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NTPCL Visit to our Ashram:

Chairman and Managing Director of NTPC Ltd Shri Arup Roy Choudhary visited our School on 17.07.2015. He was accompanied by his wife Smt. Sharmila and some senior members of his team. NTPC Ltd, thru their CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] has supported the school with donations for the construction of 4 classroom in our new building and also for setting up Solar Plant for the street lights. He was very happy to see the four class rooms that are now fully functional. A small program was also organized by Sadhana Vidyalaya School Management to welcome Shri Choudhary. Below are some of the pics taken during the day:

Motivating the teachers and Children:

a. Mrs Karandikar asked teachers to involve children of all classes from 4th Std to 9th Std to organize an exhibition. Class Teacher of 6th Std, Miss Sukanya took the challenge and organized the exhibition in her class room without taking support from any other teacher and involved 30 children spanning over 4th to 9th Std. This not only gave her the satisfaction of accomplishing a task single-handed but also motivated other teachers to come forward with proposals for several activities. Children enjoyed the exhibition and are now eager to do something creative.

Teacher Sukanya with HM Shri Bhuvaneshappa and Director Smt Shailaja during the exhibition
b. Shri Kiran, a young entrepreneur who has worked in the field of organic farming, representing an NGO called School Gardenia has involved children in a project where he guides them in farming of Organic Vegetables. It was proposed to setup 20 beds but the work got disrupted by heavy rains. Children are locally guided by Shri Dhanush Narsimhmurthy and have four vegetable beds in place. Out of these four the first one has started giving results with spinach growing rapidly. The idea behind this project is to act as a nucleating agent that will encourage the mostly village children of the school to start vegetable farming in their fields.

Organic Farming Module

c. Poultry farming has been started; this activity will introduce children to another vocation. It is hoped that children will learn from the experiment being conducted by Shri Dhanush N. and profitably start their own poultry farm in their village.

Poultry Farming

3. Panch-Kosh based learning system is being implemented in the school. The program is being introduced in small steps so that teachers and children can assimilate the ideas with ease and can whole-heartedly practice the steps. The first step of the program has three parts: Primary School children are taught shlokas as before but they are now encouraged to participate in singing and dancing also. Children from Middle- and High School are taught different Pranayamas and Asanas and encouraged to participate in sports. Teachers are given exposure to the Panch Kosha System and taught Pranayama. To realize this plan we have identified first period and dedicated it to this project. Primary School children are handled by Primary School teachers guided by Shri Santosh, Middle and High School children are guided by Smt. Shailaja K and Smt Kavitha N.Teachers are guided by Shri Laxman K. Everyone is enjoying the project.

Thanks all again for your continuous support & love. Hoping to see you soon with next update on our School. Till then, Vande Guruparamparam

- Shri Laxman Karandikar
Sadhana Vidyalaya 

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