Winter Camp 2015

Dear Sadhakas,

Blessings from the Masters of the Himalayan Tradition! 

I am extremely happy for all the generous inquiries about my health and thank you for the support that you are providing in furtherance of the cause. This is not only encouraging for my health but has instilled in me an enthusiasm to meet you all. But, as per medical advice, I am not supposed to strain my body by travelling and conducting public programmes at least for a year. Therefore, Jyothi & I came up with the idea of an annual event Winter Camp 2015 at our Ashram over the period December 20 (from 4.00 pm) to 26 (till 12 noon). This will provide me with an opportunity to meet you all. Together we can spend some quality time doing Sadhana.

I plan to take two Sessions in a day. Sessions by Mrs. Jyothi, Mr. Srinivas Murthy, Mr. Sudheendra and other prominent guest speakers also form part of the Winter Camp. Jyothi will be taking two sessions in a day where the first session will be on Tantrik approach to Tatwa Shuddhi & the second session would be on Bahiryaga – Practical approach in Tantra. There will be separate sessions on Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation as well.

I am sure you will also be excited to be a part of the Winter Camp 2015, as I am, and hence, this advance intimation.
Hope to meet you and your family soon.

Guruji Pattabhiram & Jyothi

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