Glory of the Grace

An Experience by Shri. Vijayasarathi (Year 2006)

A home coming journey:

It was a joyous journey to get back home. The energy was tremendous and in the process I realized that I have become intimate with parampara like never before. Even the outings away from my centre for few months appeared to be plot by the GRACE to deepen my convictions. I was given beautiful prayers to anchor onto and those words just hijacked my entire being. I was given a clear message that first step of the mission ahead is to organize programs in Canada during Guruji’s visit to US. O tjpigjt “I am a student and have been here for just over 5 months and know no one except few friends. How can I organize programs?” There came the stormy message with smile “Do you think “YOU” can do this? Surrender as an instrument and watch and that is your Sadhana”. It left a deep impression and stayed with me permanently. I felt a surge of joyful energy by the feeling of presence of parampara and divine mother  with me and to be their instrument.

The GRACE wills:

I started exploring the options in the city of London. One evening I just sat down with my laptop with an intention to prepare some material about different programs. To my surprise I saw two program details beautifully evolve, one on Gayatri and one on Meditation. I distinctly felt that they are not my words and was overwhelmed by the presence of GRACE and my convictions grow stronger. I started visiting the local temple. Whenever I went and sat in the mandir hall, I used to experience a brief moment of very gentle but deep calmness in the midst of loud bajans around. Also the same prayer given to me used to surface and make me too emotional. A strong feeling that we are going to have a Gayatri program here in this mandir.

(to be contd)

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