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New Year Greetings to all of you.

On the new year, i.e. 1st Jan 2014, I got the opportunity to visit our 'Sadhana VidyalayaSchool & Sadhana Dhama Ashram at Channapatna, South west of Bangalore city. I earnestly request few minutes from your busy schedule to go through this layman synopsis of the visit below: 

As I entered the school in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see it's a working day for Sadhana Vidyalaya school children on 1st of Jan. During my school days it used to be a holiday on 1st Jan. Even if it's a schooling day, I would hate to go to school for sure as it's the day I can spend some time at home watching Television as they do telecast some good entertainment programs. But after watching the kids, I thought to myself, 'Well not every child hates to go to school like me', because I could not see any children on that day with sad face or disappointed look for having to come to School on the new year day. 

"Discipline should not be forced by teachers", says Swami Rama. That's exactly what I could practically experience here at Sadhana Vidyalaya. All the children were full of joyous mood & with exuberant energy they welcomed the new year along with their school teachers. It was really a great sight to see both the teachers & the respective class children celebrate together in a quite & meaningful way. There were smiles all around & the school kids were busy in the morning decorating their classes along with teachers to welcome their first day of schooling life for the year 2014.

It was a new experience for me to see Teachers joining hands together with the school children in their respective activities. It was a surprise for me because I remembered how I used to keep always a 10 KM distance from my school teachers. It's not the same story atleast in Sadhana Vidyalaya. At times, it was rather difficult for me to identify who is the class teacher from the bunch of kids as they have been one among them.  

Work by Sadhana Vidyalaya school kids outside their class
Anxious school children welcoming the New Year

Welcoming new year through flowers - work by Sadhana Vidyalaya School Children

New Year Cake celebration by 8 & 9th class students along with their teachers

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Head Master  joining the New Year Celebrations
KG class opening ceremony on the New Year 
KG students going back to their classes

After visiting each classroom and joining the New Year celebration along with school kids, my heart was filled with emotions which is hard to describe here. Of course, my stomach was full too having a share of bite from cakes & snacks. 

Then, I moved on to see some of the construction works that are going on in the school. With generous love & contributions from the well wishers & philanthropist, Sadhana Vidyalaya school is growing in steady speed. The new classrooms that are getting up built are nicely shaping up and I was updated that there might be some space allocated for labs & library as well in the newly constructed area. 

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Construction

With satisfied heart, I realized, it's time to move on to the Kitchen Area as its well past lunch time. I went around the Dining Hall & witnessed Sadhana Vidyalaya school children happily having their Mid Day Meal. It's a nice sight to see the newly built up Dining Hall on the First floor ready and in use.

Newly built Dining Hall 

Newly built Dining Hall (Another view)

Bhaskar Uncle preparing lunch for the school kids

Delicious Sweet Dish is getting prepared for the Sadhana Vidyala School Children

Food is Ready!

Ready to Serve!

Here you go.....

Happy Sadhana Vidyalaya Wiz Kids....

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Kids having their Mid Day Meal

As you all are aware, Sadhana Vidyalaya adopts an academic curriculum that is according to the State Government syllabus. The school has a methodology of teaching which empowers a child to face the challenges of modern life along with academic excellence and become an integrated and harmonious human being. On special request, I had a chance to sit inside the classroom IX while the class was going on, just to feel the effect of being back in the those old school days. So it was a good time spent inside the class rooms, though I am lucky I no longer need to do those homework's....

Take the pic quick, I have a class to attend.....

Sadhana Vidyalaya School corridor 
Sadhana Vidyalaya School Computer Section (A)

Inside View from Class IX Classroom 

UPS to support School Computers
Projector for Audio Visual Educational Programs for School Children 

Musical Instruments for Music lovers

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Computer Section (B)

Spoken English Chart 

Learning Computers at the School

Sadhana Vidyalaya Activity Time Table from Class V to IX

Sadhana Vidyalaya Class IX Time Table

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Vehicle

Sadhana Vidyalaya - School Vehicle

Generator to cover up the shortage of Power Failure at Sadhana Vidyalaya

Did you ask my mom's permission to click my pic ?
After few good hours spent at the School, I decided to visit the Ashram to give some food for thought to my mind & soul. I first went to the Dhyana Mandira which is a spacious meditation hall incorporating 3 pyramid roofs. The hall can accommodate about 500 people & comprises of life size (5 feet) statue of Ishta Anjaneya in marble in meditative posture and also a Stage (dias) for conducting Yoga and Cultural programmes and special events, as well.

Moving on, I visited Sadashiva Chintamani Cave: The cave temple of Shiva has been built underneath the Dhyana Mandir which has a Shivalinga with ‘OM’, ‘Gayathri’, ‘Naga’ and ‘Nataraja’ carved on it. It has been specially built to intensify spiritual aura. 

Leaving the cave, I decided to sit for few minutes at Rajarajeshwari Shikharini, the Pyramid structured Room. The pyramid has been scientifically built for chakra activation and energization in the Mediators body, with 4 corners specially built for energy activation and conservation to speed up the healing process of the physical body and mental body. In the centre of the pyramid, a 3 dimentional Meru Srichakra is installed for spiritual attainments.

Shakti Peeth

Inner view of Shakti Peeth

Shakti Peeth 

Way to Sadashiva Cave & Rajarajeshwari Pyramid - Cosmic Energy corners

Swami Rama of Himalayas
As it was time for me to leave the school, I had a good look of the School once again. The School kids were active as usual & busy in their daily school activities. I was glad to see that, with blessings from the Masters, our Guruji's vision of the school to revive the ancient educational model of Gurukula system, in which students and teachers stay together and establish a personal relationship outside the academic zone could be made possible. It is certainly due to lot of hard work put in by the school staff in the direction provided by Guruji & Ma backed up by all the well wishers & kind contributors.

Swami Rama Says,
Contentment is the first and foremost virtue that should be cultivated. It comes only when you have done your duties to your fullest capacity without worrying for the results. It is a virtue that always helps and never disappoints the seeker.

With that content heart, I bid temporary good bye to the school staff & kids and also now to the readers...

Vande Guru Paramparam...

- 'Bansuri'

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