Let's hear from Guruji - Obstacles in the path of Sadhana (Series 8)

Guruji from 'Obstacles in the path of Sadhana' DVD

Patanjali, the codifier of yoga science, taught that all human beings can attain the goal of human life by understanding the yoga sutras, practicing them, and applying them in daily life. As Swami Rama says, "Patanjali did not write these sutras for swamis or renunciates; he meant them for the people of the world so that one can live in the world yet remain unaffected and undisturbed, enjoying peace, happiness, and bliss". 

Guruji Pattabhiram has given series of lectures on Patanjali's yoga Shastra's helping us to understand how to practice & apply these yoga sutras in our daily life. Today let us look upon one such lecture DVD called "Obstacles On The Path Of Sadhana" from our Guruji on Patanjali Yoga Sutra's .

Meditation Session:

The DVD starts up with a meditation session where Guruji stresses on the importance of developing the stamina and patience while practicing meditation. He puts a challenging request to all the aspirants to organize their life style in such a way that will enable them to sit still for atleast ONE hour during meditation. 

To experience the stillness and inner harmony during meditation, He suggests that our our whole being has to become still, stable and comfortable. Find out from this Meditation session how to get that Harmony within one's own self.

Guruji explaining obstacles in the path of sadhana
Lecture Session:

Guruji in this lecture series, quotes the following sutra from Patanjali to set the base before moving on to explain the obstacles in the path of sadhana.

vitarkah himsadayah krita karita anumoditah lobha krodha moha purvakah mridu madhya adhimatrah dukha ajnana ananta phala iti pratipaksha bhavanam

Guruji beautifully explains the above sutra word by word for us to easily understand. He explains us how our Mind which goes through hurt and other negative feelings over the years, stores & nourishes them. Physical hurt may be healed, but when we say something bad to our near & dear one's, perhaps they might forgive us but will never forget. Often we might have gone through such experiences where we say something hurting others and later repent on why we had to say that.

Guruji explaining obstacles in the path of sadhana

Guruji says, because our mind is struck due to Vitarkah, we miss beautiful divine opportunities in life. Guruji asks us to be aware of every reaction coming from ourselves. He is asking us to observe our reactions and see if they are coming from higher intelligence or is it from the mind that we have created. This sections explains how to make that differentiation and how to free our consciousness from this Vitharka zone. 

Once the sincere aspirant is able to free from Vitharka zone, the journey continues further & reach the Vichara zone. Reactions of the mind from Vitharka zone is destructive whereas the reactions from the Vichara zone is completely opposite to it. One has enormous patience in Vichara zone. 

Guruji explaining Vitharka & Vichara zone

Guruji states that the aspirant reaches the zone of Ananda if the reactions of the mind come from Vichara zone. Ananda is the zone where there is no conflict. When there is conflict, "ME" consciousness develops and when there is only Ananda , "WE" consciousness flourishes. 

As the Meditation continues, the aspirant move from the zone of Ananda and experiences 'Asmita'.

Guruji here provide practical examples of what is Asmita & how it works in different ways. 

Listening to Guruji's lectures, does anyone feel that though the lectures were good & we are listening, nothing concrete changes are happening in our life ? (or) Though Guruji's lectures are good, they are not practical enough to follow in one's daily life ?

If so, your questions are answered here as Guruji himself take these questions and provide answers to them beautifully in his own unique style on why the required transformation are not happening in us. 

Then Guruji moves on to explain three important powerful energy fields which are part of Vitharka. They are;

Guruji explaining Lobha, Krodha & Mogha

- Lobha (Greed)
- Krodha (Anger)
- Mogha (Attachment)

The intensity of these are Mridhu Madhya adhi matra

The intensity of these energies are Mridhu (soft), Madhya (medium) & adhi matra (intense) in different human beings. 

What are the effects of these?

Dhuka agyana anatha pala

Vikharka creates Dhuka (suffering, agony), Agyana (ignorance builds up) and Anatha pala (infinite fruits)

Why people are not able to progress in spiritual path because they are struck in Vitharka zone. Guruji explains these sections quoting:

Satsangathve nisangatham, nisangathe nirmothathve nichala tatvam , nichata tatve jeeva mukthi

Guruji then explains, from Asmita the aspirant moves on to the zone of samyakpragya. Samyakpragya means consciousness with the state of equilibrium which is a beautiful state for a meditator. 

How to receive Grace ?

To make us understand Samyakpragya, Guruji gives practical example of how a child is treated by their parents and their grandparents. Guruji says one has to become like a scientist in relating spirituality with one's own life & relationship. Guruji asks us not become emotional as it has no value here. 

Guruji says by being emotional, they lose the joy of this spiritual journey. Before seeking Grace from the Lord, Guruji is asking a serious question if we are receiving Grace & love from our own self ? 

Self pity, complaining & cribbing no more helps an sincere aspirant, instead one has to have Anugraha (Grace) from his own self. Guruji says, Once you have grace from your own self then seek the Grace from the Lord. 

So what is to be done? Guruji is asking us to change the language of how & what we speak. The sadhana he suggest here is - When we start speaking, see to it every word that we utter should not come from the vitharka zone, but from the samyak zone, the state of equilibrium. According to Guruji, Speech is a powerful vehicle to develop a good sadhana.

However, because of the obstacles that the Mind has created, one is not able to progress in the path of Sadhana. Then Guruji explains briefly what are those nine obstacles that are blocking us to progress in the path of Sadhana:

1) Vyadhi
2) Styana
3) Samsaya
4) Pramada
5) Halasya
6) Avirati
7) Brantidarsana
8) Alabdha bhumika
9) Anavasthitatva

Friends, Patanjali’s method is subtle, exact and profound and with the help of Guruji's lectures it becomes easier for us to apply them in our daily life, provided we could overcome these obstacles in the path of Sadhana as explained by our Guruji.

This single DVD is a part Guruji's complete discourse on Ashtanga Yoga, for the advancement on the spiritual path. The other DVD titles which are available in the complete discourse are:

Guruji during Ashtanga Yoga Lecture session

1. Freedom -- Are You Ready?
2. Maintaining The Right Balance
3. Obstacles On The Path Of Sadhana
4. Overcoming Obstacles
5. Removing Kleshas Through Kriya Yoga
6. Removing Impurities
7. Ashtanga Yoga -- The Eight Fold Path Of Yoga -- Vol. I
8. Ashtanga Yoga -- The Eight Fold Path Of Yoga -- Vol. II

The above 8 titles are also available as individual DVDs. If you are interested to get this DVD, please contact +91-9312796128 / 9868112750 or write to basantpnd4@gmail.com. For other list of DVD's please visit here

Hope you liked this novice attempt of looking upon Guruji's DVD lectures. We conclude this section by quoting Swami Rama:

Entire life is sadhana. You ask, “Is it possible for me to know God? Is it possible for me to be a spiritual person? Is it possible for me to do this?”

Patanjali, the codifier of yoga science, says, “O aspirant, learn to practice until the last breath of your life.”

Let the heavens shower all the blessings upon you, so that you can grow and unfold yourself, and accomplish the purpose of life.

Vanda Guru Paramparam....

- 'Bansuri

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Shri Rama Dootham - Story Series - Part 12

Shri Rama Dootham

Click here to read previous episodes - , 12345678910, 11

"Sir, When one is on a worthy mission, all the celestial will be there to help, Am I right sir" ?. 

"Yes Bete!…", replied the Messenger.

"How is it possible" ?

"Through Grace…"

"How do we get that Grace?"

"Be silent inside and empty you ego. The Grace will work through you".

"Could you please be little elaborate?"

"Swami Rama says that, Grace comes of its own when a seeker has made maximum effort. When all efforts have been made, and all efforts have been exhausted, then grace comes. A power comes from above, of its own, to a vessel that is cleaned, purified, and is prepared to receive it"


"Don't just nod your head for whatever I say. Instead find out if you are prepared with a clean & purified vessel to receive the Grace?", the Messenger roared. 

"As I see, I am still a long way to go Sir…", I replied with a cheeky smile. 

"Atleast you are fortunate that you know the way to receive that Grace. Keep working, you will succeed. Remember, Grace is the fruit that you receive from your faithful and sincere efforts. So don’t stop trying". 

"Will do Sir…"

"Bete, it’s almost lunch time and we are talking since early dawn. It’s time for me to go. Will you not spare me with your questions"?, the Messenger asked with a pleading voice. 

Seeing the Messenger again talking about leaving the place, I hurriedly took my Hanuman Chalisa Book and started reading from where I left, as I find its the only way to keep him here;

Ram duware tum rakhvare | Hot na aagya bin paisare || 
Oh Hanumanji! You are the sentinel at the door of Ram's mercy mansion or His divine abode. No one may enter without your permission. 

Sab sukh lahe tumhari sharna | Tum rakshak kahu ko darna || 
By your grace one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have any fear under your protection. 

Aapen tej samharo aape | Tinau lok hank te kanpe || 
When you roar all the three worlds tremble and only you can control your might. 

Bhoot pisach nikat nahi aave | Mahabir jab naam sunave || 
Great Brave on. Hanumanji's name keeps all the Ghosts, Demons & evils spirits away from his devotees. 

Nase rog hare sab pira | Japat nirantar hanumat bira || 
On reciting Hanumanji's holy name regularly all the maladies perish the entire pain disappears. 

Sankat se hanuman chhudaave | Man kram bachan dhyan jo lave || 
Those who rembember Hanumanji in thought, word and deed are well guarded against their odds in life. 

Sab par ram tapasvi raja | Tinke kaaj sakal tum saja || 
Oh Hanumanji! You are the caretaker of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as the Supreme Lord and the Monarch of all those devoted in penances. 

Aur manorath jo koi laave | Soi amit jivan phal pave || 
Oh Hanumanji! You fulfill the desires of those who come to you and bestow the eternal nectar the highest fruit of life. 

Charo yug parthap tumhara | Hai parsidh jagat ujiyara || 
Oh Hanumanji! You magnificent glory is acclaimed far and wide all through the four ages and your fame is radiantly noted all over the cosmos. 

Sadhu sant ke tum rakhvare | Asur nikandan ram dulare || 
Oh Hanumanji! You are the saviour and the guardian angel of saints and sages and destroy all the Demons, you are the seraphic darling of Shri Ram. 

Ashta sidhi nau nidhi ke data | Asa bar din janki mata || 
Hanumanji has been blessed with mother Janki to grant to any one any YOGIC power of eight Sidhis and Nava Nidhis as per choice. 

Ram rasayan tumhare pasa | Sada raho raghupati ke dasa || 
Oh Hanumanji! You hold the essence of devotion to RAM, always remaining His Servant. 

After few minutes of Silence, the Messenger started speaking;

"Bete!, Just like a spiritual aspirants who might get distracted by temptations of the world, Hanuman too felt he might get distracted by the mansions in the city of the Lanka with beautiful pillars made of crystal, dazzling beauty of the lavish structures. Hanuman realized his mission will be halted if he spends time in getting himself lost in the beauty of Lanka and ensured to keep his mind fixed in the goal. Hanuman searched every inch of Lanka fully and thoroughly in search of Sita". 

"He didn't had Google at that time, Hahaha", I smiled....

My interruption certainly did not go well with the Messenger who just stopped talking immediately and closed his eyes. 

Sensing my wrong humor sense in wrong place, I decided to curb my childish behaviour and waited for Him to speak. 

After few minutes of silence, the Messenger started speaking again;

"Finally Hanuman's sincere efforts paid rich dividends and he found the Mother Sita in Ashoka Vana without any Google search", the Messenger said with a smile.

The smile from His face certainly made me to feel relax. May be he purposefully said that to make me feel happy sensing the tension that was building up inside me.  

The Messenger then continued;

"Do you know why Hanuman loves the betel leaf garland? It was these leaves that covered and hid him while he was waiting to speak with Sita. They protected him in the Ashoka Vana, when Hanuman was watching all the pain & tribulations the Mother was going through in midst of Demons. 

Hanuman was waiting patiently for an opportunity to speak with Sita. 

When the opportunity presented itself, Hanuman jumps from the tree chanting Rama Rama not before dropping the ring given by Lord Rama as identification. The ring was made up of crystal which glows with the letters ‘Rama’ with the touch of Rama or Sita. 

Realizing the Mother is still in doubt if the monkey form Hanuman is truly a Messenger sent by his Lord or was it another tricky game played by the Demons, Hanuman then uses his wisdom & Bhakti to bring trust in her.  

After few great exchange of words filled with extreme love & devotion, Sita realizes that Hanuman is indeed a true Messenger sent by His Lord Ram. Sita, overwhelmed with happiness embraces the ring with affection.

Meanwhile, the demons who saw Hanuman in Ashoka Vana tries to hold him captive. Hanuman too showed His presence felt in Lanka by burning Lanka into Ashes and sending a strong warning to Ravana & his team during this encounter.

Hanuman before leaving Lanka, once again went to Ashoka Vana to get the assurance if the mother Sita is safe inspite of burning Lanka into ashes. He feels extremely satisfied to see the Mother Sita safe there. 

Rejoicing, he bowed before her and said, "Oh mother! I have seen you safe and sound. This is your power and my good fortune. Now give me leave to go."

Sita says, "You are indeed a hero. For you there is nothing impossible. See that my lord comes here soon and lays low the Rakshasas and redeems me. I depend on you. You alone can achieve this."

"Be assured," said Hanuman. "Sugriva will soon be here with Rama and Lakshmana and the myriads of Vanaras. Ravana and his wicked hordes will perish. The happy prince will return with you to Ayodhya. Grieve No more". 

The Mother blessed Hanuman and gave her Chudamani as identification when Hanuman meets her Lord back at Kishkinta.

Receiving the mother’s blessing, Hanuman flows back to the shore where all his army was waiting for him. Jambavantha had seen him from a distance and said that Anjaneya was returning with victory. Hanuman showed the Chudamani to all and had described the happenings in detail in proper sequence and without omission. 

With tears in Hanuman eyes, he shares with them what a divinely precious soul Sita was and how nobly she had borne herself. Then he narrates how he destroyed the park and killed the Rakshasa warriors, how he was finally bound by Indrajit and produced before Ravana. He describes what took place at Ravana's courtyard and how as a punishment for his boldness of speech they set fire to his tail, furnishing him thereby with a great torch with which he set their city ablaze.

Hearing Hanuman's tales, all the Vanaras were in a very joyous mood. Praising & chanting Lord Rama & Sita, they all returned to Kishkinda to share this divine victory with Lord Rama. 

Having said this, the Messenger once again closed this eyes. I could sense, He is just holding his presence for me and I know I can't hold him further. While he kept continuously chanting in a very feeble voice;

Ram rasayan tumhare pasa | Sada raho raghupati ke dasa ||

I was just waiting for Him to open his eyes....

(to be concluded in next episode

- 'Bansuri'

(Please note that the views expressed in this fictional story series are the views of the author's own imagination taking reference from various sources which includes but not limited to Valmiki Ramayana, Kamba Ramayana, Hanuman chalisa along with Swami Rama & Guruji Pattabhiram's teachings. If you find any text inappropriate, the author seeks humble apologies.Pic couresy: Internet)

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