Pappu goes to Bangalore...

Pappu goes to Bangalore
Pappu goes to Bangalore
Pappu goes to Bangalore
Pappu Family is participating this December Camp
Join them....

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Vande Guru Paramparam....

Swami Rama

Venue: Sadhana Dhama (Ashram):
Kanva Reservior Road, 4th K.M., Sriramapuri, Kanva Post, Kannamangala Village, Channapatna Taluk, Ramnagar District (Bangalore Rural), Karnataka - 562108, INDIA
Contact : Mr.Narasimhamurthy +91-9901710565 , Contact: Mr. Prashant: Ph: 080-7265217, +91 - 9008940081

To Register for the Summer Camp:
Contact: Mr. Shriram.  Ph: +91-9663570913 

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Shri Rama Dootham - Story Series - Part 10

Shri Rama Dootham
Click here to read previous episodes - 12345678, 9

"Son, the time is approaching for me to leave this place", Messenger's alarming voice hit me hard. 

"Sir, please do not go in the middle. I wish to hear from you How Lord Hanuman crossed the ocean and met Sita Devi and how he came back victorious. Please atleast be here till you finish telling them to me", I pleaded. 

"OK!, that's possible. I will certainly share my thoughts with you on this. But please do not request me further to stay here. I can't stay longer here in this form", Messenger spoke in very kind way looking straight into my eyes. 

Not able to understand what the messenger meant, I decided just to nod my head as I am already overwhelmed for having Him staying with me since Morning. I know, I can't keep Him here for long. 

"Sir, I remember Hanuman met few difficulties even while crossing the ocean, could you please elaborate for me"?,  I posed this question so that the Messenger can continue from where he left earlier. 

"Son!, First obstacle came in the way of Hill “Mynakam”, when it requested Hanuman to stay there for some time so that it can serve Him".

"So surprising, during Ramayana period, even Hill used to talk"! , I chuckled… 

"Son, whether Hill is talking or not, is not important for you to research. What is more important is to understand what message you get out of it. Shall I go ahead or you want more research on this?", the Messenger asked sternly. 

"Sorry sir, please continue...."

Myanakam Hill said to Hanuman, “Even if an ordinary human being visits our place, we attend to him & serve 'Annadhana' (food) as our traditional culture follows & practices ‘athithi devo bhava’. Great Scholar's have said that if you give Annadhana (food) to any athiti (guest), it’s special. If that is the case, if I do Annadhana to a person who is more than special, who is a mahapurush, who is avatharapurush, more than anything who himself is a Rama Dhootan, Ramadasan, how much I would be blessed. So please accept my offerings”. 

I interrupted the Messenger and asked, "So nice, how much love this hill is having on Lord Hanuman. Did hanumanji accepted it" ? 

"Did you think Hanuman is like you, who is thinking of Poori dishwhile doing your Meditation? Anjaneya is on an important task and if he sits here for a while & relax, then in which Janma (life) would he complete His task"?, 

Messenger's return question did not find any answers from me. Instead I asked another question to save my name. 

"Sir, but it’s only for few hours, right? So what harm?"

"Son!, You should always be concentrating on the task given to you. Imagine Hanuman’s plight. There in the sea shore, His ram is crying calling “Sita, Sita, Sita, Sita” (He enacts for me) and here in Lanka, Sita devi must be sobering stating “Prabhu, Raghava, Ramachandra, Rama, Kripalu , Dhyanidhe, Karunanidhe, where are you”… (again He enacts for me with full of emotion), If that’s the case, how in the middle can He sit and have food or feast leisurely, tell me?" ......

I liked this as I could see the Messenger is fully into it. He is not merely sharing the story. No, certainly not. He experiences it as he shares it with me, He is there, He is in the right middle where the Ramayana is happening. This is what I could feel as he is fully merged while narrating the episodes for me...

I got back from my thoughts with another question to Him, "Sir, but Mynakam, the Hill is requesting with utmost Bhakti (devotion), how can one ignore such pure love ?.."

"Good question my boy! that’s why Hanuman convinced the Hill stating that He will take some rest & food after completing his task of searching Sita Devi. By this, Hanuman ensured that he doesn't hurt the Hill's pure devotion and at the same time ensured He is not deviating from his entrusted task"... 

"Wow, great character… " I exclaimed in awe. 

"Is it? Thanks". 

Why you say thanks sir ?

"You want Lord Hanuman himself to come & thank you or what ?

"No, No.. sorry for deviating, please continue…"

"While Hanuman continued his journey from the Hill, the Deva’s seeing Hanuman’s valiant strength & One-Pointedness, wanted to further test Him and they requested ‘Surasa’, the Nagamatha to block Hanuman’s way".

"What is this? Why do they have to do this in such a tight situation" ?, My instant response stopped Messenger's flow. 

Messenger just gave a stare, which was enough for me to stop my mouth opening further. 

Messenger continued, "So she took a giant form standing on the way of Hanuman with wide open mouth and said, as per the boon given to her, whoever pass through that path has to enter her mouth". 

Hanuman politely said, ‘Mother, I have an important task, let me do that while on return, please do not block my way”.

But she was hesitant and didn’t give any way. Hanuman thought quickly and decided His next step. Step by step he made his body grow bigger and bigger. The Rakshasa (demon) form (which had been assumed by Surasa, the Naga maiden) opened its mouth correspondingly wider and wider. When the mouth was thus enormously wide, all of a sudden Hanuman contracted his body into a speck and, darting through the demon's mouth and body, came out again and resumed his former normal shape.

He then laughed and said: "You have had your wish, mother. I have entered your mouth. What more do you need?"

Pleased by Hanuman’s Budhi (intelligence) & determination, the Naga goddess showed her original form and blessed Him on his Mission and left the way . 

This was not the last of his trials. As he was flying in the sky, for no reason which he could discover, he found his speed obstructed and he suffered like a ship against a contrary wind. Some mighty force, he felt, was holding him and dragging him down.He looked up and down and on all four sides. Then he discovered the cause. It was a huge she-demon in the sea holding him by his shadow below, arresting his speed, and dragging him down.

The demon, holding him by his shadow, said: "Come, come! Long have I been waiting for you. No longer can I bear my hunger," and she opened her mouth like a cave.

At once Hanuman entered her mouth and ripped a way out through her entrails and emerged. The demon died and sank down in the water. Like the full moon emerging from an eclipse, Hanuman shone in the sky and resumed his journey.

Thus surviving many trials with the help of his subtle wit, courage and strength, he flew across the ocean and approached the coast of Lanka covered with plantain and coconut trees.

"So son, what you learnt from this episode, tell me" ?, Messenger asked.

"Sir!, In Mynaka hill episode, Hanuman showed His character, conquered through love and won. In Naga Mata episode, he showed his 'buddhi' (Intelligence) & Determination and won. In the last demon incident you mentioned, He shows his real strength and won, Am I right sir!? ...

"Beautiful! What I wanted to add here is, in same way, in life you would come across so many hurdles & obstacles, especially when you are in the path of Spirituality. But you should never give too much importance to those hurdles. Some hurdles, you would need to win by using your 'buddhi' (Intelligence), some you need to win by your strength, and some by your character & love. That is what Hanuman teaches all of us", Messenger spoke with gentle smile.  

"Sir, please bless me so that I can have all this virtues in me....", I asked with folded hands.

"Hahaha...., you have your Guru's blessing already, what else you need?",  Messenger replied with laughter which echoed whole 'Dhyana Mandir' at Sadhana Dhama. Then he lovingly kept his Hand on my head and said:

"Son!, do your Sadhana & serve the Master. While serving, feel as if you are that squirrel who helped Lord Rama in building the bridge to cross the ocean, Join hands with your Guru who is toiling hard in spreading the message of our Guru Tradition, the rest they will take care of you..., Now can you read the next lines from Hanuman Chalisa for me" ?.. the Messenger asked softly. 

I opened my book and read:

Sukshma roop dhari siyahi dikhava | Bikat roop dhari lank jerava ||

You appeared before Sita in a diminutive form and spoke to her, while you assumed an awesome form and struck terror by setting Lanka on fire.

Bhim roop dhari asur sanhare | Ramchandra ke kaaj savare ||

He, with his terrible form, killed demons in Lanka and performed all acts of Shri Ram.

Laye sajivan lakhan jiyaye | Shri raghubir harish ur laye ||

When Hanumanji made Lakshman alive after bringing 'Sanjivni herb' Shri Ram took him in his deep embrace, his heart full of joy.

Raghupati kinhi bahut badai | Tum mam priya bharat sam bhai ||

Shri Ram lustily extolled Hanumanji's excellence and remarked, "you are as dear to me as my own brother Bharat"

"You are as dear to me as my own brother Bharat".... , the Messenger repeated the last line once again closing his eyes with few tears tinkling down. 

I decided to keep quite for some time....

(to be contd...)


(Please note that the views expressed in this fictional story series are the views of the author's own imagination taking reference from various sources which includes but not limited to Valmiki Ramayana, Kamba Ramayana, Hanuman chalisa along with Swami Rama & Guruji Pattabhiram's teachings. If you find any text inappropriate, the author seeks humble apologies.) 

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This Winter - Twin Camps for Adults & Kids at Sadhana Dhama

Winter Camp 2013

Venue: Sadhana Dhama (Ashram):
Kanva Reservior Road, 4th K.M., Sriramapuri, Kanva Post, Kannamangala Village, Channapatna Taluk, Ramnagar District (Bangalore Rural), Karnataka - 562108, INDIA
Contact : Mr.Narasimhamurthy +91-9901710565 , Contact: Mr. Prashant: Ph: 080-7265217, +91 - 9008940081

To Register for the Summer Camp:
Contact: Mr. Shriram.  Ph: +91-9663570913 

Visit  us on Facebook:

For regular updates:

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