Let's learn from our 'Baba' - Guru's Divine Love (Story 3)

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Guru's Divine Love - Story 3

Husband: I doubt, if they would able to make it for the upcoming Summer Camp!!
Wife: Why Dear? Why you say so?
Husband:  Her Husband does not believe in all this and she would have tough time to make her Husband to accept coming for the Summer Camp.
Wife: Dear there is nothing to worry, with Baba's blessings, we can solve this too!
Husband: But How?
Wife: Before I explain how Baba would solve this, first let us think what can be our effort on this?

Husband: What can I do? I know very well her husband & if he won't be listening to his wife, how will he listen to me?

Wife: Don’t come to a conclusion even before trying.  Atleast think of some method Sir!

Husband: Hmm, Ok Madam, I have something in mind, don’t know if it would work or not!

Wife: See, there you are on track, tell me what is it ?

Husband: Did you read the recent “Let’s Hear Guruji” series on the DVD review of “Pearls of Wisdom” which was posted few days back?

Wife: Yes I did, so..?

Husband: In that there was a request to try gifting Guruji’s DVD’s to friends & relatives on their family & festive occasions along with our routine gift that we normally do.

Wife: Oh Yes, I read that, very nice initiative that.

Husband:  This Saturday is their Marriage Anniversary, why can’t we gift few of our Guruji DVD’s to them along with the other Gifts?

Wife: Eh! How do you remember your office colleague’s Marriage Anniversary? I remember you had forgotten atleast quite few of our’s!

Husband: (panics) Oh God!, let’s not deviate from the subject, moreover I didn’t remember automatically, she had only invited me..., sorry invited both of us this Saturday and…

Wife: Ok, Ok ! I was just pulling my husband’s leg, let’s come to the point, I think it’s a very good idea.  Which DVD you think we can Gift him?

Husband: It is difficult to pick one among the ocean of diamonds, however let’s gift them our Guruji’s wonderful Teachings on Mrityunjaya Maha Mantra & Gayatri Maha Mantra DVD, what do you say?

Wife: Oh wow, excellent selection, it was there in my mind too…

Husband: All said & done, but do you think this will work out?

Wife: That’s what I was telling you in the beginning, let us put our sincere effort first. The Rest let us leave it to the Guru’s Grace.

Husband: When will the Guru Grace showers?

Wife: Swami Rama Says, “Grace comes of its own when a seeker has made maximum effort. When all efforts have been made, and all efforts have been exhausted, then grace comes”. Talking of Grace, I remember, it's our time to do Anusthana. So let us continue our discussion after that.
Husband: Which Anushtana?

Wife: Oh dear, yesterday only we agreed to do the Anushtana for our Guruji & Amma who together have put their life & soul into Sadhana Sangama’s Vision & Mission since 1986.

Husband: Oh Yes, but tell me, Does a Guru Need prayers from His Students?

Wife: For ignorant like you, Swami Rama has already given enough explanation. Let me quote what Baba has said. Wait!

(takes a book and reads)

He Says “A master needs nothing. True spiritual leaders are like that: they take nothing and they give everything. A real teacher is he who is very selfless and who loves his students even more than a father can love his child. A father usually imparts only worldly means, helps the children to grow, and trains them to live in the world. But a spiritual father selflessly gives that which cannot be given by a father or anyone else. One cannot see an example of this anywhere except in the spiritual tradition. Father and mother give birth, bring up, educate, and give their property, but a Gurudeva gives to his disciples that knowledge which comes through his direct experience. Imparting such knowledge is a yoga tradition exactly like a father handing over his property to his sons. A master’s divine love is not that of human love but is something which only the heart, and never the mind, is capable of understanding. In a true spiritual tradition the teacher gives so much to his student that the student’s life is overwhelmed and transformed”.

Husband:  Excellent! then let us do this Anushtana as a token of respect and love for them who are tirelessly working towards health happiness and harmony through holistic living. Shall we also buy some other Gift for them as the Sadhana Sangama Trust is celebrating 25 years of Journey?

Wife: Dear for this also our Baba has given the answer. He says, “You may try your best to do something for your Guru, but you cannot, because he doesn’t need anything. You wonder, "Why is he doing so much for me? What does he want from me?" He wants nothing, for what he is doing is his duty, the purpose of his life. If he guides you, he is not obliging you; he is doing his work. He cannot live without doing his duty. Genuine gurus cannot live without selflessness, for selfless love is the very basis of their enlightenment. They radiate life and light from the unknown corners of the world. The world does not know them, and they do not want recognition".

Husband: Yes and such people are called gurus. They guide humanity. As the sun shines and lives far above, the guru gives spiritual love and remains unattached.

Wife: That’s why Swami Rama says, “If my guru and the Lord both come together, I will go to my guru first and say, "Thank you very much. You have introduced me to the Lord." I will not go to the Lord and say, "Thank you very much, Lord. You have given me my guru." So instead of thinking of Gifting something for our Guruji, let's us sincerely do this Anusthana & offer our Samarpana to support their mission for the School & humanity and to enrich our deservedness to receive Guru's Grace.

Husband: Do you also have a story to tell about Guru's Grace for our son?

Wife: Yes there is, but let us stop the story session for a while as it’s our Anushtana Time.

Husband: Yes you are right, "Jai Gurudev, Jai Guru Paramparam", call our son, we will jointly do the Anusthana and after that the story will continue...
(to be contd.)

30 more days to go for the Summer Camp .... (click here for the info)

- 'Bansuri'
(the messenger)


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