To the Guru


Om… Om… Om…
Gurur Brahmaa
Gurur Vishnuh
Gurur devo Maheshwarah
Guruh saakshaat param Brahmaa
Tasmai shree guruve namah,
Dhyaana mulam guror murtih
Pujaa mulam guroh padam
Mantra mulam guror vaakyam
Moksha mulam guroh kripaa

Om… Om… Om…
Guru is Brahmaa (Creator).
Guru is Vishnu (Protector).
Guru is the Lord Shiva (Destroyer of Evil).
Guru is indeed the Supreme One.
Salutations to that Guru.
For mediation the Guru’s image (is worthy).
For worship, the Guru’s feet.
For a mantra, the Guru’s speech.
For liberation, the Guru’s Grace

Purpose of life is to attain knowledge which dispels the darkness of ignorance. The word Guru is a pious and holy word which means the source of knowledge. There is only one life force so there is only one Guru. Deep within the centre of our being resides the Guru. Let us all direct and guide our energy to the center from where consciousness flows in various degrees and grades.

Internal research is very important than any other attainment in life. The world is full of charms, temptations and attractions. One should not be lost by the temptations. The external world furnishes the means, but the seed of reality resides within. With the help of spiritual guidance one allows that seed to grow and attain perfection in this lifetime. 

Blessed are those who are guiding disciples and blessed are those who are being guided. May you be happy, healthy and wise, My blessings are always with you.

I pray for you in every breath of my life.

Peace. Peace. Peace
Swami Rama

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Guru Smarana Day celebrations at Ashram

Guruji's talk on Guru Smarana Day at Ashram on November 13, 2011:


Today is Guru Smarana Day. I will share with you an interesting episode as to how this came to be celebrated every year.

The year was 1997, one year after Baba cast off his body. I was in New Delhi conducting a public programme on ‘Antar Darshana’. One day, when I returned from the programme, I got a call from Jyothi enquiring “Baba’s Maha Samadhi day is approaching fast. How can we go about organizing a programme in remembrance of Baba? My feeling is that since Baba is a great soul who gave and shared love and material things in abundance, we should mark this day in a grand way.” I was tired and was not in a mood to think about this event and therefore told Jyothi that “please call me tomorrow and we will discuss”.

The next day, when I sat for my morning meditation as usual, Baba appeared in my meditation. With a mischievous smile he said to me, Bete, a Guru never dies, for he is the eternal light guiding numerous souls in the path. When that being the fact, Bete, isn’t it awkward that you plan to celebrate my Shradhanjali? Shradhanjali is organised for those who die. Bete, do you mean to say that I am dead just because I cast off my body?

It was a shock for me. I realized that unintentionally I have limited Baba to mere bodily existence. I then slowly responded to Baba and asked him to show me a way to remember the day he cast off his body. Baba then suggested that Bete, call it Guru Smarana Day and not Shradhajali. You remember me on the day I cast off my body. Do it in a simple way and I will participate and bless the sadhakas who tread the spiritual path and then he suggested the following for Guru Smarana Day: 

1. Rudrabhishekam
2. Kumkuma archana reciting Lalithashasranama
3. 108 Gayathri Jap
4. Bhajan
5. Havan

From that day onwards, Friends, every year we at Sadhana Sangama observe Guru Smarana Day and Baba comes without fail and blesses us all for a brilliant journey filled with courage and harmony on the path of spirituality. We are extremely fortunate to be a part of this great Tradition and a disciple of such a great Yogi, Swami Rama.

I am extremely happy that this year Guru Smarana programme is being organized again exactly in the same fashion as Baba has desired.

On this Special occasion, I would like to share with you an important message Baba has told me. It is going to help you all in your journey.

Baba told me that our life is like a procession, continuously happening non-stop, whether we want to be a part of it or not. Nothing can remain constant for ever – be it happiness, peace, sorrow, insults, praises, – anything, they stay only for a while. Therefore, prayer is a powerful tool that is going to help us to weather this procession called ‘life’. Unfortunately, the meaning of prayer is corrupted and what we call ‘prayer’ today is not prayer in its real term. All that we know and understand by prayer is to seek something or the other in material form from the divinity.

Bete, our prayer to a Guru and the divinity should be to seek the strength and courage that is required to witness the procession called ‘life’ and not to participate in it. Yes bête, to ‘witness’ life is courage. Witnessing does not mean inaction here. Muster the courage and strength not to get affected by or involved in life’s emotion but to march ahead by discharging our duties, by attending to our responsibilities. That should be our prayer to Guru and the divinity.

When such prayer is made, Guru reveals himself to the disciple that he is present and very close to him / her and there is no need to panic and lose trust. When such direct experience occurs to a disciple, that moment will be the joyous moment that cannot be explained. Through prayers of this nature, Bete, the communication between a Guru and a disciple gets established and a disciple is prepared for direct experiences.

When a guru takes the students hand he purifies his entire personality in all ways and prepares him as a flower that would be offered to the Divine.  Therefore, Friends, I request you all, on this day, to think about Baba’s message about prayer and stop looking outside and fixing responsibility on the people around, on our environment for our misfortunes and miseries and start gathering the courage through prayers and become a brilliant sadhaka, in communion with Baba.

Friends, remember that we are all blessed by such a great Parampara and Baba and, therefore, let us all travel together by fostering harmony, joy, peace and create vibrant family of sadhakas. On this day, let us all pledge to work on ourselves and rise above our own weaknesses and reach divinity that is within us.

Guruji performing Rudrabhishekam

Guruji performing Havan
Sadhakas reciting Lalithashasrana with Kumkuma archana
Guruji performing Rudrabhishekam
Guruji performing Rudrabhishekam

Guru Smarana
Sadhakas reciting Bhajans

Havan being performed on Guru Smarana Day

Guruji actively participating in Guru Smarana decorations

Guruji actively participating in Guru Smarana decorations

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Path of Light - Guru Smarana Divas Meditation

Meditation is a great way of being healthy in all the spheres of life. It also helps in being with constant touch of the Guru Tattva inside us, which is the real guiding force. One such great technique has been given by Guruji Pattabhiram for all the    sadhakas on the occasion of GURU SMARANA DIVAS (Swami Rama's Mahasamadhi day - 13th Nov.).

Kindly learn this technique which is in two parts & intensify the process of meditation.  Please click the link below to access the videos



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Gurudev Reveals

"This is the message to tread the “Path of Light” that is “you”!! Guru never dies; it is just that he leaves his physical body after completing his definite mission for which he acquired it.  And Guru is “eternal spiritual light and fragrance”.  On his Mahasamadhi day, let us come together to feel the presence of Gurudev, as the eternal light, eternal compassion and guide, taking us to the eternal Bliss."

I remember and Recall

November 13, 1996 - Gurudev Swami Rama left his body, while we all were performing a Havan in the Ashram, and I had no clues! Late night, after the Havan, I returned home in Bengaluru, along with Sadhanashree, our 6 years old daughter. A paper slip was stuck, to the locked doors! It said, Gurudev has his Mahasamadhi at Rishikesh Ashram! Those were the days of `no mobiles' and we had no land telephone too at Ashram!! Hence, the driver was sent back with the message to the Ashram!!

That was the "dark night of the soul" experience. I had taken for granted that since Gurudev is a Mahan Yogi, he would continue to be in his body, even after we leave this world! I felt, as if I was left all alone, in this dark world of pathless path of spirituality. My guiding light, had suddenly disappeared from my sight; all my enthusiasm, inner confidence, joy of sadhana, as if, were snapped off me! Entire dark night was spent in tears, despair, which I had no words to express; no strength to act any more.

Nevertheless, duties and responsibilities never wait for one’s moods. The little kid,  certainly needed breakfast. I dragged my heart and soul to the kitchen. My vacant mind at the vessel on the top of the Gas-stove, got stirred up by voice `Bete’, why are you crying over my dead body. Do you think, I have gone away from you? Do you want to meet me? You can meet me anytime, in your meditation. Gurudev pulled me to the Meditation room and instructed me to sit and close my eyes! Within seconds, I was in deep state of Meditation.

Gurudev continued instructing me in his deep, clear voice `Bete; can you see something in front of you?, I said, Yes, my own self sitting in front of me! But there is a difference. The other one is filled with only light, numerous smallest particles, bubbling with energy-and That was me!! I did recognize me!! Dumb-founded I was, simply looked at my Gurudev, in marvel! Gurudev replies, `Yes, This is your body of Light; out of love and compassion, I have revealed this Truth to you. Now I fix you target of life. From now on, your purpose of life is to realize this body of light, by way of your Sadhana’. Baba Gurudev continued, “ Are you convinced now, that I am always with you. It hurts me to see you crying; wipe your tears, my blessings to you. Touching my head, he disappeared from the room!

A great enliven experience to me! Of course, to all the Sadhakas, to tread the “Path of Light” that is “you”!! Guru never dies; it is just that he leaves his physical body after completing his definite mission for which he acquired it. And Guru is “eternal spiritual light and fragrance”.

On his Mahasamadhi day, let us come together to feel the presence of Gurudev, as the eternal light, eternal compassion and guide, taking us to the eternal Bliss.

May Baba bless you all.

In the service of Guru Parampara
Jyothi & Pattabhirmam

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Glory of the Grace

An Experience by Shri. Vijayasarathi (Year 2006)

“It is a spacious hall with a small stage towards one end. I am sitting in the first row and a good number of people have gathered to listen. Slowly Swami Rama enters the hall and sits on the platform. Baba starts talking something that is absolutely strange to me. I could not even guess in which language he is talking. I wait for sometime but it goes on and I grow impatient. I look around and find everyone puzzled. Slowly one by one people start leaving the hall and soon I am left alone with Baba. He slowly stops talking and gets up, lifts me up, we start walking out and he stays ‘Beta, no one wants to listen to truth’.”

At that point I wake up and realize that it is a dream and I am very much lying on my bed in my house in London, Canada. I was instructed not to interpret the dream but to take it as a blessing from Baba. It has been seven months since I came to Canada to pursue my graduate studies.

A Home Coming journey:

Though I got this opportunity to pursue higher education by the grace of parampara, after I came to Canada, I become irregular with my Sadhana, studied my subjects, enjoyed with friends and got lost in weekend get-togethers. I never realized that I am moving away from my centre and it looked as if my perfect centre was in the external activities. Little I knew about the purpose for which I have been sent; only my personal ambitions remained as I become insensitive to the signals given to me. One day during one of those weekend gatherings, I became restless and something was trying to overpower me by insisting that it is enough. I came back home.

Whole of next day went in reflection. Some of my discussions with Guruji Pattabhiram when I was in Bangalore before coming here came like a flash. Guruji said, “Vijay! Remember you have a purposeful mission to accomplish and parampara knows when to do what, just do your Sadhana”. I started looking around me and pondered how I have been placed here. The house I stay was given to me in a completely furnished manner and was ready even before I came. Otherwise it takes at least one year for a new student to get into this residential community and it would be an unfurnished home. The family who lived before in this house had associated with Veda Mata Gayatri Trust and I still receive Akhand Jyoti magazine to my house. Even my roommate was chosen before I came her eand I had no clue about him! He happens to be a sincere student with strong samskaras and reverence for Gayatri mantra. Though he did not have an experience of its true nature, he had a burning desire to understand it. These amazing facts took me to the realization that I have been away from my centre and it is time NOW for me to get back! These arrangements are not meant for me but for something else that is going to happen!


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