Grace Navigate through Crisis


Dear Sadhaka,

Blessings from the Masters of unbroken lineage of love-light, wisdom and bliss.

I have been receiving shocking calls from our students about losing jobs, insecurity, trauma, health break-down, differences in the family relationships etc. Naturally, my concern deepened in the depth of prayer during meditation. The Divine Mother, through our Gurudev, has blessed a powerful mantra of a wonderful combination of Ganapati- Hanuman-Sarasvati-Lakshmi, with a yantra too. I am sharing this with all our sadhakas.

Please follow the method of meditation given here and freely share the message to the entire mankind going through the crisis. (click on the image below for better viewing)

Meditation sequence:

- Sit in a comfortable posture with back, neck and head along the same straight line.

- Travel through the body and relax.

- Focus on your heart centre and breathe deeply 12 times as if you are breathing only to your heart -- Anahata Pranayama.

- Focus on Guru Chakra, just above the space between the two eye-brows. Feel the presence of your Gurudev and seek the blessings.

- Focus on your heart centre and experience the yantra given.

- Feel the bright yantra and mentally worship and offer pranams.

- Chant the Mantra with the meaning and the feeling for 108 times (you can chant any number all through the day).

- Conclude with a prayer as below (click on the image below for better viewing)

After the prayer, experience as if you are receiving special blessings from Divine Mother in the form of Confidence-Intelligence-Harmony.

Stretch both the hands out and generously share this benevolent energy with one and all, who are going through the crisis.

Let us do this practice individually, as family, or in group and build up the energy field to ward-off all the negative effects of the crisis. Keep in touch with me and when we cross over the crisis, let us conclude this practice with a collective homa, offering the mantra again back to the Divine Mother.

Dear Sadhaka, this is a special message received from the Masters to save the sincere sadhakas from the ill-effects of the economic crisis. Please practice with devotion, dedication and heart-full of Divine love. Let the bright energy radiate and bring solace to the ailing mankind.

Those who would like to take up this practice, please inform us at Email ID: for further guidance and to inform you about participating in the homa so that you will receive homa prasada of this Anushtthana.

Please circulate this to as many friends/relatives or needy persons as possible.

With Yogic Fragrance
Sri Pattabhiram

(for exact pronunciation of the above Mantra hear it from Guruji's voice by clicking on 'Play' below)


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