Saranagathi - Tale of surrender (3)

Saranagathi - Salutations to all the great men in the world

Episodes so far: 1, 2

"Hi Bansuri!, I have not seen you here for quite some time, what happened, all well" ? asked Sankara with smiling eyes. 

"Well Sankara!, I had gone into an oblivion state that I decided to take a brief brake" ?

"Oblivion state? What do you mean by that"?

"Haven’t you heard players in sports take some rest in between by skipping few matches and come back after they feel fit"?

"Yes that’s sound valid for sports, so"?

"In same way, I thought I will take some break in Spirituality Phase and now I am back"!

"What nonsense are you talking Bansuri? BREAK in Spirituality!!!, are you OK"?

"Yes!, I am. I was so active in my daily life that I couldn't take some time out for spirituality, so I thought let it wait… "

"Hahaha, I have never seen such a fool like you Bansuri…"

"Why you say so"?

"First you are comparing your so called 'Spirituality Phase' to Sports. Second you think you have put in so much efforts all these days, that you wanted a break for yourself. Come on Bansuri! give me a break…!"


"There are so many great human souls in the world who are in search of real "Self’ for many life’s together without giving a break yet not giving up. But your ‘Ego’ feels you have done enough in this few years of your spiritual association that you felt like having a break!. Now I feel like breaking your bones…!"

"Eh! Sankara! Cool. I felt I was so occupied in my daily family & professional needs that I really didn't get time for this…"

"Well..Well..!, for people like you, I would like to share Swami Rama' small clip from YouTube for people who say they don’t have time in the World. Ah! Here it is..."

(Both Sankara & Bansuri together watch the video on Sankara's mobile)

"Bansuri!, you are fortunate enough to get a place along with other sadhaka’s in the bus which is driven with all love & kindness by our Guruji to take all of us to the right destination. If you feel that you are getting over burdened or doesn't like the bumpy rides or feeling suffocation inside the bus and if you wish to get down, then please remember your action may even end in waiting for many more years or life’s to get another bus like this! It’s your call my friend…!"

"Sankara! Are you are threatening me...?"

"No! certainly not. Who am I to threaten you? As a friend, I am suggesting you what I feel right. It's up to you to take it or not. All I am saying is, don't lose the golden opportunity that is in front of you".

"Yaar! Don’t confuse me with too many concepts. OK!, that video was cool and I accept there is nothing like taking a break from Spiritual search".

"That's like my friend. Remember it’s all the play of your own mind playing tricks on you. That’s the reason why it is good to be in Satsang so that you don’t deviate from your path".

"I am lucky to get you Sankara…!"

"OK, OK! Stop this… so how’s is life otherwise"? 

"It’s going on in routine path beating around the bush. Leave that, I am now curious to hear the continuation of the story about Jayadeva that you were telling me…"

"Hmm.. so you still remember that? Do you even remember whatever I have told you so far"?

"I guess so..!"

"Its OK!, even if you don’t you can scroll up and find the previous episodes to get yourself recollected….and so let me continue from where I left..."

"There lived a king by name ‘Sathvik’ in the city of Jagannath. He also like Jayadev had so much of love & affection towards Lord Narayana. The king with his knowledge towards poetry writing made a wishful thinking & desire to compose poems on the lord similar to 'Gita Govind'. But it did not stop with that. He also wished his fellow countrymen & people should sing his songs as part of their daily ritual to the lord instead of any other in particular Jayadeva's 'Gita Govind'. 

Contrary to his desire, he found his people praising Jayadeva’s Gita Govind more than his own hymns. By his power & authority, he made sure that his songs alone are sung in the temples. Fearing to his orders, people without any real interest, were outwardly mumbling his songs in the temples but deep inside they were singing Sage Jayadeva’s Gita Govind with pure ecstasy. 

One day when he visited the temple with his close alliance, he saw pundits contrary to his orders, were chanting ‘Gita Govind’ instead of his own written chants. With loud thundering voice, he ordered to stop it immediately. 

The king then asked:

“Even I have written beautiful songs on Lord Hari, but still why you all are so persistent in rendering only Jayadeva’s sloka’s in front of the lord”?

One of the surroundings who was brave enough came forward and replied:

“Oh your Majesty, you have composed a book which is pleasing to yourself and have put it in equality with that of Jayadev. But don’t you know it is not wise to praise your own work in your own lips? Moreover asking all of us to memorize and sing only that song in front of the lord, isn’t it a sin”?

Now one more joined and said:

"Oh King, don’t you know anything given by force like knowledge, service, mantra, skill or a particular Guru will have no value"?

"So you mean to say that my work is inferior compared to Jayadeva’s composition"? King asked in angry tone

"Oh King! We are not here to argue. When we sing jayadeva’s Ashtapathi, we get peace deep inside, the Bhakti flows so naturally in us" replied one of the people gathered there. 

"So you have decided to ignore my work, that’s the outcome of this discussion. OK! Let me propose a solution to this", said the king. 

The people gathered in there were looking with eager eyes & ears to know what new solution or problem the King is going to bring now to the city of Jagannath!

"OK Bansuri! It’s time up now, we will see tomorrow.."

"Eh! wait Sankara! please tell the rest and go, I still have few minutes..."

"I fear if I tell the whole story, you may want to take another break in your so called Spiritual search. I am not going to allow that to happen, so you better wait and come again, we will certainly continue…"

"OK! , who can argue with you, bye Sankara, have a good time ahead..."


verse from Gita Govind

(Story of Sri Jayadev inspired from 'Maha Bhakta Vijaya'. Poem extracts are from the book 'Sri Gita Govinda')

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Shivaratri Anushttana

Dear All, on the occasion of Mahasivratri on 17th of February 2015, let us make Sankalpa of doing our Sadhana fearlessly and at same time with full  harmony..

Do your sadhana with full dedication and with full belief on Guruparampara. Everybody is blessed.

With blessings & love
Jyothi & Pattabhiram

Guruji performing abhisheka to Lord Mrityunjaya at Sadhana Dhama


1. Assume a comfortable posture. Keep the body still till the end of the practice. Relax the body  completely.

2. Focus on Sushumna for 3 minutes.

3. Come to Guru Chakra. Feel the presence of Swami Rama. Meditate there with the special mantra (minimum 1 mala – 108 times)


Seek the blessings of Baba.

4. Come to Ajna Chakra. Feel the presence of Lord Shiva in the form of Jet Black Shivalinga surrounded by Blue Light indicating Health, Harmony and Bliss.

5. Meditating on the Shivalinga in Ajna chakra, chant 108 times Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

Om Thrembhakam Yajaamahey Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Oorvaa ruka miva bandhanaan
Mrityoar Muksheeya Maa Amrutaath

Mrityunjaya Mantra

6. After completing, come out of meditation by chanting the prayer –




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