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Guruji Pattabhiram has been emphasizing the importance of Nitya Sadhana in our daily life. In his various lectures, he has been telling us the right way of doing Sadhana. In this New Year Message, he has not only tried to enumerate the four basic qualities of a Sadhaka, but also the ways of remaining steadfast on this Path. Only this Path will finally lead us to the Ultimate Goal – Liberation.

Sadhana Sangama Trust takes this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and joyous year (2012). May this motivate all of us to keep shining on the Path of Sadhana, with the blessings of the Himalayan Parampara.

Treading on the Path of Sadhana


Four Qualities of a Sadhaka


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Hello, How are you?

We wish you a very happy New Year, Happy Sankranthi and may Guru Parampara guide you in your resolution on the day of Sankranthi. 

All of us, deep within our hearts, have an opinion about ourselves that “we are good and are not capable of hurting or harming others”. We try to behave in such a manner as to reflect the above feeling. But still, we feel helpless, we undergo crisis find it difficult to cope with life, not able to meet our commitments and perform our duties.  We are puzzled by this. This is nothing but Praapti means one gets what one deserves only. There is nothing wrong with our actions or intentions. It is because of Praapti we get setbacks, undergo crisis. Whatever actions we have done consciously or unconsciously, in our previous manifestations, when the fruit of thse becomes mature and ripe, it enters our lives in the form of Praapti.  We can’t interfere with it, as the actions has already taken place. No reverse gear is possible. This praapti dictates our present life.

If that is the case, what we are struggling for? where would the fruits of our present actions go? The efforts that we make here and now are called Purusha Prayatna. It is certainly not to influence or do away with Praapti. Prayatna made in this life becomes Praapti in the next life or lives. This is well within our control. In other words, we can includence our future Praapti by present Prayatna. We do Prayatna here and immediately expect it to nullify the Praapti that has already begun. This is where we go wrong. That’s why we feel life is a burden. The moment we correct this attitude, half of the life’s burden would get dissolved naturally.

There is one more thng that affects our life – Anugraha. This means Grace. Is it possible to invoke this Grace by human effort? Yes. Infact, our Prayatna in this life should be invoke that Grace. What is this Prayatna? It is self-purificaiton, which menas nothing but moving from ‘I’ consciousness to ‘we’ consciousness and from there to ‘universal cosmic’ consciousness. When one reaches this cosmic consciousness, one experiences Grace. Prayatna should not be directed towards acquiring only material comforts. Of course, there is nothing wrong in it. Rahte,r it is a must. But the primary objective of our Prayatna should be to tap the Grace. Thus “life” = Prayatna + Praapti + Anugraha.
Is life complete then? Yes. With a word of caution,  I conclude here. Grace should not be hoarded. Nor should it be diverted for selfish gains. This marks the downfall of a Sadhakas. Grace should be allowed to flow gently like breeze touching each and every object of God’s creation. Grace should flow through us and not into us

With prayers at the Feet of our Master
Pattabhiram  & Jyothi.

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Yoga & Married Life


If we are sure about the fact that in future we are going to be miserable then that state of imagination can lead one to a suicidal state and it has happened. How people commit suicide? They commit suicide because they think that there is no hope for them. They are utterly disappointed from life and they don’t expect anything from life anymore. They think this is the end. They cannot do anything in life. In that height of emotional blindness or imagination they commit suicide. We all live and we aspire to live for a long time just to achieve the goal which is called happiness. Happiness here and now. To believe in truth and not to be happy is not truth. To know the definition of truth and God but to be unreligious and not to be happy is contradictory. You are great religious person. You believe in religion. You believe in God but you are unhappy, then there is something wrong with you. Your attitude towards life, you action, your thinking process should be modified. Humanity has been doing experiments since ages and all experiments are centered on happiness and happiness means absolute freedom from all pain, absolute freedom from all miseries.

Now pain and pleasure look quite alike on their qualities. They look quite alike when you see them and understand them properly. I think the world suffers more because  most of the world even in the animal world, lives in an institution called family institution. They world suffers because world, most of the world, ninety five percent of the world of the birds, or animals or human beings, and even plants live in an institution that is called family institution but they have not yet found out the way how to make it a beautiful poem and poetry of the faith. They have not understood the art of living. Why? No man or woman in herself or himself is unhappy. If you just see within the emotion that is bringing you problem, that is creating problem in your life, is not from you. It is definitely connected with somebody else who is outside you. Just to find out and let me know if you have the problem that is not connected with your environment, it is not possible. Either you are worrying for your wife, you are worrying for your children, you are worrying for your ritzy house, you are worrying for your wealth, you are worrying for your status but this is all outside you. Worry is not your part, any part of your life but you are worried. It means worry comes from relationship and pleasure also comes from relationship. 


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Glory of the Grace

An Experience by Shri. Vijayasarathi (Year 2006)

A home coming journey:

It was a joyous journey to get back home. The energy was tremendous and in the process I realized that I have become intimate with parampara like never before. Even the outings away from my centre for few months appeared to be plot by the GRACE to deepen my convictions. I was given beautiful prayers to anchor onto and those words just hijacked my entire being. I was given a clear message that first step of the mission ahead is to organize programs in Canada during Guruji’s visit to US. O tjpigjt “I am a student and have been here for just over 5 months and know no one except few friends. How can I organize programs?” There came the stormy message with smile “Do you think “YOU” can do this? Surrender as an instrument and watch and that is your Sadhana”. It left a deep impression and stayed with me permanently. I felt a surge of joyful energy by the feeling of presence of parampara and divine mother  with me and to be their instrument.

The GRACE wills:

I started exploring the options in the city of London. One evening I just sat down with my laptop with an intention to prepare some material about different programs. To my surprise I saw two program details beautifully evolve, one on Gayatri and one on Meditation. I distinctly felt that they are not my words and was overwhelmed by the presence of GRACE and my convictions grow stronger. I started visiting the local temple. Whenever I went and sat in the mandir hall, I used to experience a brief moment of very gentle but deep calmness in the midst of loud bajans around. Also the same prayer given to me used to surface and make me too emotional. A strong feeling that we are going to have a Gayatri program here in this mandir.

(to be contd)

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Sports Day Celebration at Sadhana Vidyalaya


The events that took place in the month of December at Sadhana Vidyalaya are sports day for children and parents. On 13-12-2011 in the presence of Guruji and Joythi ma we had guests who came from America and Canada (Murugavel family, Kamesh Pai family and Balaji family) who distributed the prize for the winners of sports event. Below are few snaps taken from the function.

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