Yoga & Married Life


Man is not something separate from the woman. Woman is not something separate from the man. They are one and the same not because they are valued as only one; their aim is one. They are one because their aim is one.

What is their Aim? Their aim is to attain happiness, peace and wisdom. Perfect happiness, perfect peace and perfect wisdom. Now where is that weighing machine or measurement that can tell you that you are perfect or imperfect? When you are happy you do not need any witness to tell you or to convince you that you are happy. You feel it, you understand it, and you know it, but when you are unhappy you also know it. So happiness and unhappiness does not need any evidence, any certification, any confirmation. You are happy, you are happy and when you are happy you are in a state which is called normal state. If you study your own family members, neighbors and society you will find there is a keen competition going on, not for the things in the external world. The urge is internal. What is that urge? One who is considered to be subnormal, he now wants to be a normal person. He does not want to lose his temper. He wants to control his temper. He does not want to attain that emotional state in which emotional is immature. He wants to have emotional maturity, emotional control and show that face with the female sex. When we feel that a subnormal who is below normal person in society is trying or aspiring or wishes or desires or wants to be normal, and those who are normal want to become supernormal. This is the keen competition going on from within without understanding. If you are happy this much, you want to be happy more. If you are happy more, you want to be more happy and then become perfect. The aim seems to be happiness.

What is the definition of happiness? The definition of happiness is a state of freedom from all miseries. Now married life has to go through various channels of experiences. What you consider grief and sorrow, pain and pleasure, happiness and misery that you all experience in your daily life. Here yoga comes and helps you and tells you that you can attain a state of happiness and wisdom if you know the art of living and being. There are various aspects of yoga. All the monks can be happy. One who has taken up monastic life how can he be happy? He cannot be happy by becoming a householder. But if he has not understood why he should become monk or why did he become monk it is better for him to come back and live as a householder. Otherwise he will be miserable there. Yoga tells, instructs certain things to that person who leads a monastic life. But yoga deals more nicely and helps more nicely the people who live in the world. And there is one sentence that explains it beautifully. What is yoga? The definition of yoga means Yogah karmasu kaushalam. To do one’s own action skillfully and finally attain the highest state of peace, happiness and wisdom is called yoga. If we really know how to do our action then there is no problem at all. Nobody can be unhappy around us if we know the art of doing our actions. If we also know why do we do our actions, what is the motivation behind all these actions, why do we live, why do we aspire to live a long time? Why do we want to live for? We want to be a success, we want to be happy, We want to be full of wisdom.


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