Doership to Seership

The first thing a sadhaka has to learn to shift himself from pose to posture, from doership to seership. Doership means I am doing which denotes karta bhava and seership means observing what I am doing and this denotes drusta bhava. Shift your thinking - I am not the doer, I am seer. In that all illogical tension will disappear. Then you need not convince anybody. Everybody will get convinced with you. When you take up this kind of sadhana, you go through three experiences which is shared by Swami Vivekananda based on his own experiences. The first one is upahasya, i.e., when you start meditating all people around you will make fun of you and will crack jokes on you. At that time you give it back to them in the same humorous way, but don’t react. For example, if somebody says to you, “Oh you are becoming like a Saptarishi.” In the same humorous way give it back to them saying, “Of course I was a Saptarishi in my previous birth. I had forgotten that in this birth which I am trying to recollect now to become one among them.” Don’t get insulted or agitated by that.

If you have strengthened your sadhana and perused, then comes the second experience virodha means the resistance or opposition. In your own house, your close relatives, your own people are going to oppose saying you non-contributory to family or society that you are wasting your time, etc. All kinds of irritation start throwing on you. You know why it happens. It is called law of osmosis. The stronger solution moves towards the weaker solution. When you start cleaning yourselves, all stronger suppressed emotions of others will start flowing towards you. Here you are helping others to ease out their strong emotions. It is a mutual thing and it is not negative. So when your partner or others reacts, take it with a beautiful smile and thanks the Lord for giving you the opportunity to out suppressions of others and making that jeeva ready for the sadhana. So the second level of sadhana is this kind of virodha. 

Finally comes the third beautiful stage, sweekara. People will start accepting you and would seek your help in their problems and also help you in your own sadhana. So before transforming others you transform yourself first. Your very transformation itself will transform hundreds. You light your diya, that is all. This diya is going to light thousands of diyas. All this you can achieve when you disassociate yourself from doership and start observing your own actions, i.e., develop seership.This is the key to your transformation.

-Blessings of Parampara are always with you
-Jyothi & Pattabhiram

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Navaratri Message

Home is a beautiful space for all the members of the family to share - learn - grow in harmony - confidence - love. Family is an integrated institution for every member of the family to flower completely in goodness, evolve gracefully in relationship and merge joyously in divinity.

Home a sacred space is synonymous to HOMA - SACRIFICIAL ALTER. HOMA is a sacred fire that burns all the negative karmas and connect with the divinity and bless with all richness and security. Similarly HOME is a sacred alter to burn all the negative feelings, be free from inhibitions and grow in eternal compassion - love - beauty and prosperity. To create such HOME we need benevolent grace from the  Divine Mother.

Let us do a JAPA on Divine Mother as part of the Navarthri Anushtana starting from October 16th upto 24th October (Vijaya Dashami).

The mantra for your Anusthana is:
OM Shreem Sadaashiva Kutumbinyai Namahaa

Sadaa = Always
Shiva = Harmony, Happiness and Completeness
Kutumbini = Divine Mother of the family

May you and your family be blessed by Divine Mother.
With yogic fragrance
Pattabhi & Jyothi

Practice Sequence:

Assume a comfortable posture. Keep the body still till the end of the practice.

2. Relax the body completely.

3. Focus on Sushumna for 3 minutes.

4. Come to Guru Chakra. Feel the presence of Bhole Baba (Swami Rama). Meditate there with the special mantra (minimum 1 mala – 108 times)

Seek the blessings of Bhole Baba.

5. Come to Anahada Chakra (Heart). Feel the presence of Divine Mother in her blissful, graceful and benevolent form.

6. Meditating on The Mother, chant "OM Shreem Sadaashiva Kutumbinyai Namahaa". Take a special Anushtana and chant 10000 times i.e. 1000 every day during this Navaratri. Or do a minimum of 216 times everyday.

7. Chant with intent feeling that Divine Mother is present and remember the meaning and the message above.

8. After completing japa, come out of meditation by chanting the prayer:


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