Tattwa Shuddhi - Day 1

Tattwa Shuddhi

Jyothi Madam very eloquently and fluently introduced Tattwa Shuddhi to the participants. The concern and the sincerity that was on display throughout the lecture worth mention and merit.

Tattwa Shuddhi helps a Sadhaka to experience meditation in a natural way. But for this natural way to set in oneself, one has to work on oneself, by using the techniques that Tattwa Shuddhi gives.

Tattwa Shuddhi indirectly makes the mind to give up its resistance and stubbornness in engaging in spiritual practices. It achieves this not by directly attacking the mind but indirectly influencing it.

The essential nature of mind is to enjoy and it finds the world outside us as the fertile ground for seeking its pleasures and joys. Mind achieves this by deploying the Pancha Tanmaatraas (5 subtler energies of 5 gross sense organs in the body such as ‘smell’ is to ‘nose’).

It is precisely here Tattwa Shuddhi works. Tattwa Shuddhi also works upon these Pancha Tanmaatras because they are trustworthy agents of mind and, therefore, mind will not doubt them when they are deployed, though in this case, to tame it J

Meditation does not happen in us because the harmonious balance of emotion and intelligence within us is disturbed when we sit quietly, keeping our body still. If one practices Tattwa Shuddhi regularly, such a person is bound to experience meditation naturally and habitually !!

Jyothi Madam was explaining to the audience that Tattwa Shuddhi, in other words, is nothing but sharpening our perception, to such an extent, that the seer and the seen merges and become one, the doer and the act of doing merges and become one. Uninterrupted, undisturbed, Advaita Bhava.

Jyothi Ma on Tattwa Shuddhi
Tattwa Shuddhi employs Yantra, Mantra and Mandala as its technique to achieve the results. The beauty of practicing Tattwa Shuddhi is that it bestows the practitioner with direct experience. In spiritual sadhana direct experience alone counts as valid knowledge because it is the only trustworthy and dependable wisdom that one can rely on for it is directly experienced by one without any distortions.

Jyothi Madam gave the participants the taste of what Tattwa Shuddhi can do by making the participants to practice Yantra and Mantra technique. Many could experience the real power of Tattwa Shuddhi after applying the Yantra and Mantra technique on themselves. For this technique has to be employed and experienced, I am not elaborating what it is. If I do, then it will become a mere piece of information which is already available on the net.

Tattwa Shuddhi, undoubtedly, a not to be missed Tantra Sadhana by a spiritual aspirant for it is the short cut, rather shortest cut, to meditation.

We have two more days to go and Madam opined that 3 days is inadequate to dwell upon this Tantra technique but she will try her best to complete whatever is possible within the short span of 3 days.

Until tomorrow, Happy Sadhana.

N. Narayanan
SST, Delhi Chapter

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