New Year Message


Guruji Pattabhiram has been emphasizing the importance of Nitya Sadhana in our daily life. In his various lectures, he has been telling us the right way of doing Sadhana. In this New Year Message, he has not only tried to enumerate the four basic qualities of a Sadhaka, but also the ways of remaining steadfast on this Path. Only this Path will finally lead us to the Ultimate Goal – Liberation.

Sadhana Sangama Trust takes this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and joyous year (2012). May this motivate all of us to keep shining on the Path of Sadhana, with the blessings of the Himalayan Parampara.

Treading on the Path of Sadhana


Four Qualities of a Sadhaka


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Hello, How are you?

We wish you a very happy New Year, Happy Sankranthi and may Guru Parampara guide you in your resolution on the day of Sankranthi. 

All of us, deep within our hearts, have an opinion about ourselves that “we are good and are not capable of hurting or harming others”. We try to behave in such a manner as to reflect the above feeling. But still, we feel helpless, we undergo crisis find it difficult to cope with life, not able to meet our commitments and perform our duties.  We are puzzled by this. This is nothing but Praapti means one gets what one deserves only. There is nothing wrong with our actions or intentions. It is because of Praapti we get setbacks, undergo crisis. Whatever actions we have done consciously or unconsciously, in our previous manifestations, when the fruit of thse becomes mature and ripe, it enters our lives in the form of Praapti.  We can’t interfere with it, as the actions has already taken place. No reverse gear is possible. This praapti dictates our present life.

If that is the case, what we are struggling for? where would the fruits of our present actions go? The efforts that we make here and now are called Purusha Prayatna. It is certainly not to influence or do away with Praapti. Prayatna made in this life becomes Praapti in the next life or lives. This is well within our control. In other words, we can includence our future Praapti by present Prayatna. We do Prayatna here and immediately expect it to nullify the Praapti that has already begun. This is where we go wrong. That’s why we feel life is a burden. The moment we correct this attitude, half of the life’s burden would get dissolved naturally.

There is one more thng that affects our life – Anugraha. This means Grace. Is it possible to invoke this Grace by human effort? Yes. Infact, our Prayatna in this life should be invoke that Grace. What is this Prayatna? It is self-purificaiton, which menas nothing but moving from ‘I’ consciousness to ‘we’ consciousness and from there to ‘universal cosmic’ consciousness. When one reaches this cosmic consciousness, one experiences Grace. Prayatna should not be directed towards acquiring only material comforts. Of course, there is nothing wrong in it. Rahte,r it is a must. But the primary objective of our Prayatna should be to tap the Grace. Thus “life” = Prayatna + Praapti + Anugraha.
Is life complete then? Yes. With a word of caution,  I conclude here. Grace should not be hoarded. Nor should it be diverted for selfish gains. This marks the downfall of a Sadhakas. Grace should be allowed to flow gently like breeze touching each and every object of God’s creation. Grace should flow through us and not into us

With prayers at the Feet of our Master
Pattabhiram  & Jyothi.

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Yoga & Married Life


If we are sure about the fact that in future we are going to be miserable then that state of imagination can lead one to a suicidal state and it has happened. How people commit suicide? They commit suicide because they think that there is no hope for them. They are utterly disappointed from life and they don’t expect anything from life anymore. They think this is the end. They cannot do anything in life. In that height of emotional blindness or imagination they commit suicide. We all live and we aspire to live for a long time just to achieve the goal which is called happiness. Happiness here and now. To believe in truth and not to be happy is not truth. To know the definition of truth and God but to be unreligious and not to be happy is contradictory. You are great religious person. You believe in religion. You believe in God but you are unhappy, then there is something wrong with you. Your attitude towards life, you action, your thinking process should be modified. Humanity has been doing experiments since ages and all experiments are centered on happiness and happiness means absolute freedom from all pain, absolute freedom from all miseries.

Now pain and pleasure look quite alike on their qualities. They look quite alike when you see them and understand them properly. I think the world suffers more because  most of the world even in the animal world, lives in an institution called family institution. They world suffers because world, most of the world, ninety five percent of the world of the birds, or animals or human beings, and even plants live in an institution that is called family institution but they have not yet found out the way how to make it a beautiful poem and poetry of the faith. They have not understood the art of living. Why? No man or woman in herself or himself is unhappy. If you just see within the emotion that is bringing you problem, that is creating problem in your life, is not from you. It is definitely connected with somebody else who is outside you. Just to find out and let me know if you have the problem that is not connected with your environment, it is not possible. Either you are worrying for your wife, you are worrying for your children, you are worrying for your ritzy house, you are worrying for your wealth, you are worrying for your status but this is all outside you. Worry is not your part, any part of your life but you are worried. It means worry comes from relationship and pleasure also comes from relationship. 


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Glory of the Grace

An Experience by Shri. Vijayasarathi (Year 2006)

A home coming journey:

It was a joyous journey to get back home. The energy was tremendous and in the process I realized that I have become intimate with parampara like never before. Even the outings away from my centre for few months appeared to be plot by the GRACE to deepen my convictions. I was given beautiful prayers to anchor onto and those words just hijacked my entire being. I was given a clear message that first step of the mission ahead is to organize programs in Canada during Guruji’s visit to US. O tjpigjt “I am a student and have been here for just over 5 months and know no one except few friends. How can I organize programs?” There came the stormy message with smile “Do you think “YOU” can do this? Surrender as an instrument and watch and that is your Sadhana”. It left a deep impression and stayed with me permanently. I felt a surge of joyful energy by the feeling of presence of parampara and divine mother  with me and to be their instrument.

The GRACE wills:

I started exploring the options in the city of London. One evening I just sat down with my laptop with an intention to prepare some material about different programs. To my surprise I saw two program details beautifully evolve, one on Gayatri and one on Meditation. I distinctly felt that they are not my words and was overwhelmed by the presence of GRACE and my convictions grow stronger. I started visiting the local temple. Whenever I went and sat in the mandir hall, I used to experience a brief moment of very gentle but deep calmness in the midst of loud bajans around. Also the same prayer given to me used to surface and make me too emotional. A strong feeling that we are going to have a Gayatri program here in this mandir.

(to be contd)

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Sports Day Celebration at Sadhana Vidyalaya


The events that took place in the month of December at Sadhana Vidyalaya are sports day for children and parents. On 13-12-2011 in the presence of Guruji and Joythi ma we had guests who came from America and Canada (Murugavel family, Kamesh Pai family and Balaji family) who distributed the prize for the winners of sports event. Below are few snaps taken from the function.

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To the Guru


Om… Om… Om…
Gurur Brahmaa
Gurur Vishnuh
Gurur devo Maheshwarah
Guruh saakshaat param Brahmaa
Tasmai shree guruve namah,
Dhyaana mulam guror murtih
Pujaa mulam guroh padam
Mantra mulam guror vaakyam
Moksha mulam guroh kripaa

Om… Om… Om…
Guru is Brahmaa (Creator).
Guru is Vishnu (Protector).
Guru is the Lord Shiva (Destroyer of Evil).
Guru is indeed the Supreme One.
Salutations to that Guru.
For mediation the Guru’s image (is worthy).
For worship, the Guru’s feet.
For a mantra, the Guru’s speech.
For liberation, the Guru’s Grace

Purpose of life is to attain knowledge which dispels the darkness of ignorance. The word Guru is a pious and holy word which means the source of knowledge. There is only one life force so there is only one Guru. Deep within the centre of our being resides the Guru. Let us all direct and guide our energy to the center from where consciousness flows in various degrees and grades.

Internal research is very important than any other attainment in life. The world is full of charms, temptations and attractions. One should not be lost by the temptations. The external world furnishes the means, but the seed of reality resides within. With the help of spiritual guidance one allows that seed to grow and attain perfection in this lifetime. 

Blessed are those who are guiding disciples and blessed are those who are being guided. May you be happy, healthy and wise, My blessings are always with you.

I pray for you in every breath of my life.

Peace. Peace. Peace
Swami Rama

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Guru Smarana Day celebrations at Ashram

Guruji's talk on Guru Smarana Day at Ashram on November 13, 2011:


Today is Guru Smarana Day. I will share with you an interesting episode as to how this came to be celebrated every year.

The year was 1997, one year after Baba cast off his body. I was in New Delhi conducting a public programme on ‘Antar Darshana’. One day, when I returned from the programme, I got a call from Jyothi enquiring “Baba’s Maha Samadhi day is approaching fast. How can we go about organizing a programme in remembrance of Baba? My feeling is that since Baba is a great soul who gave and shared love and material things in abundance, we should mark this day in a grand way.” I was tired and was not in a mood to think about this event and therefore told Jyothi that “please call me tomorrow and we will discuss”.

The next day, when I sat for my morning meditation as usual, Baba appeared in my meditation. With a mischievous smile he said to me, Bete, a Guru never dies, for he is the eternal light guiding numerous souls in the path. When that being the fact, Bete, isn’t it awkward that you plan to celebrate my Shradhanjali? Shradhanjali is organised for those who die. Bete, do you mean to say that I am dead just because I cast off my body?

It was a shock for me. I realized that unintentionally I have limited Baba to mere bodily existence. I then slowly responded to Baba and asked him to show me a way to remember the day he cast off his body. Baba then suggested that Bete, call it Guru Smarana Day and not Shradhajali. You remember me on the day I cast off my body. Do it in a simple way and I will participate and bless the sadhakas who tread the spiritual path and then he suggested the following for Guru Smarana Day: 

1. Rudrabhishekam
2. Kumkuma archana reciting Lalithashasranama
3. 108 Gayathri Jap
4. Bhajan
5. Havan

From that day onwards, Friends, every year we at Sadhana Sangama observe Guru Smarana Day and Baba comes without fail and blesses us all for a brilliant journey filled with courage and harmony on the path of spirituality. We are extremely fortunate to be a part of this great Tradition and a disciple of such a great Yogi, Swami Rama.

I am extremely happy that this year Guru Smarana programme is being organized again exactly in the same fashion as Baba has desired.

On this Special occasion, I would like to share with you an important message Baba has told me. It is going to help you all in your journey.

Baba told me that our life is like a procession, continuously happening non-stop, whether we want to be a part of it or not. Nothing can remain constant for ever – be it happiness, peace, sorrow, insults, praises, – anything, they stay only for a while. Therefore, prayer is a powerful tool that is going to help us to weather this procession called ‘life’. Unfortunately, the meaning of prayer is corrupted and what we call ‘prayer’ today is not prayer in its real term. All that we know and understand by prayer is to seek something or the other in material form from the divinity.

Bete, our prayer to a Guru and the divinity should be to seek the strength and courage that is required to witness the procession called ‘life’ and not to participate in it. Yes bête, to ‘witness’ life is courage. Witnessing does not mean inaction here. Muster the courage and strength not to get affected by or involved in life’s emotion but to march ahead by discharging our duties, by attending to our responsibilities. That should be our prayer to Guru and the divinity.

When such prayer is made, Guru reveals himself to the disciple that he is present and very close to him / her and there is no need to panic and lose trust. When such direct experience occurs to a disciple, that moment will be the joyous moment that cannot be explained. Through prayers of this nature, Bete, the communication between a Guru and a disciple gets established and a disciple is prepared for direct experiences.

When a guru takes the students hand he purifies his entire personality in all ways and prepares him as a flower that would be offered to the Divine.  Therefore, Friends, I request you all, on this day, to think about Baba’s message about prayer and stop looking outside and fixing responsibility on the people around, on our environment for our misfortunes and miseries and start gathering the courage through prayers and become a brilliant sadhaka, in communion with Baba.

Friends, remember that we are all blessed by such a great Parampara and Baba and, therefore, let us all travel together by fostering harmony, joy, peace and create vibrant family of sadhakas. On this day, let us all pledge to work on ourselves and rise above our own weaknesses and reach divinity that is within us.

Guruji performing Rudrabhishekam

Guruji performing Havan
Sadhakas reciting Lalithashasrana with Kumkuma archana
Guruji performing Rudrabhishekam
Guruji performing Rudrabhishekam

Guru Smarana
Sadhakas reciting Bhajans

Havan being performed on Guru Smarana Day

Guruji actively participating in Guru Smarana decorations

Guruji actively participating in Guru Smarana decorations

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Path of Light - Guru Smarana Divas Meditation

Meditation is a great way of being healthy in all the spheres of life. It also helps in being with constant touch of the Guru Tattva inside us, which is the real guiding force. One such great technique has been given by Guruji Pattabhiram for all the    sadhakas on the occasion of GURU SMARANA DIVAS (Swami Rama's Mahasamadhi day - 13th Nov.).

Kindly learn this technique which is in two parts & intensify the process of meditation.  Please click the link below to access the videos



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Gurudev Reveals

"This is the message to tread the “Path of Light” that is “you”!! Guru never dies; it is just that he leaves his physical body after completing his definite mission for which he acquired it.  And Guru is “eternal spiritual light and fragrance”.  On his Mahasamadhi day, let us come together to feel the presence of Gurudev, as the eternal light, eternal compassion and guide, taking us to the eternal Bliss."

I remember and Recall

November 13, 1996 - Gurudev Swami Rama left his body, while we all were performing a Havan in the Ashram, and I had no clues! Late night, after the Havan, I returned home in Bengaluru, along with Sadhanashree, our 6 years old daughter. A paper slip was stuck, to the locked doors! It said, Gurudev has his Mahasamadhi at Rishikesh Ashram! Those were the days of `no mobiles' and we had no land telephone too at Ashram!! Hence, the driver was sent back with the message to the Ashram!!

That was the "dark night of the soul" experience. I had taken for granted that since Gurudev is a Mahan Yogi, he would continue to be in his body, even after we leave this world! I felt, as if I was left all alone, in this dark world of pathless path of spirituality. My guiding light, had suddenly disappeared from my sight; all my enthusiasm, inner confidence, joy of sadhana, as if, were snapped off me! Entire dark night was spent in tears, despair, which I had no words to express; no strength to act any more.

Nevertheless, duties and responsibilities never wait for one’s moods. The little kid,  certainly needed breakfast. I dragged my heart and soul to the kitchen. My vacant mind at the vessel on the top of the Gas-stove, got stirred up by voice `Bete’, why are you crying over my dead body. Do you think, I have gone away from you? Do you want to meet me? You can meet me anytime, in your meditation. Gurudev pulled me to the Meditation room and instructed me to sit and close my eyes! Within seconds, I was in deep state of Meditation.

Gurudev continued instructing me in his deep, clear voice `Bete; can you see something in front of you?, I said, Yes, my own self sitting in front of me! But there is a difference. The other one is filled with only light, numerous smallest particles, bubbling with energy-and That was me!! I did recognize me!! Dumb-founded I was, simply looked at my Gurudev, in marvel! Gurudev replies, `Yes, This is your body of Light; out of love and compassion, I have revealed this Truth to you. Now I fix you target of life. From now on, your purpose of life is to realize this body of light, by way of your Sadhana’. Baba Gurudev continued, “ Are you convinced now, that I am always with you. It hurts me to see you crying; wipe your tears, my blessings to you. Touching my head, he disappeared from the room!

A great enliven experience to me! Of course, to all the Sadhakas, to tread the “Path of Light” that is “you”!! Guru never dies; it is just that he leaves his physical body after completing his definite mission for which he acquired it. And Guru is “eternal spiritual light and fragrance”.

On his Mahasamadhi day, let us come together to feel the presence of Gurudev, as the eternal light, eternal compassion and guide, taking us to the eternal Bliss.

May Baba bless you all.

In the service of Guru Parampara
Jyothi & Pattabhirmam

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Glory of the Grace

An Experience by Shri. Vijayasarathi (Year 2006)

“It is a spacious hall with a small stage towards one end. I am sitting in the first row and a good number of people have gathered to listen. Slowly Swami Rama enters the hall and sits on the platform. Baba starts talking something that is absolutely strange to me. I could not even guess in which language he is talking. I wait for sometime but it goes on and I grow impatient. I look around and find everyone puzzled. Slowly one by one people start leaving the hall and soon I am left alone with Baba. He slowly stops talking and gets up, lifts me up, we start walking out and he stays ‘Beta, no one wants to listen to truth’.”

At that point I wake up and realize that it is a dream and I am very much lying on my bed in my house in London, Canada. I was instructed not to interpret the dream but to take it as a blessing from Baba. It has been seven months since I came to Canada to pursue my graduate studies.

A Home Coming journey:

Though I got this opportunity to pursue higher education by the grace of parampara, after I came to Canada, I become irregular with my Sadhana, studied my subjects, enjoyed with friends and got lost in weekend get-togethers. I never realized that I am moving away from my centre and it looked as if my perfect centre was in the external activities. Little I knew about the purpose for which I have been sent; only my personal ambitions remained as I become insensitive to the signals given to me. One day during one of those weekend gatherings, I became restless and something was trying to overpower me by insisting that it is enough. I came back home.

Whole of next day went in reflection. Some of my discussions with Guruji Pattabhiram when I was in Bangalore before coming here came like a flash. Guruji said, “Vijay! Remember you have a purposeful mission to accomplish and parampara knows when to do what, just do your Sadhana”. I started looking around me and pondered how I have been placed here. The house I stay was given to me in a completely furnished manner and was ready even before I came. Otherwise it takes at least one year for a new student to get into this residential community and it would be an unfurnished home. The family who lived before in this house had associated with Veda Mata Gayatri Trust and I still receive Akhand Jyoti magazine to my house. Even my roommate was chosen before I came her eand I had no clue about him! He happens to be a sincere student with strong samskaras and reverence for Gayatri mantra. Though he did not have an experience of its true nature, he had a burning desire to understand it. These amazing facts took me to the realization that I have been away from my centre and it is time NOW for me to get back! These arrangements are not meant for me but for something else that is going to happen!


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Hello! How are you..?

Hearty wishes on the occasion of Diwali.

I have been away from you for almost four months now. “I have been away from you” is only physical. The people for whom I have been working, or the people who have been working for the mission of the Parampara, are always dear to me. My heart is always open and when you remember me, a love song starts in me. I am not exaggerating, nor am I interested in taking your emotions off the ground. But I am simply sharing what I have been experiencing.

The experience of life in Western Countries gave me an increased conviction that material wealth is not all that which matters for life. It is the overall well-being that really matters. We seem to live in  shells, though we tend to call ourselves ‘civilized’ or ‘modern’. ‘freedom’ is  misunderstood as carelessness, manipulated, corrupted and cunning display of  minds’ whims.

The life I have seen in western countries further convinced me that Maharshi Patanjali’s yoga sutra, yogah chitta vritti nirodha, should be practiced with increased sincerity. This sutra should be kept as the ground on which we deal with events, relations and oneself. As and when I meet you, I would share with you the relevance of this sutra in the entire world.

I and my wife, Smt.Jyothi, are too eager to come back to our dear work field – seeing our Gurudev, Swami Rama, in you and serving him through you.  I would be landing in Delhi on 8th November and then would be leaving for Bangalore on 9th November.

I have nothing much to say in this column, except to reiterate my increased commitment to travel further on my journey. My journey is only with you. Without you, my journey is incomplete and the journey is not  joyous and purposeful.

Dear friends, can I seek from you an added vigour on your part so that we both travel happily, looking at all directions, treading the path brightly lit by the blessings of the Himalayan Masters? Sadhana is not all that difficult.  ‘Difficulty’ is only a mental make up. In fact if you start looking at the course of life, you would like to enjoy every moment of your living – whether doing a job or not doing any. You would simply be ‘love  personified’.

With yogic fragrance,

Jyoti & Pattabhiram.

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Nitya Sadhana - (The Path of Fire & Light)

As Guruji says, the purpose of Nitya Sadhana is for developing all-round goodness. There are three types of fires in all of us -- Jatharagni (gastric fire), Jeevagni (sustains life per se) and Chidagni (sustains the consciousness). Nitya Sadhana starts with Jatharagni. Here is presented the lecture-cum-practice session, which dwells beautifully on this and how to utilize it to keep progressing on the Path of Sadhana.

The practices taught include Diaphragmatic Breating, Agnisara, Kapalbhati & Nadhi Shodhana Pranayama.

Nitya Sadhana - 1 (The Path of Fire & Light)

Nitya Sadhana - 2 (The Path of Fire & Light)

To buy this whole video or to browse other DVD videos brought out by Sadhana Sangama Trust please check out:

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Yoga & Married Life


Man is not something separate from the woman. Woman is not something separate from the man. They are one and the same not because they are valued as only one; their aim is one. They are one because their aim is one.

What is their Aim? Their aim is to attain happiness, peace and wisdom. Perfect happiness, perfect peace and perfect wisdom. Now where is that weighing machine or measurement that can tell you that you are perfect or imperfect? When you are happy you do not need any witness to tell you or to convince you that you are happy. You feel it, you understand it, and you know it, but when you are unhappy you also know it. So happiness and unhappiness does not need any evidence, any certification, any confirmation. You are happy, you are happy and when you are happy you are in a state which is called normal state. If you study your own family members, neighbors and society you will find there is a keen competition going on, not for the things in the external world. The urge is internal. What is that urge? One who is considered to be subnormal, he now wants to be a normal person. He does not want to lose his temper. He wants to control his temper. He does not want to attain that emotional state in which emotional is immature. He wants to have emotional maturity, emotional control and show that face with the female sex. When we feel that a subnormal who is below normal person in society is trying or aspiring or wishes or desires or wants to be normal, and those who are normal want to become supernormal. This is the keen competition going on from within without understanding. If you are happy this much, you want to be happy more. If you are happy more, you want to be more happy and then become perfect. The aim seems to be happiness.

What is the definition of happiness? The definition of happiness is a state of freedom from all miseries. Now married life has to go through various channels of experiences. What you consider grief and sorrow, pain and pleasure, happiness and misery that you all experience in your daily life. Here yoga comes and helps you and tells you that you can attain a state of happiness and wisdom if you know the art of living and being. There are various aspects of yoga. All the monks can be happy. One who has taken up monastic life how can he be happy? He cannot be happy by becoming a householder. But if he has not understood why he should become monk or why did he become monk it is better for him to come back and live as a householder. Otherwise he will be miserable there. Yoga tells, instructs certain things to that person who leads a monastic life. But yoga deals more nicely and helps more nicely the people who live in the world. And there is one sentence that explains it beautifully. What is yoga? The definition of yoga means Yogah karmasu kaushalam. To do one’s own action skillfully and finally attain the highest state of peace, happiness and wisdom is called yoga. If we really know how to do our action then there is no problem at all. Nobody can be unhappy around us if we know the art of doing our actions. If we also know why do we do our actions, what is the motivation behind all these actions, why do we live, why do we aspire to live a long time? Why do we want to live for? We want to be a success, we want to be happy, We want to be full of wisdom.


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“I” is the personal centre. Always we say “I am doing this”,  “Because of me things are moving”, “I am working”, “I am looking after the family”.... Always I. Everything is self-centred. If there is failure, then one says, “I failed miserably”....  I am associating myself with ‘I’, even the effects I am associating with ‘I’. “I did this.” “I succeeded”. But if you understand life with all awareness, then you will realise that this is creating tremendous tension in your inner being.

Even with meticulous planning, accidents take place. Who is accountable for this? Though we have taken all precautions, in spite of that, many unpleasant, undesirable things happen. After getting married, I planned pretty well to have a bright child. I went to the doctor. I took all precautions. Whatever the doctor suggested, I followed strictly. I didn’t see a single horror show on TV. I was so pious. I used to chant mantras. With that preparation, with that meticulous planning, I delivered a child who is mentally retarded, a spastic child! Ask this question: In spite of my effort, in spite of my meticulous planning, why did I get this spastic child?

Sometimes, with a lot of planning, effort, we try to create a very positive environment at home. But somehow, somewhere it misfires. . Have you not experienced all these things? What I expect is not happening. Life is a mystery. So, in this mysterious phenomenon, I have to recognise that there is something beyond me. Something beyond me is operating. There is something unseen that is working with me. So, it is not only me who is designing, there are many unseen factors which are designing my life. So, I am not a completely independent entity. There is something which I have to understand and recognize that is beyond what I know presently as ‘myself’. .

Here, Patanjali introduces that element. Look, there is something beyond you. That beyond is Ishvara. Ishvara Pranidhaanaadva. Bring that Ishvara element. Ishvara is the Lord of Life. Ishvara is the energy which is all-pervading. Ishvara is the energy which is designing. Ishvara is the energy which is behind all activities. Please watch this. Who is making prana enter inside the body? Who is there to digest the food I take? Who is there to make my hands move? Even when I am unconscious, who is there in me, who gives me the prana, maintaining every cell inside my body? During my sleep, who is working inside and setting everything right in me? Please understand this. Who is guiding? Find out. After an action, before an action, during the action, you find out, which is that preraka shakti? Who is inspiring me to do like the way I do? One has to acknowledge that there is something which is beyond my comprehension that is working. When I start understanding I can comprehend that. But at the present, let us say that there is something beyond my logical comprehension. Logic is for the external world. Whatever logical things I am trying to introduce, they belong to the external world. But where is the logic when you start looking at deeper aspects of life?

Take an accident. In the accident, a strong man, who is supposed to survive, dies. A tender child, supposed to die, survives. Who is dictating all these? Ask this question.

So Patanjali says, pranidhana. Now you have taken a stand that ‘I’ is doing everything. Pranidhana is slowing down the speed of I, and recognise that there is something else that is working. That is called Pranidhana. Surrender. samarpana. It is not becoming slavish. That is not samarpana. You are becoming aware. That is samarpana. You are recognising that there is something else which is also working with you.

In the family situation, the partners don’t recognise each other. That is why there are problems. There is no pranidhana. Husband has to have pranidhana with wife. Wife has to have pranidhana with husband. Husband has to completely surrender to wife; wife to husband. That is called pranidhana. Then harmony comes, then duality will not be there. I-you is not there. Dvaita bhava is not there. ‘I did it’ is not there, ‘we did it’ is there. You see, the concept of ‘we’ emerges. Why there is lots of problem at home? Because of the predominant ‘I’ feeling. Everybody wants to maintain his individuality. I have to maintain my individuality, there also she has to maintain her individuality. Two individualities are fighting with each other. Why are they fighting? Because there is no pranidhana, samarpana. There is no recognition.

Yes, I am earning a lot of money. I am supplying money to maintain family. That doesn’t mean my wife must become a slave to me. No. Wife also is having an equal responsibility. If she doesn’t prepare food, I can’t work. So, every aspect of life is very important. If one says, “ Even if I don’t work, nothing will happen”, the entire holistic system collapses. 

The “I” has to lose its rigidity. That is pranidhana. If the ‘I’ doesn’t lose its rigidity on its own, the divine force, the cosmic force, will shatter this ‘I’ again and again. This is what we are seeing. We are getting hurt, we are getting frustrated, we are getting dejected, we become helpless. My hands are tied. I can’t do anything. We are going through such situations in life. Somebody else has done a mistake, the blame is on me. I have to go through this blame. Where is law in the life? To understand this law, we have to recognise that there is something higher. There is something bigger, wider, that is operating. In that bigger, higher, wider dimension, this “I” is working.

What is pranidhana? Prakarshana, means with all intensity, with all feeling. Nidhaana means putting myself in it. This is called Pranidhaana. So Ishvara Pranidhaana, one has to realise that there is something beyond the purview of ‘I’ consciousness, and that is also operating. This is where the individual self starts recognising the universal self. There is something called universal self. That universal self is Ishvara.  Ishvara Pranidhaanadva… 

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Hello! How are you..?

Hearty wishes on the occasion of Ganesh chaturthi.

I would like to share some of my thoughts on the following two things on this occasion with you all, which is going to benefit you immensely. 

Everybody is driven by desires. These desires are powerful and potent enough to get us what we aspire. But, many times we fail to achieve our desired goals even with best of our efforts and perseverance. At such times ,we look up to something (the Divine Grace) or somebody who can make it happen for us. Despite this, things don’t work in our favour. This is so because our desire makes us blind. We always go by our desire and what we want rather than what is best and suitable for us in actuality. If we educate ourselves and learn to align our desires with the actuality, then it is certain that our efforts will fetch results in accordance with actuality. Friends, this message is very important for all of us to understand how one is protected and guided by the Divine Force always. 

Another stumbling block between a Sadhaka and Master is absence of Trust and Surrender. When we are stuck in a situation and don’t know how to come out of it, the Guru is ever ready to take us out of the situation. Despite this, why we suffer is because when we look up to our Master, we don’t have the absolute Trust and total Surrender. We want the Master to make things happen according to our desires and not otherwise. This is the reason why we feel helplessness and stress. When we completely offer ourselves at the feet of the Master, then the Master begins to work for you. Things will happen at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, we don’t have the patience and don’t wait for such time till things happen. This anxiety, lack of patience is the main hindrance between a Master and a Sadhaka. If a Sadhaka learns to be patient without deviating from the path of Sadhana, then such a Sadhaka experiences what is called Grace  or Blessings. 

With Prayers and blessings,
Pattabhiram & Jyothi.

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Do's & Dont's for a Sadhaka

Guruji Pattabhiram, during his recent visit to Delhi, had a satsang, during which he touched upon the topic of Do’s and Dont's for sadhakas. Guruji in his usual simple yet forceful way wanted all of us to take up this as Sadhana. Clippings of these lectures are available below to keep reminding all of us about these do’s and don’ts for not only the smooth progress on this path but for leading a balanced life too.

Do's & Don'ts For Sadhakas - Part 1

Do's & Don'ts For Sadhakas - Part 2

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Patanjali provides the gradations of our efforts. If one sits with intent feeling with shraddhaa-veerya-smriti, one is bound to reach samadhi. Patanjali gives a lot of importance to human endeavour, sankalpa. Patanjali is not throwing us to the mercy of unknown destiny, unknown praarabdha. He says - Yes, they are all there but teevra-samvega. If you sit and establish with deep intent feeling, you are very near to samadhi and will plunge into it very soon. Like Dhruva. Like Nachiketa. Dhruva said - O’ Mother, tell me where to find that Narayana, how do I find that Narayana? Mother said - Bete, if you want to experience Narayana, you have to go to the forest, you have to meditate. Dhruva said - Ma, bless me, I am going. At the age of 8 or 9, he got into the deep forest and he sat. He did not know how to meditate but his Mother had given some clues, like the basic posture of meditation. Then Narada appeared. He asked Narada - Tell me, how to meditate on Narayana? Narada said - Bete, it is too difficult. He said - Don’t bring all those negative thoughts. I am asking a direct question. If you know how to contact Narayana, tell me, otherwise get lost from this place. Then Narada initiated him into the ashta-aksharee mantra - Om Namo Naaraayanaaya. Dhruva started meditating. Even now you can see Dhruva in the north of the sky. Even now Dhruva is there to inspire you, saying that if you all become Dhruva, you will succeed.

Intent aspiration is important. Develop that intent pure fire. You must have a deep desire, the conviction, the commitment. We lack the commitment and we want quick results. We take a Coconut seed, we put it in the soil, pour water, and dig it out every day to see if it is growing. That seed has to go through a lot of changes. It has to bulge with water, it has to shrink. Have you seen how sprouting of a plant takes place? The seed goes through a transformation. First, it bulges out. Then it shrinks and keeps on shrinking, providing all the energy to the unseen plant which is inside it. Then it tells the plant - Now I am giving way to you - and separates itself into two. You have to then protect the young plant from stray cows. You have to erect a fence around it. One can do all this only when there is teevra-samvega.

One has to establish oneself in teevra-samvega, but this is only for first class sadhakas. For other sadhakas, Mridu-madhya-adhimaatra tathopi-visheshah

Mridu means very soft; we all are very soft, very mild. We don’t want to disturb our day to day activities. We don’t want to disturb and without disturbing anything, if we get ten or fifteen minutes, we will sit down to meditate! This is Mridu bhaava. I don’t want to miss the fun of the world but in the midst of it all if I get 5-10 minutes, I will chant 8 Gayatri every day. If you are that mridu; then Gayatri will also be mridu to you like sprinkling a few drops of rasna in one cup of water. Will you like it? No. This is mridu, you are not getting satisfaction and at the same time, you don’t want to give it up, so you chant only 8 Gayatri.

Another group is called madhyama, the middle. They say - Guruji, we are going to practice 48 Gayatri every day. Slight concentration. The third group is adhigama -- Tell me Guruji, how much I have to do every day? If I say - You have to do 108, they say - yes, we will do 108. This is Adhigama - great zeal. In sadhana, even though the Guru has given initiation to ten people in the same manner, all ten will not grow equally. Even in the classroom, even here, I am speaking and you people are listening but we don’t know who is where?

For many people nowadays, satsanga means to kill time or to tell stories. That is why we are all interested in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavata. Only stories. We are all interested in listening to the story of Rama, the story of Krishna but we do not want to listen to our own story. We analyse life through the story of Rama but we never analyse ourselves through our own stories. That is why we are not able to develop a relationship with those stories. They are there only to be heard and worshipped. After listening to the story, you do Aarati, have prasada and you think I have earned punya. Again, the next day, one more story, do naivadya, prasada and it is all over. We are analysing Rama’s life. Rama says - Don’t analyse my life. Why are you analysing my life? Use my life as a mirror and analyse your own life. We argue - Look at that Rama. Does he have any brains? Even after Seeta entered the fire and came out, he suspected her. What kind of a king is he? If I were in that position, I would have .....

Where do we stand? mridu, Madhya or adhigama? At what level are we standing? The Guru graces in accordance to the level. Do not blame the Lord. Do not blame the Master. Find out where you stand. You receive according to your capacity. The Lord is very impartial. He pours equally. You receive in accordance with your deservedness. Deservedness and desire. We live in desire but we do not develop deservedness. Mere desire will not give you anything. You have to convert desire into deservedness.

People think shradha is faith but according to my Gurudeva, the definition of shraddha is where your body, your intellect and your mind integrate themselves, harmonise themselves and work in the same direction, that is called shraddha. Your body has to listen to your mind; your mind has to listen to your intellect. Your intellect says that you must sit for one hour but the body says I can’t sit for one hour, the mind says I can’t stay with you for one hour and the fight begins. You lose your energy throughout the fight. So what is shraddha? It is a round table conference between the body, mind and intellect. They have to sit together and they have to discuss the issue.

Aatma-prasadana - to satisfy the constituents of the self. What are those constituents which are helping you? The body, mind and intellect. This is just like satisfying your family members. If your wife and children are satisfied, they will support you.

Once we have understood that our house is full of dirt, is messed up and that there is no order, all we need to do is clean it. Time does not come in the way, age does not come in the way and nothing is too late in life. Even if you do not have the samskara but have realised that there is something wrong inside, start now. Then the samaskaras will come to you. My Baba used to give an example. A hall may be pitch dark for thousands of years but to light it, one strike is enough. We don’t need hundreds of years to light the hall. If you realise that there is something terribly wrong inside, then that is the beginning of sadhana and new samskaras will start emerging. So, even if you do not have the shodasha-samskaara, you do not worry. Start now. Build new samskaras and give them to youngsters. Do not repent that you could not do anything in your younger years. You are so fortunate that at least now you can do it, you still have a lot of time and your entire life is only a preparation for death. It is not a preparation to live.

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