Mantra Anushtthaana for Navaratri


Dear Sadhaka

I have been sending special mantra practices on very auspicious occasions and I am certain that you are doing it and creating the energy fields in you to protect yourself and your family from various negative influences.

Navaratri, nine nights of very powerful divine manifestations, are very sensitive nights for sadhakas to meditate and to experience communion with the Divine Mother -- the energy play of the Cosmos.

I am blessed by Guru Parampara to initiate a very transformative mantra needed at this critical passage of time, which is full of confusions, conflicts,uncertainties, insecurities and unexpected happenings causing misery.

The Mantra:



Hreem Iccha - Determination, Sankalpa
Aim Jnaana - Knowledge
Shreem Kriyaa - Dynamism
Abhaya - Assurance, Security
Sundara - Beauty, Harmony
Lalitaa - Divine Mother


1. Sit and prepare for meditation.

2. Connect Sahasrara and Mooladhaara with a golden bridge of light and energize with Praana and SO HAM Naada.

3. Concentrate on Navel - the center of Iccha Shakti. Activate through nine rounds of breathing i.e. Praana Aahuti. Chant 9 times OM HREEM.

4. Come to Anaahata, heart center and do the Praana Aahuthi and chant 9 times OM - SHREEM.

5. Come to Agna, space between the eyebrows and do the Praana Aahuthi and chant 9 times OM - AIM.

6. Come to Sahasrara and feel the Blue sky with a Golden triangle and red dot (Bindu). Feel the presence of Divine Mother - the embodiment of knowledge, dynamism, determination and assurance.

7. Remember your Guru and seek the blessings to enter the mantra sadhana.

8. Chant the mantra given above - minimum 516 times.

9. Feel as if Divine Mother is blessing all the above powers to you to recreate your life and your family and the entire humanity.

10. Conclude with the following shloka:

Sarvamangala Maangalye Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Devi Naaraayani Namostute

Please practice this sadhana with your family in the evening between 8:30 - 9:30 PM every day for 108 days.

The purpose of meditation is to invoke the integrated energy of brilliance with full of confidence, dynamism of prosperity, knowledge of eternity and the shields if security and assurance. The effect will be a beautiful life beaming with Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Then you become Lalita - the benevolent ray of Divine Mother. May Guru Parampara bless you. Wish you happy Navaratri. Let the effort lead to Victory (Vijaya) in all ten directions (Dassera / Dashahara).

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Hello! How are you..?


We suffer from various types of diseases not because of something ‘wrong’ in the physical body, but because of the continuous generation of negative energy in the mind; the mind is continuously generating the negative energy because we are feeding negative emotions.

What is negative energy? Negative energy is that energy which blocks the smooth flow of pure consciousness. If my emotions are selfish, then the pure energy cannot travel easily because of this blockage. Say, my heart says, "go and do something good to that fellow because he needs your support", that is the nature of the consciousness; our inner awareness - Aatmavat sarva bhooteshu. It is the same energy that is flowing everywhere. So, go and help. The moment pure energy starts coming out, the heart, which is filled with negative emotions, blocks it as if to say "Do not do it, if you do it, you will get caught." It is because we are selfish deep within. This slowly corrupts my pure energy. This corrupted impure energy is travelling all over the body.

There are 72,000 channels through which this corrupted energy is flowing. Wherever this corrupted energy flows, corrupted energy at the physical body will generate a negative chemical. Negative chemical gets deposited in the blood vessels, nerves, and in all such channels (or) passages through which various types of energies flow. Then slowly it starts blocking the communication system. The whole personality thus becomes negative.

When the personality becomes negative, automatically it creates a field around you. That field acquires the negative qualities of your personality. I am at the centre, the field surrounds me, sitting in that field, I attract people having similar negative energies. Because, in a way I become a magnet. When it becomes the magnet, it attracts. So, I start attracting only negative people towards me. Because there is negativity, there are negative people around me.

Similar attracts similar. That is the principle of nature. If there is negativity, it attracts only negativity. Slowly and surely, the negative field around me gets strengthened. In that negative field, where is the protection? Who is there to protect? My own emotions cannot protect me. Please understand - every emotion gets transformed into negative attitude. If a particular emotion starts operating 10 times in the mind, the same emotion becomes the attitude. I start seeing through that emotion only. Then, my entire perception becomes that only. So, the negative perception.

When the perception is negative, when the attitude is negative, then the habit patterns acquire negativity and get strengthened in a negative way.

For liberation, it is the mind; and so does for bondage too. For good things, it is the mind and for bad things too. Whatever samskara I give, whatever attitude I develop, whatever emotions I nurture, whatever feeling I develop within, that becomes my life. In that zone, small positive activities here and there do not help much. People are doing a lot of positive work, still it is not helping them to remove the density of negativity that they have stored inside. It is like sweeping for 10 minutes in a day and putting dirt all around the rest of the day. One or two days you will clean with a great enthusiasm. As days advance, you become tired of doing; because the amount of dirt piling up is so much, it makes you feel heavy, you feel bored - everyday doing the same thing! Because, you are not able to see the clean floor.

So, Sadhana or Mantras are very powerful, and they invoke a special energy from deep within. You must make efforts to awaken that intelligence which is charged with cosmic brilliance. That is your true energy. When you do Sadhana with feeling, then automatically, the natural cosmic brilliance which is in all of us in the latent form gets activated. We are not going to get it somewhere from above, no. It simply comes from within.

Therefore, instead of waiting to do your Sadhana ‘one day’, after you are through with your life’s commitments, start today and now. The moment you make the decision, my blessings and best wishes will start traveling with you.

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Determination & Patience


Faith and determination are two essential rungs on the ladder of enlightenment. Without them enlightenment can never be realized. Without faith we can attain some degree of intellectual knowledge, but only with faith can we see into the most subtle chambers of our being.

Determination is the power that sees us through all frustrations and obstacles. It helps in building the willpower that is the very basis of success within and without. It is said in the scriptures that with the help of sankalpa shakti, the power of determination, nothing is impossible.

Shakti is behind all the great works done by the great leaders of the world. When the power of determination is not interrupted, one inevitably attains the desired goal.

Decide that no matter what happens, you will do what you set out to do. If you are determined, possible distractions will still be there, but you will continue on your path and remain undisturbed.

Sankalpa (determination) is very important. You cannot change your circumstances, the world, or society to suit you. If you have strength and determination, you can go through the procession of life very successfully.

Be confident, self-reliant, and always say to yourself, “I will do it. I can do it. I have to do it.” These confirmations build the power of determination, or sankalpa shakti.


In sadhana patience plays an important role.

Patience is a great virtue that needs to be cultivated. One should always pay attention to one’s determination, sincere efforts, patience, regularity, and loving nature. Always try to be vigilant, so that the opposite forces do not take over.

Whenever you find an obstacle, you should learn to be patient. You will have to be patient when you go to the unconscious mind, to the many fields of your mind.

The mind says, “How come you are so brave to go to the kingdom of the Lord within, without dealing with me?” Sometimes it becomes a devil; sometimes it becomes an angel; sometimes it becomes evil; sometimes it becomes a sage. It has all these qualities. The mind is a means for bondage—it could be a means for liberation. If the mind is at your disposal, it will not create obstacles for you.

You should learn to be patient. The quest of the soul helps you, if you persist; then, finally, you will find the light from the distance that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Will you please practice?

The time will come when you will know all that is to be known. Do not allow the gentle and eternal flame to diminish, and do not give name to the nameless.

(Extracted from

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Three Dimensions of Family and Karma Yoga

A ‘family’ has three dimensions: Functional Dimension, Karmic Dimension, and Spiritual dimension.

Spiritual dimension has the dimension of freedom, liberation; it is an unbound space where one rejoices in his or her true nature. The purpose of this dimension is to go back to that space.

Then we have the external world – the world of Ahara, Nidra, Bhaya, Maithuna of panch bhoota. That is the functional world, a duty bound space. Truly, the rule of that domain is sharing the responsibility, sharing the duty, cooperating with each other and not rubbing with each other. When we agree upon something we have to abide by that. Remember that whatever duty or responsibility we have undertaken, it becomes our commitment. When the decision to do something is being taken or the responsibility is being assigned, be live, be watchful and become rational. Do not comment on the decisions afterwards. Once the decision has been taken, you just have no choice but to do that, whether it is good or bad. At this level we should not bring any personal or emotional problems there. Unfortunately, in functional plane, we bring in confusion. When I am doing it, think that I am just doing that as discharge of my duty; there should be no ambiguity, no confusion. We should behave like soldiers, i.e., whatever instructions given, you just do that. In the duty bound space there is no choice, no assumption. When you have choices you create space for confusion and you become bound. When you have no choice, it means that you have accepted the reality, that is all and you are free. Where is assumption now? All your assumptions have disappeared now. There is no ambiguity. Everything is very clear and a beautiful harmony sets in there. You create a rhythm and you sail through the rhythm and orchestra works accordingly. When you abide by the duty that, in turn, develops trust. This is called Karma Yoga and this is going to help you in redefining your personality.

The third dimension, the karmic dimension lies between the above two planes of existence: one is unbound and other is terribly bound. Karma means your attitude, your behavior, your aptitude, your approach – all are called karma. That is why the karmic plane is also called the emotional plane. Karma is connected to the bound space only. Your Karma, Samskara and vasanas go through continuous changes, transformations; because, it is kept between bound and unbound fields. In the bound area when you start getting agitated, or getting attached then that reflects upon you karmic body and new karmic loops starts developing. Development of further and further of these karmic loops will not let you feel or reach the unbound space that is there in you. This will make you to move more and more outward and make you think - how to execute, how to run away, how to confront, how to avoid, how to fight, etc. The karmic personality has to be purified by taking leap from the bound space to the unbound space. The entire karmic field got generated because the jeeva has to face the external bound world. If the bound world becomes a duty bound world without any friction, resistance or rubbing, then jeeva frees itself from the duty bound world. Karyam karma karoti yah! That you are supposed to do, do it and finish it. Anashrita karma phala. But do not depend up on it.

Same thing develops for an organization too. It also has three levels: objectives and the vision level; responsibility given or taken level; and between these two the emotional and communicative domain. First we have to be clear about our vision. Define it. Keep the objective in a sacred space and do not corrupt it, do not dilute it. Do not put your emotion and spoil it. Do not modify this. Then total surrender to the unbound space. Modalities to achieve the objectives may differ.

Then comes the functional level. Continuously question here why we are with the organization. This will help you define your responsibility. Your commander takes a decision with due consultation with you in the meeting. Once the decision is taken, do not question the commander as to how did he do it, what compelled him to do that, etc. do not do that. Then you will find that your emotion becomes positive, free from sentiments, getting purified and reconditioned. You start understanding objective as objective and duty as duty.

The emotional zone called the live zone should become the super conductor between the objective zone and the responsibility zone. Most of the time this live zone is an insulator or semi conductor and seldom it is a conductor. Think how you can make this completely free from resistance or friction.

This is our Sadhana.

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