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Sadhana Capacity

Friends November 13 is the Mahasamadhi day of Gurudev Swami Rama (Baba). On this day we should meditate upon Baba to experience divine grace that is going to be showered in abundance without any discrimination. I would like to narrate a story that Baba shared with me as to what a grace is from Master. A Master called two of his disciples Bhaskar and Mahesh and told them that he would like to give them something precious. Both the students were very excited on hearing this and asked the Master when he will give them that. The Master said one week from now. Later in the day, he again called both Bhaskar and Mahesh and gave them some work.

A week passed by and the day came on which the Master had told to give both something precious. When both sat before the Master, the Master asked Bhaskar to leave and Mahesh to stay as they could not finish the work assigned a week back. This puzzled them because both of them could not complete the work. Bhaskar felt a bit embarrassed and asked the Master why this was so. To this, the Master said, “I know both of you attempted to do the work assigned to you. But, Mahesh, you did not put your effort. You tried for a day and left it because your mind was calculating anyhow you are going to get something precious from me and with the help of that you can finish the work assigned to you. But Bhaskar, on the other hand, was untiring in his efforts. Even though he could not get the results out of his efforts, every day he was sincerely trying to finish the work assigned by me. That’s the key. That key is universal and can unlock any lock. So he does not require anything from me but blessings. But Mahesh you are handicapped. You can’t function without power. That’s why, Bhaskar, I asked you to leave and asked Mahesh to stay.”

Friends, this is what our Masters precisely want to communicate to us. Don’t depend on anything for attending to our duties. God has given us all the faculties to attend to our duties and all our faculties are functioning properly. Then why the hypocrisy of handicap? Be it Spiritual Sadhana or anything in life; just put your utmost effort untiringly, till you reach a point of break down. When you reach that point, just break down and observe yourself, without any partiality and see the beauty. What I am trying to express is something to be experienced. So please attend to all your duties without any burdened mind and heart and just breakdown when you reach such a state. That surrender will bring success. The intention of all Masters is only to push us all to the ultimate of our effort and potential – again to guide and bless us so that we reach the pinnacle.

May Gurudev bless you all in this experiment.

In service of Guru Parampara,
Sri Pattabhiram

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Selfless Service

Selfless service is not to be done only for the sake of others or only to please others. It should be done because it liberates you, because it makes you happy. It’s a great joy – the highest of all joy in the world. Selfless service is more helpful to the person who performs it than to the person for whom it is performed. Not all service is selfless. People are charitable for three reasons. Some people give to charity so their name will be known all over and thus their business will flourish because others will think that they are very good – not only rich but generous. Other people give, thinking that if they give now, they will receive in the next world. But very few people give with the knowledge that holding onto anything only creates problems and so they should offer all they have in order to be free. This third kind of charity gives freedom, but the first two only create more bondage. The actions are the same, but the motivations are different.

If you do an action that is not helpful to you, it will give your fruits that are not helpful. When you understand this, you will realize that selfless service is the highest of all worships. No prayer can be compared with such action. Yet merely realizing this truth intellectually is not enough. Many people understand this truth, yet they do not worship through selfless service. We must practice this truth in our lives. In doing this, we should constantly be aware of the fact that other human beings are like shrines, and that the inner dweller in each of us in God. Thus by serving others we serve God. When we understand this, then instead of building temples, churches and mosques, we can use our time, energy and money to help others in practical ways. Selfless service is the finest of all prayers.

Swami Rama

(Excerpts from Inspired Thoughts of Swami Rama)

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Questions on Spirtual Practice..

Q: A friend with whom I meditate bends forward and then jerks back into place from time to time. Is he falling asleep? Is he sitting incorrectly? Or his kundalini awakening? Should I touch his elbow and make him aware of this when it happens? It’s been going on for a year now.

A: Jerks and bending forward in meditation are signs of not having a steady mind and of not preparing yourself physically. Please encourage him to correct his dietary habits and learn to strengthen his desire for meditation. He will get over this problem. Keeping his head, neck, and trunk straight and sitting in an easy and steady posture are equally important. Falling asleep is because of inertia. Do not be misguided and think that this is a sign or symptom of Kundalini awakening. It is possible to awaken Kundalini, but steadiness, a one-pointed mind, and a strong desire to read the systematic path of this science are important.

Q: Is Samadhi attained or received? It seems the harder I try to mediate, the more it escapes me. But when I let go and just sit there, I go deeper. What technique is best to show an effort on my part but not be pushy?

A: Samadhi is neither attained nor received. It is the expansion of the individual mind to the realization of the cosmic mind. Do not struggle with your mind, and slowly learn to expand the consciousness. Do not overdo or miss your practices. They are to be done punctually, regularly, with firm faith.

Q: Can someone overdo karma yoga, or should some time be given for meditation as well?

A: Karma yoga is a must, and it should be performed selflessly and skillfully. Performing Karma yoga selflessly and skillfully is called meditation in action. Sometimes silences makes one aware of one’s own duty, and it is also essential.

Q: What should be done about intense feelings of jealously?

A: Jealousy is a poison one creates for oneself. It is a weakness that creates a barrier on the path of spirituality. Those who are self-centered and selfish are jealous of each others progress. This is an incompetency that should be removed by positive thinking and realizing one’s own weakness. Do not compare yourself with others. Watch your mind, action, and speech.

Q: How many incarnations must a person go through?

A: For an ignorant individual, reincarnation is the only way. One who is realized, however, obtains freedom from the chain of births and deaths. An enlightened one, if he choose to come to help others, can reincarnate, but this is his choice.

Q: why is it harmful to com-pare ourselves with others, especially in spiritual practice?

A: On the path of spirituality, there can be no such comparison. The path of self-enlightenment starts with self-analysis, then self-control, and finally self-enlightenment. Why do you want to compare yourself with others? Comparing yourself with the sages will positively inspire you, but comparing yourself with the mundane symbols of the world will mislead you.

Q: How can one build a trust that he is on the right spiritual path? What about fears that seem to hold one back?

A: Fear invites danger. Fear is the most important aspect of ignorance. It means non-trusting of the reality within. Self-reliance and constant awareness will help one in building trust.

Q: As one becomes aware of the negative tendencies in one’s thinking, how can these be changed into positive tendencies and cheerfulness?

A: Negative and positive tendencies exist in everyone. Those who practice spirituality and have some aim in life will focus on that aim and direct their resources to fulfilling it. For such a person, negativity becomes meaningless. Positive thinking helps one in all phases of life.

Q: Does a mantra link one with his or her chosen ideal

A: If a mantra is properly practiced, it becomes a staff of life and directs one at all times.

Swami Rama

(Excerpts from Inspired Thoughts of Swami Rama)

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Swami Rama Message

If you learn to do human efforts sincerely, then that ascended power suddenly comes in touch with the descending power that is called kripa, blessings, as the grace of God, the grace of the highest, the grace of Absolute One. So human effort is sadhana; it needs the grace of God. When you are doing your Sadhana, you are bound to receive the grace from Providence, from the Highest Level.

A day will come when you can go beyond the mire of delusion created by your mind, and you will have control. Meditation, contemplation and prayer should go hand-in-hand. I pray to the mighty Lord to help you.

I pray that you will all be happy and enjoy, and let the flower of your life bloom so that you can serve one another and help others. Enjoy all the time. Be happy. Learn to be Happy.

I too have a Guru. The spiritual path can’t be tread without kripa, Guru’s graces. But if you want to have the Guru’s grace, you would have to have your own grace. You should make sincere efforts, and then the grace of God will come. Let you be graced today, the day which reminds you that you have to follow the path of enlightenment, loving all and excluding none. That is the way to the Divine.

Akhanda Mandalakaram
Vyaptam Yena Characharam
Tat Padam Darshitam Yena
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

To that glorious Guru my homage,
who has shown me that state which is identical
with the unbroken full orb of the sun,
which pervades all things, moving and unmoving.
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi. May God bless you.

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