SUNAT with Jyothi Ma - SUNSAT series 11


As Jyothi Maa was in Delhi the 11th SUNSAT was led by Amma.

Sadhakas assembled at the house of Shri Vasanth Pandey and the Satsanga was slightly advanced to 7 am as yesterday was Raksha Bandan.

The group was given guided meditation by Amma using Tattawa Shuddhi technique, which was enjoyed by all.

After the meditation Amma briefly touched upon the significance and need for Satsanga.  She said:

“Left to ourselves, we will not be disciplined to do the practices given by the Spiritual Masters. Therefore, we need to come together as a group, at least once in a week, to do the practices taught. It is the Grace that delivers us. No doubt. But that should not be construed to convey that no human effort is needed in the evolution of a human being.

Satsang with Jyothi Ma

The fruits of whatever action we have done in the past (here past includes countless previous births also) has to be enjoyed by us. It is here that the faith of a disciple in the Guru will be tested and it is quite possible that the disciple move away from the Guru. Because, when the disciple undergoes his / her karmas and feel helpless, and feels that no help is forthcoming from the Guru, who is looked upon as nothing but God, the natural tendency is to move away. But remember for a fact that it is the Guru’s Grace which is unseen that acts as the protecting hand in the most trying circumstances of a disciple’s life.

This may sound very simple and insignificant when put in words and the mind will say that I will never move away from my Guru and I am totally devoted to him; but a disciple should understand that these trying moments will shake the faith to the core. It is only Satsanga that will come to the rescue of a disciple during such a phase.

The hallmark of any Spiritual Master, if you observe carefully, is love and compassion. These are the traits of Sattva Guna. Till such time a Sadhaka attains this trait of Sattva Guna, i.e., love and compassion, the sadhaka has not perfected his / her sadhana and he / she needs to be in the company of spiritual aspirants – Satsangis.

For the above two reasons Satsanga is a must for every spiritual aspirant. The word ‘Sat’ in Satsanga refers to the Sattva Guna of Spiritual Masters that I referred to above.

In the Siddha Tradition (Himalayan Tradition is also a Siddha Tradition) the Guru does nothing and the disciple also does not do anything. Both Guru and disciple simply sit together and do nothing. But the fundamental criteria for a person to be accepted as disciple is unconditional surrender to the Guru. Then, in that doing nothing, everything happens through the Guru.

Satsung with Jyothi Ma

Satsanga is one such occasion where the Guru and the disciple sit together, doing nothing, but allowing everything to happen for the spiritual upliftment of the disciple.

Therefore, it is my earnest request that please do not ignore the Satsanga. You somehow or the other find time, one hour, for this activity and it is my promise that you are going to experience progress in your spiritual sadhana.”

With this affirmation the Satsanga concluded with a happy note.

N. Narayanan, Delhi
Vande Guru Paramparam

Vande Guruparamparam

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