting, right! Unlike you, Hanuman at the very first sight of Rama & Lakshmana- at the time that he comes to find out who they might be  – as they were wandering on the slopes of the Rishyamuka Hill, Hanuman’s heart melted with love for them. He feels as one who unexpectedly falls in with friends from whom he had parted long before".

"Wow, Hanuman Ji is so great….", I exclaimed.

Calmly he replied back, “More than the greatness of Hanuman, I would say, it could only happen through the Grace of Lord Rama”…

"So what were the thoughts that Hanumanji was going through when he met Ram & Lakshmana for the first time"? My curiosity questions were shooting to the messenger one by one…

The Messenger answered with closed eyes, “Seeing Lord Rama & Lakshmana, Hanuman thought within himself:

How even tigers and lions look on them with tenderness, as they would be having it on their own cubs!

Peacocks and other birds fly in groups and shade the delicate bodies of these strangers from the hot rays of the sun with their great wings;

Clouds cool them with their little rain drops, marching over them as they walk on;

The burning stones on their way become soft and cool as the honey-dripping flowers to their feet at every step;

Even trees and plants worship them, bending down their heads when they come near;

Are they Dharma’s self? Are these being gods indeed who wipe off the sorrows of living kind and give them salvation; Burning away the inevitable fruits of their deeds?

My very bones melt, the flood-gates of love are opened within my heart, and I see no limit or end to the affection that surges within me towards them !

Saying this, He again closed his eyes for few minutes. It helped me to recollect his words.

I once again glanced towards the Lord Hanuman statue in the Dhyana Mandir and was trying to visualize what he said about His first meeting with Lord Ram. I thought to myself, “I may not have that much sensitivity like Lord Hanuman to realize my Master when I met him for the first time, but now what is more important after realizing the presence of a true master is, to understand what is my duty as a disciple”.

As swami Rama used to say, "You may try your best to do something for your Guru, but you cannot, because he doesn’t need anything. You wonder, "Why is he doing so much for me? What does he want from me?" A Guru wants nothing, for what he is doing is his duty, the purpose of his life. They radiate life and light from the unknown corners of the world. The world does not know them, and they do not want recognition. They guide humanity. As the sun shines and lives far above, the guru gives spiritual love and remains unattached".

I felt thankful for having such a selflessless Guru with us and felt proud to be in that Guru lineage. I resolved myself, 'Let me not try to do things just to please him, but let me join Him in his mission & vision. Let me do whatever I can do as the squirrel did for Lord Rama in building the bridge to lanka'.

"Read the next line in Hanuman Chalisa", said the messenger keeping his eyes closed.

I should have brought my voice recorder today. How else am I going to remember whatever he is teaching me today?. Wondering what else is in store for me, I opened my Hanuman Chalisa book to recite the next line...

(to be contd..)

- 'Bansuri'

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Guruji at National Yoga Workshop at Hyderabad - Video link

Guruji at National Yoga workshop
DAE Sports & Cultural Council and NFC Works Committee had organized 2 days (6 & 7th April 2013), National Yoga Workshop on "YOGA FOR SELF-REALIZATION" at Hyderabad. There were several distinguished speakers who were invited for this Workshop & our Gurudev Shri. Pattabhiram was one of the chief speaker among them. We earlier shared a written report of the workshop here. Now we present the video link of the same below:

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Shri Rama Dootham - 2

Shri Rama Dootham - Episode 2
Read  Episode -1:

With no more patience, I accepted my defeat to my mind and decided to open my eyes to see from where the chanting is coming from. As I opened my eyes I saw a saintly old man sitting in the corner of the Dhyana Mandir with half closed eyes chanting Rama, Rama Rama, Rama..

I thought to myself that he must have come to visit the Ashram to do his Sadhana. I could not resist but to admire his charismatic face. Soon after some time, He slowly opened his eyes and I took this as an opportunity to go near to him and enquire his whereabouts.

I bowed before him and touched his feet.  With his Hand gesture he asked me to sit near him. I resisted and said I am comfortable standing. He took his hands and touched my shoulder and pulled me to sit near him.  When he touched me, I could feel the coolness from his hands even though I was wearing a thick t-shirt. I thought to myself that I had felt this same cool touch from our Guruji too…

He asked me 'who am I' with his hand gesture movement. I tried to explain about myself a bit and told him that I have come here to Sadhana Dhama Ashram to spend few days.  I was not sure if he listened to all what I said. With  few minutes of silence, to break the ice, I asked him, "Sir, who are you? I haven't seen you before here... "

He just smiled and looked towards me and said “I am a Messenger too”…

I did not know how to react but just gave a smile as an acknowledgement to what he had said. But surely I liked his voice. He then asked me what I was holding in my hand. I just showed him and told it is ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. (Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) addressed to Lord Hanuman)

He laughed and asked, "Why do you read it?"

I replied, "Sir, to get the inner strength and also to remove all the obstacles from…"

He interrupted and said, "Your Rama says 'Mere belief in God alone does not satisfy the students of life who are searching for Ultimate Truth. Suppose a student believes in the existence of God but is not emotionally mature and does not have a peaceful mind, such a student does not have tranquility and equanimity, which are the main prerequisites for enlightenment.' So along with chanting of these, also go inside and see if you have got these qualities".

While I was very happy to know that he uttered the name of my Guru's Guru "Swami Rama", I got little confused with what he said. Is he saying, I don’t have these qualities or is he just remarked casually? Whatever it is, I decided to get his blessings to attain that peace & emotional maturity that he was talking about.

"Sir, can you please bless me and show the path on how to attain the Inner peace & strengthen emotional maturiy"? I asked with all humility that I presumed I have in me.

He again closed his eyes and after few minutes of silence, he remarked softly "Open the book you have and read out the first doha please"...

I hurriedly opened the book and loudly chanted the first doha in the Hanuman Chalisa:

Shree guru charan saroj raj nij manu mukuru sudhari |
Barnau raghuvar bimal jasu jo dayak phal chari ||

Through his hand gesture he asked me to stop & asked me what it meant.

Since my book had the literal English translation, I didn't had to give work to my ever sleeping brain too much. I started reading as it was mentioned in the book that I had with me:

"With the dust of Guru’s Lotus feet, I clean the mirror of my mind and then narrate the sacred glory of Sri Ram Chandra, The Supreme among the Raghu dynasty, The giver of the four attainments of life".

Having read the exact translation, I looked upon him to see if he is satisfied with my rendition. He closed his eyes and started speaking:

"Even though Tulsidasa himself is a great poet & Saint but still He sets a great example by starting the Hymn seeking the blessing from his Guru Naraharidāsa. He did not start directly by praying to the Lord Hanuman or Rama or Sita, he first seeks the blessings from his Guru.  When the mind is a mirror and is placed in front of divinity, that divinity must be reflected in the mind. Therefore, the dust from the lotus feet of the Shriguru (Shri Guru Charan Saroj Raj), will clean the mirrors of our minds so that we are able to see our own divinity much more clearly.

"Blessed are those who have Guru’s and who are guided in the path of Sadhana. You are already blessed as you are in this path. You need not go in search of blessings from different Masters. Just remember what your Rama has said once, 'The guru tests the disciples, puts them in the most difficult situations, and creates obstacles for them. All the tests, difficulties, and obstacles are meant to train and expand the consciousness of the disciple.  And also, the guru does not allow dependence. If the disciple becomes too dependent on the guru, the guru pushes the disciple away, insisting on independence. It is a remarkable expression of the deepest love.'

Having said this, he again closed his eyes. This gave me an opportunity to quickly recollect how I met my Guruji and I still could not believe what an amount of transformation He has made in thousands of family including mine. Sometimes we do not often cherish life’s simple events without realizing what a great impact it might create in the future. I was feeling little guilty inside for not able to recognize the greatness of our Guruji in my first meeting several years ago.

My thoughts were quickly dismissed when the messenger (how else can I name him) near me started speaking again:

"Do not worry if you could not recognize your Guru’s greatness when you first met Him. When the disciple is prepared, the master appears. So feel thankful that you are in the loving arms of your Guru. Do not ever think about leaving this path, as it is rare to be born as humans, and it is even rare in the human birth to tread the path of spirituality and it is even rarer to have a true Guru to guide you. When the wick and oil are properly prepared, the master lights the lamp. That is his role. The resulting light is divine".

His flow of words were intoxicating and I wanted few minutes of silence myself. For the first time, I closed my eyes to put my thoughts together. Many emotions arise uninvited without our notice & curiosity is one among them. Now suddenly I felt like asking too many questions to him. But the first thing that hit my mind was 'did Hanuman recognized the greatness of Lord Rama at their first meeting' ?..

"Sir I have a question, did…" As I opened my eyes to ask my next question, Oops! Suddenly I saw myself alone in the Dhyana Mandir and the messenger was no longer to be found.

Where has he gone... ? 

(to be contd...)

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Summer Camp 2013 - Series 3

Shri. Pattabhiram lecture session on Love & Family Life
Pranams to all of you. Guruji is in exuberant mood and currently busy with our 'Sadhana Vidyalaya' school management, teachers and the students. With the blessings from the Guru Parampara & with continuous sincere efforts from both Guruji & Jyothi Ma, ably supported by good staffs & well wishers, today the school has grown from strength to strength. We would try to provide frequent updates about the school in upcoming months which we are sure, all the readers would be excited to know about. 

Now coming back to this year Summer Camp updates, during the camp, Guruji, had asked the participants to follow three tasks compulsorily.

First - To Observe Silence (mouna) between 5:00 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. He requested aspirants to try not to talk at all during these period even if one needs to communicate badly. He placed a challenge to prove verbal communication is not the real communication and even through silence one can communicate his/her feelings, presence & love.

Second - Personal Anushthana (sadhana) from 6:15 A.M. to 7:30 A.M.  Guruji requested each one of them to select same place, same time & same sadhana practice throughout the camp. He stressed on the importance of discipline & punctuality and asked to find out if all the dimensions of our personality, starts enjoying that fixed time, that space and that activity.

Third - Compulsory walking for one hour in the evening and be together with the nature

Daily Sadhana at Summer Camp

It was evident that the aspirants who had come for the summer camp had enthusiastically practiced them sincerely and could appreciate the positive effects of them.

Moving ahead, hope the aspirants could relate and contemplate on 'shiva shaktya yukto' which Guruji explained during his first session. In this series of updates about the camp, we are today happy to share Guruji's deep thoughts about the Family Life. 

To start with, Guruji gave a brief background about the profound importance of family life. He requested all the aspirants to come together to enquire into, a very vital and highly experiential field called family. He stated that:

"Grahashrama provides an opportunity for a jeeva to go through all types of experiences. With the consent and support of the partner, one can get into any experiment, whether it is sexual experiment, physical experiment or spiritual experiment , It’s only Grahashrama that provides such a wonderful opportunity to learn to understand, to unfold, excel and go beyond. But unfortunately, we have vulgarized it, commercialized it, and killed the very beauty, very sacredness of this family institution.

So now, with all openness let us try to understand, what is a family, what to expect from the family and why we need a family. Grahashrama, It’s called ashrama, ashrama means where there is no strain or no exhaustion. It is a space of leisure, where the relaxation is the base, where there is no exertion and no exhaustion. It is a place of fulfillment, enrichment, enhancement and expansion, that is called ashrama. Family is also called an ashrama where we expand and enrich ourselves.

Here Guruji expressed his concern over not getting any satisfactory answer over the years, from any of the family members during his travel across places about the purpose of a family life. He then stated: 

Everybody says, that they are striving hard to build up a good family? But without defining what is a family, how one can work for it ? Even our prohit’s, or priest, they do not explain anything about marriage, the family, purpose of the family etc., that’s why we are rubbing with the wrong side of the family, where there is only friction and no happiness. This results in always going through self pity, pain, disgust, desperation, helpless feeling, that is because we are not defining it. Moment you define it, then everything becomes very clear.

So let us begin with all humility, with this profound question, what is a family ?

Guruji then asked the participants to define 'family' according to them. Enthusiastic participants then tried to define the Family in their own ways. Hearing each responses, Guruji in his own humorous style  answered why it can't be real definition of the family life. Guruji then stated that even to define now what is a family, without the partners consent one cannot define it. Event to define, both the partners have to come together. So Guruji asked all the participants who have come along with their partners, to sit together later in the day and come with the definition of what family is. Moving on Guruji remarked:

"We discuss all topics, but so far we have not, sat and discussed, 'what is the purpose of our marriage', why we are not able to get along?, why we are not able to relate with each other?, why we are not able to relish the space?. Silently we have been carrying our pain, our misery, our expectation, our desire, our ambition, our idealism, but when we two come together, it’s only an explosion. One yields to it, and another dominates it. It is the story of every family because we are all scared thinking, 'if we open up this what will happen?...

Please don’t lose interest saying it’s an impossible task and don't drop it as it is.

Grahasthrama is a tapas. Tapas means, experiencing the heat and rising above the heat, that is called tapas. In tapas, there is no fighting. There is no resistance. In tapas, there is total acceptance. If I am doing tapas means, there is total acceptance. For e.g. if 'mouna vratha' (silence) is my tapas (austerity), then it means I have accepted it completely. Physically, emotionally, psychologically & intellectually. The moment I accept 'mouna vratha' completely, then all the factors which are there in me, which don’t like this 'mouna vratha' will start reacting. This is the healing crisis. Every sadhaka has to go through this crisis. It’s very easy to fight it out, very easy to avoid, very easy to run away, very easy to pass over, but very difficult to accept it. In that acceptance, only intelligence has to work, nothing else.

So many of us, may be under this feeling, 'Guruji, we have gone beyond this stage, there is no point in going back and suffering;, so let's not really bother about our family'. That's why we have become individualized islands in the ocean. Family is the ocean, and we have created insulated islands where we are constantly working for our survival. Then all through marriage, family is going to remain as a myth where we start accepting the sufferings.

So let us start where we are and find out "Is it possible for me to redefine what is a Family", then the family will have a meaning. Otherwise NO. When I have to leave the body, with what message I am going to to leave the body? This is the challenge, every family person has to answer.

OK, I fought over the years, for what ? why did I fight ? kimartham? This is the basic question we have to answer. Start this question today, don't postpone it to the end, all most at the verge if I start putting the question and don’t find the answer, it’s of no use. Manusya janma (human life) is very rare.  So friends ask this question again, with all sincerity, what is a family?

One could sense that Guruji was really concerned with the careless attitude of many family in today's generation which was evident in his lecture. He seriously remarked:

I need a companion, somebody who can prepare food, I need somebody, who can satisfy my urges, I need somebody to take care of my parents, I need somebody to take care of my desire, is the family for that only? If it is for that only, then why one have to hold on to only one person? One can get varieties who can provide with much more things. If I get married, only for companionship, there are wonderful companions all over. Is that the premise of the family or something else?. If that is the premise, then logically it is right, that’s where the divorce takes the upper hand. Logically every person who is divorcing, has an answer. There you cannot discuss much because it’s very clear, I wanted the companionship, I am not getting here, so I am getting out of it... Very simple, it’s purely a business .

Some of you may be wondering, why did I take up this topic "Love & Family Life" this time. There are two types of sadhana. First type is crucifying your own self and emerge as a bright star. Another type, don’t touch yourself, crucify others and you enjoy. Himalayan parampara belongs to the first type. You don’t crucify anybody, you crucify yourself. You fix your own self. Its very easy to fix others. My marriage & my family is not successful because my wife is like this, my husband is like this, my mother-in-law is like this, my father-in-law is like this, my brother-in-law or sister-in-law is like this etc., It's very easy to blame it on others. For that there is no answer. Your convenience is the answer.

Sometimes I get scared about thinking of our youngsters. It’s very serious issue. If we say it’s a cultural problem, religious problem, social problem etc., then what is your accountability & responsibility in it?. Everybody is dumping like that, there is no end to it. somewhere we have to bell the cat. It may not work immediately, but still you have to move in that direction. We are all suffering because we have the attitude of saying, 'hum kya kar sakthe hai? (what can I do?) For everything this is the statement.

We are trying to compensate this area with money, comfort, outings etc. It’s all easy diversion and they are not helping in building up the relationship. You may be taking your kids, partners, to fancy places, tourist spots all over, but they are not going to build up your relationship. We are just pampering, and it’s becoming an addiction, it’s becoming a habit pattern, it’s becoming expensive and what not.

If you are happy with what’s happening with you, then let’s not go further. We have taken life so lightly. For us money is important, status is important, our word is important, but not this.  For silly reasons, family are getting destroyed. You are not able to just drop it because the mind does not allow you to drop it. 90% of the mind is suffering with the disease called the illogical stuckness.

Even though I want to bring out a good relationship in my family life, why I am not able to bring out the good relationship, is the challenge. Even though I want to create a very happy family, why I am not able to create  a happy family? Here comes the clue, it's not your partner, it is YOU, YOU and YOU only. YOU are the family and YOU are the extension of your family. Everyone else comes later. Now if you are serious, you catch yourself, not your partner, you start correcting yourself. When you start correcting yourself, automatically the corrections happens with your partner also. We are not able to solve the problem because we have identified the problem with others.

We all get tempted, attracted by one face of the person. That person nose is good, so let me marry. After 6 months it gets swollen. So I married not you, I married the nose. Sometimes you would be impressed with the way he or she smiles, the way he or she talks. So to marry, what did you see ? You have not seen anything, you saw what you wanted, you saw what deficiency you had and you wanted to compensate. Once this deficiency is over, then you don’t need it anymore. If you try to find out, then you will see, the problem is not anywhere outside, problem is in you only. This is blocking your entire journey. You are not able to move because we have not understood this properly. 

So I want you to stay with this question, what is a family and why do I need a family. Stay with this question please. Don’t try to get the answer by hook or crook. Just be with the question, then you will start seeing the unfoldment that is going to happen. You have to stay with it. if you stay with it, from different corners, different layers, different levels, things starts coming out. All the hidden thieves will come out, if you start looking at it and if you learn to stay with it. The question is what is this family and why do I need a family. Not a negative or positive question, just a question. If you think positively, then you try to find out positive answers. All rosy, goody goody answer will emerge. If you think negatively, oh my god. Both are dangerous.  So just stay with the question, that’s all.

Friends, let us with all sincerity work on these questions, untill we come up with the next update. Please feel free to share your feedback & opinions through the comment section below. If you do not have an account, you can still provide comments using 'Anonymous' option.

Thanks for reading, Vande Guru Paramparam...

(the messenger)

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"Saa Vidya ya Vimuktaye"

"That which liberates you is true knowledge", declare the Upanishads.

"Charaiveti" i.e. "March Ahead" and explore into the unknown recesses of life is our aspiration. This Upanishadic proclamation is our inspiration towards holistic education. This e-Newsletter aims to spread and inculcate the eternal educational values to Mankind.

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