Bhola - 'Our Friend' (Cartoon series)

Bhola - Our Friend

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series 
Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Bhola - Cartoon Series

Swami Rama

(To be contd...)

- 'Bansuri'

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Guru Smarana Day - A Day of Deep Contemplation


Swami Rama Guru Smarana Day 
November 13th is Maha Samadhi day, a special day for all Sadhakas of Himalayan tradition blessed by Gurudeva Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Gurudev left his limited mortal frame on 13th November 1996 and expanded his consciousness into the divine infinite sky of eternity. It is the day of deep contemplation to all of us.

On this important day, listen to special audio clip from our Gurudev Shri.Pattabhiram where He shares a small story to make us understand the beautiful relationship between a Guru & a disciple.  

So friends, let Guru Smarana day, be the day to awaken that intelligence to guide you in experiencing that freedom from your own misery & to experience that unconditional infinite vastness of life. Work in that direction. may Gurudev, enter your path, be with you always, and guide you eternally. 

The suggested Mantra Japa  for November 13 is as follows:

1. Take a comfortable posture by keeping the back, neck and the head along the same straight line. Relax the body completely – do inner journey.

2. Do 21 rounds of Shushumna breathing.

3. Come to Guru Chakra (above the Ajna chakra), imagine a Tirkuti (upward triangle) and in that Trikuti feel the Agni (fire) of Guru eternally glowing.

4. Focusing on the Trikuti, chant "Om Shreem Gurudevaaya Namaha" 108 times.

5. Conclude by chanting Hiranya garbaa aarabdhaam, saeshou vyaasaadhi madhyamaam, Swami Shree Rama Paadaanthaam, Vande Guru Paramparaam.

6. After Guru Vandana, offer all unresolved problems, negative things and emotions that are bothering you into the Trikuti fire as Aahuti (offering) so that the fire of Guru burns all your negative emotions, karmas, samskaras, and negative tendencies that block your path of sadhana and spiritual progress and instead bring enthusiasm, harmony, health and happiness in the life of disciples and also to their families.

May Baba be with you all and bless you.

In the service of Parampara,
Shri. Pattabhiram & Jyothi

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