Let's learn from our 'Baba' - Teach your children to Meditate (Story 2)


Teach your children to meditate

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Son: Mom, you really know how to relate with children with the age of mine and how to address them. Sorry If I had hurt you. 

Mom: No problem my dear. I too have a lot to learn as a Mother. Hence I am attending Sadhana Sangama’s summer camp to be held from 19th of May, to know more about “Love & Family Life” and my duty as a Mother.

Son: Sadhana Sangama? What is it?

Mom:  Beta, Sadhana sangama is a trust since 1986 working tirelessly towards health happiness and harmony through holistic living, guided by the teaching of our Baba, Swami Rama.

Son:  I think they also run a school by name “Sadhana Vidyalaya” where children’s like me are studying from rural village, isn’t it Mummy?

Mother: Yes beta, the school has nearly 550 children like you. Baba used to say, “Stop building temples but mould the child the moving temples” that is exactly what Sadhana Vidyalaya is doing.

Son:  Will I get to see the schools when we visit the Ashram for this Summer Camp?

Mom: Yes Beta, you can go around and see the school buildings and the constructions that are coming up.

(Son’s Father Arrives)

Husband: What’s up? What interesting conversation is going on between Mom & son, Ah!

Wife: We were just talking about this May’s Summer Camp at the Sadhana Dhama Ashram...

Husband: Oh Ya! Summer Camp on “Love & Family Life” right? I am also eagerly looking forward to it.  Eh !, I have an idea. Do you remember I was telling about my office colleague who used to always worry about her son’s erratic behavior and indiscipline attitude?

Wife: Yes, Yes How can I forget, she is your best friend na!

Husband: (Chuckles), well, I am happy that you understand that she is just my friend & nothing beyond it…

Wife:  I know my husband very well, so what’s now with her?

Husband: No, I was thinking if we can invite them as well for this Summer Camp along with the family so that they can also get benefited. What do you say?

Wife: Good Idea, certainly, I think before they start teaching their son, they should first learn & change themselves, and then automatically, the children will follow the parents.

Husband: Hmm, I agree, even we had the same issue earlier with our son, isn’t it?

Wife:  Yes dear, we used to be very much worried, only our Baba helped us to overcome it. Do you Remember, we read one of the Baba’s book where He was talking about Teaching Meditation to Children?

Husband: Yes, in that He was saying that most diseases originate in childhood and children become ill because they have not learned the means of acquiring peace of Mind.  He was suggesting children to practice silence before they learn to be active.

Wife: Exactly, Infact when I read that Mothers can do this if they are friends with the children, then I started to see our Son in that way.

Husband: Truly, the lack of communication between the younger generation and the parents is creating great chaos in today’s world.

Wife: All we as parents have to do, is to do little adjustments. As Baba suggested, we made Meditation as part of our life and gave priority to it and our child automatically picked it up.

Husband: Baba’s advice helped us again. First we were trying to force him onto this Path, until we read that book, where He was saying, (taking that book nearby father starts reading)Children imitate their parents; you don’t have to teach them to meditate. Never do that. You should teach your children through example how to sit quietly and make their minds one-pointed. When you sit in meditation, your child will also come and sit next to you and pretend to do what you are doing. In this way the child will come to know what you are doing and will also form the habit of sitting with you. If you sit in meditation, and your child comes and sits next to you and closes his eyes, it is very helpful for the child. Do you think the child is meditating? I say the child is meditating better than you are. Even when a child simply imitates you when you are meditating, it is very helpful for the child”.

Wife: I have read even Baba’s Master used to do the same thing when our Baba was a child.

Husband: Hahaha (laughs), Yes, Baba at his childhood gave tough time to his Master initially but what a lovely relationship it was and what a great teaching it is for all us to know about them.

Wife: Certainly Spiritual practices, undertaken at an early age, have a profound and long lasting effect. So you should definitely invite your office colleague for the Sadhana Sangama’s Summer Camp with the family, so that I also get to see your lovely friend, hahaha…

Husband(chuckles) I doubt, if they would able to make it for the upcoming Summer Camp!!

Wife: Why Dear? Why you say so?

Husband:  Her Husband does not believe in all this and she would have tough time to make her Husband to accept coming for the Summer Camp.

Wife: Dear there is nothing to worry, with Baba's blessings, we can solve this too!

Husband: But How?

(to be contd..)

37 more days to go for the Summer Camp .... (click here for the info)

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