Inauguration of Sadhana Arogya Vardhini - A Report

In continuation of our earlier mail on Arogya Vardhini Project, we enclose a report below on the Inauguration of Arogya Vardhini on 1st July 2012, Sunday at the Bangalore Center of Sadhana Sangama Trust.

Our Gurudev Swami Rama is always unassuming and reveals everything in a very surprising but apt way. The very imminent example is the inauguration of Arogya Vardhini, a Holistic Ayurveda Centre. The inauguration started with Dhanvantri (who is the avatara of Lord Vishnu as a healer of the universe) Puja. With his grace and blessings, the healing is going on not only at the physical level but at all levels. After seeking his blessings, the formal inauguration went on very well.

Shri Sridhar Sagar, Director of Hindu Seva Prathisthana inaugurated the function in the graceful presence of Jyothi Maa and Guruji. Prof. H.S. Lakshmi Narayana Bhatta and Shri Shankar Narayana Shastri blessed the occasion. Dr.Vani, briefed about the various treatment that would be part of Argoya Vardhini. Dr.S.Krishnamurthi thanked the Audience.

On this occasion, Guruji spoke about the two Mission entrusted to him by Gurudev, Swami Rama:

1. Baba mentioned to Guruji that every child is a moving temple and, therefore, build the moving temples. Inspired by this, Guruji started Sadhana Vidyalaya – School for Rural Children. With the blessings of the Himalayan Parampara the school is growing and is attracting more students each year from the neighbouring rural areas.

2. The second Mission Baba gave Guruji was the concept of Ayurveda as a complete Health Care System in the form of a ‘Health Promotion Research and Training Institute’. Baba told Guruji that it is not the mere physical health that is more important. Therefore, we have to inspire every person who comes to our Centre with the message that –

• Why do I need good health?

• Do I need good health only to continue to perpetuate my pleasure seeking pursuit? Or,

• Is it required to prepare myself to understand the complete message of life?

Every Therapist, while healing the patient, has to convey the message that health is not merely for pleasure but an essential dimension for oneself to go into the unfathomable depths of one’s own personality. Sadhana Arogya Vardhini will function with this objective in mind.

Eventually, Arogya Vardhini will be located in two places – one in Bangalore and the other one in the Ashram. After the preliminary consultation and treatment at the Bangalore centre of Arogya Vardhini, patients will be sent to our Ashram, Sadhana Dhama, for the longer residential treatments like pancha karma, etc., as the case may be. However, this phase (at Sadhana Dhama) will begin after Guruji’s return from abroad (end October, 2012) sometime in mid-November, 2012

As mentioned in the beginning of this message, Baba gave a surprise on the inauguration of Arogya Vardhini. To show that this Mission has his blessings and he is still very much present and active, Baba gave us a house with an approximate area of 2800 sq. ft. in the heart of Bangalore and close to our Bangalore Centre as a proof. This has happened by the way of one of our senior most sadhaka couple and a long time associate, Mrs. Prabha Suryanarayanan & Mr. Suryanarayanan donating their house to the Trust for Arogya Vardhini Project.

As you are aware that health is an inevitable aspect in everybody’s life, and also since Baba has entrusted us the Mission of Arogya Vardhini, on this auspicious occasion, let us join together and carry forward this beginning and in the process receive the blessings from the Parampara in abundance. Your kind gesture and support will have a definite impact in the growth of Arogya Vardhini in the times to come.

You can start referring people whom you know to Arogya Vardhini. For details, kindly contact +91-80-23 222 611. May Baba bless us with the opportunity to take part in his Mission – Sadhana Arogya Vardhini.

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