Let's learn from our 'Baba' - Guru's Grace (Story 4)


Guru's Grace

Son: Mom, can you now share the Baba story on Guru Grace please...

Mom: Yes Beta, listen. Since Baba was a child, He was raised and guided by his Master. Baba had done all that his Master asked of him but still Grace had not come and our Baba grew frustrated. So one day baba went to his master and said, "You have not done shaktipata for me. That means either you don't have shakti or you don't intend to do it." Baba further added, “For so long now I have been closing my eyes in meditation and I end up with nothing but a headache. My time has been wasted and I find little joy in life."

Son: Oh so what did Baba’s Master said to that?

Mom: He didn't say anything, so in more exasperation Baba continued talking, "I worked hard and sincerely, You said it would take fourteen years, but this is my seventeenth year of practice. Whatever you have asked me to do I have done. But today you give me shaktipata or I will commit suicide."

Son: Oh No! then ?

Mom: Finally Baba’s master said to our Baba, "Are you sure? Are you really following all the practices I have taught you? Is this the fruit of my teaching, that you are committing suicide?" Then he waited a moment and said, "When do you want to commit suicide?". Our Baba replied, "Right now, I am talking to you before I commit suicide. You are no longer my master now. I have given up everything. I am of no use to the world; I am of no use to you.” Saying this, our Baba got up to the Ganges, which was near, and was prepared to drown himself.

Son: Oh! what a determination! Interesting, then what happened?

Mom: His master seems to be in a playful mood that day. He said to our Baba, "You know how to swim, so when you jump in the Ganges, naturally you will start swimming. You'd better find some way so that you will start drowning and not come up. Perhaps you should tie some weight to yourself."

Son: (Smiles) Poor Baba, he must be in tears now…

Mom: May be, now our Baba asked His Master, "What has happened to you, You used to love me so much?" Baba went to the Ganges and with a rope He tied some big rocks to himself. When He was ready to jump, His master came and called, "Wait. Sit here for one minute. I will give you what you want."

Son: I knew it! probably Baba’s Master was testing our Baba’s determination. What happened next?

Mom: Baba did not know what his Master really meant it, but He thought he could wait at least a minute. Our Baba sat in his meditation posture and His master came and touched our Baba on the forehead. Son, you know, Our Baba remained in that position for nine hours and did not have a single worldly thought and Baba used to say that the experience was indescribable.

Son: I am sure when Baba returned to normal consciousness he would have thought no time had passed.

Mom: Yes Beta, he returned back to his Master and asked for forgiveness for his earlier behavior. Baba used to say that with that touch Baba’s life was transformed. Baba lost fear and selfishness. Baba started understanding life properly. Baba began to wonder if this experience came about because of His effort or His master's.

Son: What was Baba’s master’s reply for that?

Mom: His answer was simply, "Grace." He explained, "A human being, should make all possible sincere efforts. When he has become exhausted and cries out in despair, in the highest state of devotional emotion, he will attain ecstasy. That is the grace of God. Grace is the fruit that you receive from your faithful and sincere efforts."

Son: Ma, do we already have the Grace from the Himalayan Masters?

Mom: Son, Baba says, “Grace is only possible with a disciple who has gone through a long period of discipline, austerity, and spiritual practices. When a student has done these practices and followed the teacher's instructions with all faithfulness, truthfulness, and sincerity, then the subtlest obstacle is removed by the master. The experience of enlightenment comes from the sincere effort of both master and disciple. When you have done your duties skillfully and wholeheartedly, you reap the fruits gracefully. Grace dawns when action ends. Shaktipata is the grace of God transmitted through the master”. So find out if you have done your part first".

Son: I think I need to deserve before I desire for Guru’s Grace, Isn’t it Mom?

Mom: Yes My Son...

(After a Week)

Husband: Dear, did you see our Son’s 2 minute video that he had made for the upcoming summer camp?

Wife: Is it? No I haven’t, he didn’t told me as yet. Can you please show me that video on your laptop?

Husband: Yes dear, here it is, let me raise the audio volume (click on the maximize button to view it in full screen)

summer camp by Bansuri

In case of issues viewing above, please visit :

Wife: Oh Wow, wonderful, he had made 3 of us and your office as characters. He didn't leave your office colleague too whom we are trying to invite for the Summer Camp. If only he had made me to wear Indian costumes & made me to speak in Indian ascent, I would have felt more satisfied

Husband: Hahahaha.... I think it's the limitation of the free version.

Wife: Anyways, Its so nice to know our Son is showing keen interest on Sadhana at his younger age.

Husband: Thanks to our Guruji, he has always shown us the right path.

Wife: Yes dear, By the way, Did you call Mr. Shriram at Sadhana Sangama’s Bangalore center confirming how many people we are coming from our chapter?

Husband: No I haven't done it as yet. I am just waiting to see if I am getting any call from my office colleague confirming their presence.

Wife: Please hurry up, don't update at the last moment. I wish your office colleague too joins us with their family so that they too get benefited by this summer camp.

Husband: Let’s see, I am keeping my fingers crossed. We have done our best we could do, we went to their house the other day, gifted them our Gurudev’s DVD & also spoke about the summer camp on 19th of May...

Wife: I am sure, they would join us honey, what do you think?

Husband: Well… I…..

(phone rings)

concluding part next week...

20 days more to go for Summer Camp.... (click here for info)

- 'Bansuri'
(the messenger)


April 30, 2013 at 9:07 AM

marvelous idea! We too are waiting for the Summer Camp!!!! - Mp

May 4, 2013 at 10:44 PM

Excellent story, as usual.


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