Guruji at National Yoga Workshop

DAE Sports & Cultural Council and NFC Works Committee had organized 2 days (6 & 7th April 2013), National Yoga Workshop on "YOGA FOR SELF-REALIZATION" at Hyderabad. There were several distinguished speakers who were invited for this Workshop & our Gurudev Shri. Pattabhiram was one of the chief speaker among them.

Organizing Committee welcoming our Guruji
Organizing Committee welcoming our Guruji
Guruji started his session with a guided meditation and made all the audience practice the technique. He emphasized on the importance of Meditation, Pranayama & posture during the Meditation session. Post that our Gurudev talked on Patanjali Yoga Shastra.

Guruji stated that, "Patanjala Yoga Darshanam is more scientific in its insight into the human mind and behavior; hence its relevance even today. The beauty of this text is that it does not talk about problems but provides unfailing solutions, beyond caste, creed, religion, sect and region. It works like a pill to the diseases of the mind. It is a matter of conviction to say that these yoga sutras are the bridge between the two worlds – the known and the unknown".

Guruji starting his session with Guided Meditation
Guruji explaining simple Meditation Posture to the audience
Guruji taking the audience to guided Meditation

Audience practicing our Guruji's guided Meditation 

Audience practicing our Gurudev's guided Meditation
Guruji continued that, "The entire focus of Patanjali Yoga Shastra is on Self realization. There are two words here. One is ‘self’ and another is ‘realization’.  If one has to realize something the first thing is one should understand it. Therefore, realization is a process of understanding, a process where one comes in contact with it directly. To understand, there has to be clarity. There is no clarity in our minds because the thing to be realized within us is covered with layers and layers of impurity. Once we start removing these layers, automatically that which lies underneath these coverings will become visible to us and our clarity will be sharpened. The process of removing the layers is called ‘purification’". 

Guruji talking on Patanjali Yoga Shastra's - Pathway to Self Realization
Guruji in his session stated that, "To illustrate, if we have to find out what lies beneath a carpeted floor, whether the floor is a wooden one, or a tiled one, etc., we have to first remove the carpet that is covering it. Once we remove the carpet, we get clarity about the floor. In the same manner, if we want to know our true ‘self’, we have to uncover the different layers of impurities covering our ‘self’. 

We are all becoming mechanical, dull, dead, full of fear because we are not responding from the true self. We are responding from this mere self. The mind says ‘I know’ - I know my wife, I know my husband, I know this, etc. When you say ‘I know’, you stop looking and listening. That’s why in relationship we don’t listen to each other and hence there is no communication. This blocks us from seeing the reality.

Later Guruji, explained few approaches as blessed by Maharishi Patanjali to explore into the true self. He touched upon following Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's technique at His allotted time:


Audience listening to our Gurudev's lecture session

Audience listening to our Gurudev's talk during the Workshop

Guruji Concluded the session by stating, "YOGA shastra is the science of unfoldment, nourishment and connectivity and an enjoyable path to realize the true self. At one level it unfolds in us the true self by uncovering impurities that we carry. At another level, it nourishes you with the true essence of life i.e., the freedom, harmony & Bliss. At the third level it transforms the mere self by losing its ignorance and become the true self. Hence Patanjali Yoga Shastra is a scientific and systematic approach to free a person from bondage and take him to the expansive state of freedom. An aspirant of yoga sadhana sheds his ignorance and shine in his natural radiance through the beautiful journey called ‘Self Realization’".

Guruji one among the distinguished Guest

Guruji sitting along with other speakers during the workshop

Guruji welcoming one of the speakers during the workshop

Guruji greeting one of the speakers during the workshop
This session was also available online through LIVE feed and thousands of people all over the world were watching this entire 2 days of workshop. 

If you are interested to watch the entire talk of our Guruji on "Patanjali Yoga Sutras", you can get his DVDs on the same topic from his earlier public programs.

We also thank our Sadhana Sangama Hyderabad Chapter for all the support & coordination during this workshop. 

Thank you


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April 28, 2013 at 4:32 PM

It is indeed heartening to note that pujya gurudev hass conducted several yoga workshops throughout the length and breadth of the country.His dvd's are an eyeopener.

Sid ganapathy,chembur,mumbai


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