Let's hear from Guruji - Role of a Guru (Series 6)

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Role of a Guru
In our continued attempt to analyze various DVD's of Sadhana Sangama through our 'Let's Hear Guruji' series, let us today look at 'Role of a Guru' - a lecture by our Guruji recorded on Guru Smarana Day.

'Role of a Guru' is a single DVD which is a must for every aspirant who are in the path of Inner journey. It gives you the essence of Guru Disciple relationship and it guides the aspirants with the answers for all their queries towards his/her Guru.

It is very important to know how the relationship between a disciple and a Guru should be and what is the duty of a disciple towards his/her Guru. While Guruji Pattabhiram is our Guru, he is also a sincere disciple towards his Guru 'Swami Rama'. In this lecture DVD, one can notice our Guruji taking the role of a sincere disciple when he remembers the events that took place between Him & Swami Rama and in places where he guides the aspirants from various issues he/she may face in this sacred relationship, he lovingly takes the role of a Guru in explaining it in the language that we can understand & relate with. 

Sadhana Sangama DVD

Guruji Meditation session 
This DVD first starts with Meditation session where our Gurudev guides all the aspirants to feel the presence of the Guru tatva on the Guru Smarana Day. He states during the practice that, "Stillness of the body, rhythmic breathing and calmness of the mind are the three prerequisites for meditation". He explains that when one experience these three prerequisites, they would be in touch with the space within, the space where one can meet their Guru, the inner guide, the light that leads to the eternal light.

He guides the aspirants to feel the presence of our Pujya Gurudev Swami Rama of the Himalayas, who has represented and representing the entire lineage of Himalayan masters, the tradition of meditation and self enquiry, which includes all & excludes none.

After the Meditation session, our Guruji first starts explaining what the word 'Guru' means.  He states that the word Guru means dispeller of darkness. But what is the darkness here? Darkness here is the walls we have created among our-self.  The mind is not able to experience the seed of infinity that is there in every human soul because it has created walls after walls. Meditation is the process where we start breaking out these walls to reach the space within where we meet the Guru tatva. Guruji then explains various means one can break this barrier & how this Guru tatva unfolds in every soul when the disciple moves in this direction. 

Moving ahead, Gurudev explains the various stages that happens in the Guru-Shisya relationship. He primarily talks about 3 stages that one has to encounter while relating with the Guru. This session is a real guide for all the aspirants because we primarily would be falling in either one of these stages and it is important for us to know the do's and don'ts of Guru disciple relationship in each of these stages.

Guruji explains beautifully the various scenarios where there is a possibility for a disciple to disbelieve & misunderstand his/her Guru and instances where he/she feels like running away from the Guru. Guruji also explains how the Mind tricks the Sadhaka to feel bad or unhappy with the Guru, so that he/she can stop associating with the Guru anymore. These talks are really an eye opener for the sadhaka's to understand how they should relate with the Guru. 

Guruji points out that many students think that the 'Guru' means 'Kama denu', who gives whatever one ask or demand for. But they don't question themselves even once, 'Why Guru has to give and yield to their demand & request'. We ask, we demand our rights, but we don’t understand our duty before asking.

Guruji then explains how the mind now plays tricks which makes the disciple to judge their own Guru and how it tries to quantify Guru's grace towards them.  Here Guruji explains that one needs deeper conviction & shradda to stay firm. Otherwise, He warns that the mind would put serious questions on aspirant's mind stating, 'I am doing so much to my Guru and what He is doing in return for me' which would slowly create doubts upon Guru's action and ultimately make the disciple move away from the Guru.

Here Guruji shares one beautiful story between a disciple and a Guru, where the disciple starts doubting his own Guru as he goes through series of trauma & problems in his life and what happened towards the end. It's a moving story where, Guru's love & grace is beautifully explained. MUST WATCH.

Moving ahead, Guruji states, 'Even if Guru shows 100's of miracle, the confused disciple's mind would still expect one more miracle to start trusting Him'. The mind says, 'let the Guru first prove that He has the power, then let me trust Him'.  Here our Guruji explains the connectivity that happens with the disciple when He surrenders completely with his Guru. He remembers & shares following three instances which are the major highlights of this DVD:

1) Experience of our Gurudev when he met Swami Rama for the last time on August 1996 when he was in his physical body;
2) Experience of our Gurudev at Sadhana Dhama Ashram on the day before & after after Swami Rama left His body on November 1996;
3) One of the instance that happened at our Gurudev's public program at New Jersey

Guruji further states that It is very easy to relate with a Guru at the material plane. For e.g. if one is going through a problem, after Guru blesses him, the problem disappears, so he believes that there is someone called 'Guru'. If someone is praying for money as it got stuck somewhere, after Guru blesses him, he got the money, so the trust on Guru develops.  This is one kind of relating with the Guru. Most of us, we love to stay with such Guru, if He is having such tricks to play and we always value guru through such miracles & tricks. In the beginning it might be needed, but a disciple has to move from this stage. A sadhaka should not get struck at the initial stage only. A disciple has to move from expectation level to the unconditional level, through the passage of his own karma’s.

Guruji then explains what kind of issues that would creep in when a disciple goes through his own Karmic life and how he starts to see Guru differently because of his own Karma. He then also explains how a disciple can do the purification and how he can be in touch with the Guru by dissolving his own ego, attachment & expectations.

Guruji then moves on to explain what is Guru Smarana Day and how a disciple should approch the Guru Smarana day.  Guruji here asks a very perennial question, 'Do you have the trust in the hands of your guru'?. He says, 'Shraddha he, paromo gadhi'. Your intellect, analysis, postmortem of your Guru, cannot help in anyway. They only help in peripheral level. Beyond that they don’t have any sense. Its only the trust that would help & guide you.  Guruji asks the disciple to come out of the conditioned expectations to unconditional space.

As there is no point in doing Sun salutation after one becoming blind, it's of no help if one realizes the true essence of a Guru only after He departs. This DVD is that gentle reminder to us to understand & realize the true essence of 'Guru' and the pivotal importance He carries out in a disciple's inner journey. This is that guide which any disciple can refer if he wants to know how to relate with his/her Guru and this is the guide to refer, incase the disciple is stuck somewhere and unable to relate with the Guru.

Before concluding, let us remember one of Swami Rama's beautiful quotes:

Swami Rama says:

"In India Guru is a sacred word that is used with reverence and is always associated with the highest wisdom. The guru is unique in a person's life. The relationship between disciple and guru is like no other relationship. The truth is that the relationship of guru to disciple is indescribable. The relationship extends to the realm beyond the world, transcends death, and stretches far beyond the limited karmic bonds associated with family and friends. A mother and father help sustain the body of their child, and nurture and guide the child through the formative years of life to adulthood. Guru sustains, nurtures, and guides a soul through lifetimes to ultimate liberation. Guru is the disciple's guide through life, through the mysterious terrain of the spiritual heart, and into and beyond the realm of death".

We all are fortunate & gifted people to be in midst of that Guru lineage guided by our revered Guruji Shri.Pattabhiram. A true Sadhaka never misses an opportunity to seek & learn from the Guru. He understands the importance of Guru's presence and values every minute, every second of it. Hence it's a treat to hear our Gurudev talk about the various nuances of a Guru-Disciple relationship in this DVD. 

Life is made in such a way that no other relationship can travel all together without getting perturbed, humiliated or disturbed. That's why true Guru-disciple relationship is sacred relationship where they travel unconditionally. So friends, experience this divine essence of Guru-disciple relationship by listening to Guruji's wonderful lecture on 'Role of a Guru'. 

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Below is an amateur attempt in remembering & thanking that Guru who is showering grace & love for all of us... (play with audio & watch it in full screen)

Prayers to the Guru to let us be in His loving lap always...

Vande Guru paramparam..


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