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Shri Rama Dootham - Story Series - Part 13 (final episode)

Shri Rama Dootham

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“Son, do you have anything to ask before I leave”?, the Messenger asked in pleasing tone. 

I just saw the clock, it was well past 2:00 in the afternoon. I wanted to offer him food, but I was hesitant to ask about it as by now I know he is not bound by hunger or thirst. 

I replied, “Sir, I have two questions”...

"Good, I am happy that it’s only two and not more than that… Ask"! said the Messenger. 

"Sir, Even after many years of association with my Guruji, I still don’t think I have progressed in my Sadhana. I still feel I haven’t crossed the first hurdle. I feel I am still in the same place. What is that I am missing in my Sadhana" ?

"Are you finding fault in your Guru, bete" ?, asked the Messenger looking straight into my eyes. 

"Sir!, certainly not. It’s my fortune that I have got my Guru in this life time. I cannot see any other kind human being in this world that Him. I only feel, I don’t deserve his kindness & blessings he is showering on me as I am still not able to do the one & only thing he is asking me to do., i.e. Sadhana". 

"Bete, I am happy that you have understood your Guru. But let me tell you, whatever your have understood about your Guru is only your prespective, as in real terms nobody can judge or understand Guru. As far as your question is concerned, let me quote Swami Rama’s ‘Three stages of Practice:’

1. Initial stage: At this stage, the student thinks that he is practicing, but actually he is preparing himself for the practice. His so-called practice consists of collecting the necessary means and resources to begin and to stay on the path.

2. Intermediate stage: At this stage, a student is fully equipped with all the resources he needs to practice. His time and energy are not involved in collecting means and learning methods, rather he spends his time in practice.

3. Last stage—achievement: At this stage, a student experiences the Truth. He may have only a momentary glimpse of the Truth, but at least it is a direct experience, which helps him understand the greatness of the Truth. Now, sadhana consists of trying to maintain that state. As his practice matures, he becomes an adept; then he need not try, for the experience of non-dual Reality is maintained effortlessly and spontaneously. 

Bete, use your faculties to understand, which stage you are in. Sadhana is not easy. It may takes years and sometimes many life’s to even cross one stage to another. So don’t lose hope that you are not progressing with very limited effort from your end. Whatever effort you are putting is nothing compared to the hard work & dedication the great sages have put in their life time to know the Absolute Truth. 

"Sir!, you mean to say I cannot get to know the Truth in this life time"?

"Bete!, have you forgotten what Swami Rama used to say. He says, all individuals have the responsibility to enlighten themselves. Do not think you cannot do it. You have that spark. You are fully equipped. You simply need to discipline yourself. Discipline is not a prison. It simply means practice.” So practice practice & practice, you would definitely achieve it. With Guru’s grace, you can get it in this life time too, provided you have done your practice enough and performed your duties unaffected & more importantly passed all the test to receive that uninterrupted lineage of Guru’s Grace". 

Having said that, Messenger again closed his eyes for few minutes. 

I wish I could record whatever I learnt today since morning & share it with others, but I was not sure if I would be able to recapture all again. Truly this day is the second most remarkable day in my life, the first being the day I met my Guru. 

“Ok, what’s your second question” ? Messenger asked in a hurried tone. 

I realized, it’s only matter of few minutes for Him to be present here. So I decided not to waste his time. 

With must hesitant feeling, I slowly asked my second question .

“Sir, can I know who you are “?

‘What’? , the messenger eye brow rasied. 

‘Sir, I met you here in the morning. I have never seen you before in the Sadhana Dhama nor I have seen you with Guruji before? So please let me know your name"?

“I told you I am one of the Messenger”…

“Sir, please don’t avoid this question. You have been so kind answering all my stupid questions. Please do answer this last question also?

“Ok, whom you think I am, let me see your wild guesses”

“Sir, please don’t’ ask me. I am terribly confused. I have many guesses and I am very ashamed to even share it as I don’t think I deserve to have their presence before me… "

"Hahaha… ", the Messenger laughed wholeheartedly and said, 

“Ok, I will tell you, before that let us complete the Hanuman Chalisa that you have been reading. I remember we were discussing about how Hanuman met Sita in Lanka & returned'. 

"Yes Sir"...

"Right, then on his return, Anjaneya gave Chudamani to Rama & explained everything about Lanka & Sita to him. Rama took the Chudamani very fondly. He was much pleased with Anjaneya and said the whole Ayodhya would not have been enough to perform this deed compared to the accomplishments of Hanuman. 

Then Rama called Anjaneya closer and embraced him wholeheartedly. Then Rama with the help of the army of Sugreeva built a bridge across the sea killed all the demons in the war with Ravana. 

Ravana along with his brother Kumbhakarna and son Indrajit were killed by Rama and Lakshmana. They all returned back bringing Sita with them. Thus Ram Rajya was again accomplished. 

Am I too fast bete!? Messenger asked. 

"Certainly yes!, I said to myself but I didn't dare to say it to him upfront. 

"Ok!, now complete the hanuman Chalisa that you were reading…", the messenger this time was rather ordering me. 

I quickly opened the book and started reciting Hanuman Chalisa, from where I left earlier. 

Tumhre bhajan Ram ko pave | Janam janam ke dukh bisrave || 
Oh Hanumanji! through devotion to you, one comes to RAM and becomes free from suffering of several lives. 

Anta kaal raghubar pur jaae | Jahan janam hari bhakt kahai || 
After death he enters the eternal abode of Sri Ram and remains a devotee of him, whenever, taking new birth on earth. 

Aur devta chith ne dharai | Hanumat sei sarva sukh karai || 
You need not hold any other demigod in mind. Hanumanji alone will give all happiness. 

Sankat kate mite sab pira | Jo sumire hanumat bal bira || 
Oh Powerful Hanumanji! You end the sufferings and remove all the pain from those who remember you. 

Jai jai jai hanuman gosai | Kripa karahu gurudev ki nai || 
Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji! I beseech you Honour to bless me in the capacity of my supreme 'GURU' (teacher). 

Jo sat bar pat kar koi | Chhutehi bandi maha sukh hoi || 
One who recites this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times daily for one hundred days becomes free from the bondage of life and death and ejoys the highest bliss at last. 

Jo yeh padhe hanuman chalisa | Hoi sidhi saakhi gaurisa || 
As Lord Shankar witnesses, all those who recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly are sure to be benefited 

Tulsidas sada hari chera | Kije nath hriday maha dera || 
Tulsidas always the servant of Lord prays. "Oh my Lord! You enshrine within my heart.! 


Pavan tanay sankat haran managal murti roop || Ram Lakhan Sita sahith hriday basahu sur bhoop || 
O Shri Hanuman, The Son of Pavan, Saviour The Embodiment of blessings, reside in my heart together with Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita 

"Wonderful, Wonderful.... Bolo Jai Siya Ram...., Bolo Ram Chandra Ki Jai...." exclaimed the Messenger. 

Now I was in a great excitement to know who the Messenger was .. So I hurriedly closed the book and did full Pranams, holding his feet I asked; 

“Sir, Please tell me who you are and bless me to cross the Maya & Ignorance in this life time? “

“Bete, Maya and ignorance are like an ocean. It is eternal. There is no use in praying for it to get dried up. Instead, try to cross it with the help of your Guru. Once crossed the ocean where is the necessity to think back? Proceed in the path of enlightenment. Remember, without God’s compassion, you will not meet a saint. Since you are already met your guru, it only means you are all blessed. Serve your Guru sincerely & offer your humble prayers to Rama and Sitadevi, path breakers of the world. This is my blessing to you".

With that blessing, there was only silence all around for few seconds. I gently opened my eyes and saw few flowers in the place where the Messenger was standing. He is nowhere to be seen. I realized, He has gone. 

Tears started coming as my search to find him again in the Dhyana Mandira didn't pay any results. I know he has gone. Was it a dream or my own imagination? Was he really there ? Certainly it cannot be dream as I almost spent more than 8 hours inside Dhyana Mandira with Him today. 

Who is he? A messenger, a Saint or any incarnation ?

My inner voice told me, "Whoever it may be, it is more important on what he shared with me than trying to be curious to know about Him". 

I really do not know if this day is going to the change real ME in me. But certainly it showed me more reasons to feel blessed to have my Guru in this life time as without His Grace, nothing could have been possible nor would be. 

I decided to go back to my room and rest for a while as I too didn't feel any interest to have my lunch. So decided to offer my pranams to the gigantic Hanuman ji statute in front of me before retiring to my room. 

As I did my pranams to Anjaneya, I heard again a voice, echoing the entire Dhyana Mandira, in a very soothing way… 

Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram, Patita Pavana Sita Ram ...

It’s Him again.. .the messenger.. but not visible to my eyes any more… But I am sure, he would give his Dharsan to all true seekers who visit the Sadhana Dhama Ashram.

May be we can find Him during this Summer Camp on May 18th if we sincerely pray & do our Sadhana…. 

If any of you did, please share it with us....

Jai Siya Ram…

(Shri Rama Dootham Story series ends here... Sadhana continues...)


Today being Rama Navami, celebrating the birth of Lord Rama to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya, humbly sharing a small video created as an amateur attempt below. Please view in full screen mode with Audio...

(Please note that the views expressed in this fictional story series are the views of the author's own imagination taking reference from various sources which includes but not limited to Valmiki Ramayana, Kamba Ramayana, Hanuman chalisa along with Swami Rama & Guruji Pattabhiram's teachings. If you find any text inappropriate, the author seeks humble apologies.Pic couresy: Internet)

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