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Sadhana Sangama Trust organizes workshops, lectures and seminars on spirituality, yoga, Indian culture and art forms. These are aimed at addressing the needs of individuals at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. Sadhana Sangama has a group of volunteers living in different cities of India as well as in USA and Canada who are dedicated to coordinating these activities. We conduct these workshops annually during summer/fall seasons.

Some of our workshops, lectures and seminar topics are listed below:

Exploring Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are often viewed either in a scholarly or hatha yoga perspective. In reality 196 aphorisms of yoga sutras present the human integral science. Organized in four distinct chapters, yoga sutras unveil scientific and psychologically proven that can lead to a blissful life.

Yoga Anushasanam : Freedom from the KNOWN

Patanjali Yoga Sutras proclaim that you are defined by your mind stuff! You could live in any corner of the world, you could belong to any social, cultural or religious group, you could belong to any family situation or adopt any professional life, but your mind defines your personality.

Developing a clear understanding of oneself at different levels is the key to leading a healthy, happy and harmonious life. This effort starts with understanding one’s own mind and its modifications.

In this workshop, based on the the first chapter of yoga sutras, Sri Pattabhiram presents simple and practical ways to understand the MIND.
Chant the sutras and learn how to practice - Contemplation and Meditation
Ashtanga Yoga : Eight fold approach to integrated personality

Patanjali Yoga sutras reveal a scientific eight-fold approach of adopting a balanced middle path in the external life and systematically integrating body, mind and intellect through a discipline of inner life.

Sri Pattabhiram presents this ancient wisdom to the taste of modern mind but with the fragrance of ancient times.

Chant the sutras and learn how to practice:

Yama…Niyama…Asana…Pranayama…Pratyahara…Dharana… Dhyana…

Prati Prasava : Counter evolution through Kriya Yoga

In our day to day life, we face numerous problems. We often resort to treating the symptoms but the problems keep resurfacing as we have not resolved the underlying disease. Be it in personal, professional or social life, the reason for stress, anxiety, insecurity and conflict is because we do not understand the root cause.

Sri Pattabhiram shares his insights and experiences in applying Patanjali Yoga Sutras to modern day life. He presents a systematic flow chart for the process of Counter Evolution through Kriya Yoga

Chant the sutras and learn how to practice - Contemplation and Meditation

Gayatri Mantra Meditation : Awakening Cosmic Intelligence:

Since time immemorial Mantra, a seed of sound energy, has been used as a powerful tool for inner purification by focusing one’s attention inwards. Gayatri Mantra is empowered with radiant energy to integrate Body, Mind and Intellect.

In this workshop, Sri Pattabhiram explains the profound meaning of Gayatri Mantra, and reveals the relationship between Mantra, Mind and Breath.

Join us and learn how to practice: Mantra japa, Pranayama & Gayatri Mantra Meditation

Mrityunjaya Maha Mantra Meditation : Art of fearless living

Life in the modern world is full of stress, anxiety and conflicts. These three elements arise from the foundation of fear and insecurity. To experience 3H – Health, Happiness and Harmony, we must learn to be fearless.

In this workshop, Sri Pattabhiram presents Mrityunjaya Mantra in a rare yogic perspective as a scientific tool to overcome the negative tendencies of fear and insecurity.

Join us and learn how to practice: Mantra japa, Pranayama & Mrityunjaya Mantra Meditation

Antar Darshana : Art of blissful living

  • Art of Relaxation – foundation for stress-free life
  • Importance of Posture & its significance
  • Science of Breath
  • Unveiling Meditation as a tool for stress-free & harmonious living 
  • Art of relaxing the body
  • Basics of sitting posture
  • Breath awareness and effective yogic breathing techniques
  • Systematic and sequential learning of meditation

Dhyana Yoga : The science of meditation

In chapter six of Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna reveals the Science of Meditation. The student - Arjuna represents every individual striving to realize one’s true nature. And the battle field is in essence our own life context where we aspire to experience 3H – Health, Happiness, and Harmony.

In this lecture series, Sri Pattabhiram reveals this profound wisdom in a modern perspective.
Learn the practice of Relaxation, Pranayama & Meditation 

Chakra – Prana – Mantra Meditation

Systematic yogic practices to energize your being. Understand the esoteric science of Chakras, the associated philosophical system and energy practices

Chakra is a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. Chakras control the body parts and functions associated with them. Through systematic practice of Chakra-Prana-Mantra meditation energy blockages can be removed and positive energy released to rejuvenate the body and activate the mind.

Practice ways to activate and balance the 7 chakras through Prana, Mantra and Meditation

Stress Management

  • Why, what and how of stress
  • Yoga way of stress management
  • Freedom from stress, anxiety and depression
  • Simple joints and glands exercises
  • Relaxation & Breathing techniques
  • Guided Meditation

Love and Family Life

Healthy, Happy and Harmonious families have been the foundation of human evolution. The Himalayan Tradition recognizes the importance of family life in the evolution of an individual. These teachings can be understood and applied in the context of modern family life

We live in a time where families are facing tough challenges in relationships due to selfishness, lack of commitment, egoistic attitudes, and measurement of love by materialistic values. Family is a sacred institution that provides a context for fulfilling ones aspirations in the external world while allowing practical spiritual evolution of individuals.

In this workshop, Sri Pattabhiram presents simple and practical methods for individuals to guide their families blossom into the space of listening, selfless sharing and unconditional loving.

Yoga Bala

Awaken the hidden power of yoga as taught by the masters of the Himalayan tradition

Yoga Bala – Why
  • Stress is the source of a negative mind
  • A negative mind generates toxins.
  • Toxins harden the pranic passages in the glands, joints, muscles and nerves.
  • This deposition of toxins leads to psychosomatic disease.
  • Disease destroys joyous life.

Yoga Bala – What  
  • Easy but effective yogic practices for joints, glands, muscles and nerves
  • Powerful nerve purifying, health rejuvenating, “Pranava Prana Kriya”
  • Art of Relaxation
  • Four Stage Meditation for spiritual enrichment

Jyothi Pattabhiram is a direct disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, a great yogi, artist, musician, and dancer too. Having received the blessings and spiritual tutelage from her master, Jyothi successfully blends spirituality and the art of dance into a holistic personality of bliss in her following workshops to lead a stress-free blissful life.  

Rasa Yoga

Workshop on ‘BODY TO BLISS DYNAMICS’  Sail through YOUR - Physical, Emotional & Spiritual BEING

  • Envigour and strengthen your physical being by systematized beats, dance movements and yoga postures
  • Cultivate and refine your emotional being  through rhythmic breathing and richness of expressions
  • Integrate your Body-Mind-Intellect to land onto your spiritual being through RASA YOGA i.e. by harmonizing the inner state 

 The Holistic Dancer

A Holistic blend of Art-aesthetics and Life-aesthetics in a dancer’s personality – an awareness and insight into this concept is the objective of this workshop. The skills of a classical dancer, in terms of rhythm – movements – expressions – need to be yoked with a Holistic inner self, to achieve COMPLETENESS & TOTALITY OF THIS DIVINE ART OF DANCE.

The Holistic Dancer’ workshop is inspired by “Three” concepts: 
  •  Annadasya Sarve Jeevaha Maatram Upajeevanti” i.e. from this Bliss, all living beings derive happiness – Ananda is at the base of all life.  This is the Vedantic insight into Holistic personality.
  • Bharata Muni in his treatise Natya Shastra refers to “Samaahita Manas” i.e. only a serene mind can produce pure satvic feeings, which are not touched by personal emotions, yet spontaneous, creative and fragrant with human essence.  
  • A dancer’s personal emotions to be analysed in the light of this insight and refine the Satvika Abhinaya.The Holistic concept of man’s personality in five sheaths of existence – “Panchakoshas” as presented by the Taittareeya Upanishad is the third source of Inspiration in this workshop.

What do you learn and experience during the workshop?

  • Specific physical movements training to enhance most effectively the dancing skills of a dancer. 
  • Subtle but powerful breathing technique – PRANA MOVEMENT – to accelerate the physical efficiency in terms of Stamina, flexibility coupled with mental efficiency such as concentration, memory, spontaneity, and creativity.
  • Unique techniques of Demonstration of Satvika Abhinaya – facial expressions of inner emotions. 
  • The Holistic Dancer workshop concludes with a Meditation technique with Mantra Incantation and a special Relaxation – “Yoga Nidra” – to touch the depths of one’s Being.

The Tradition: We are citizens of two worlds – Inner and Outer. The teachings of the Himalayan tradition help to build a bridge between the two worlds by prescribing a two-fold approach of being skillful and wise in the external world, while following the path of exploring our inner dimensions and realizing our true SELF.

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