Arogya Vardhini - Holistic Health Centre

Holistic Health Centre:
Swami Rama’s concept of holistic health was integration and harmony at all levels of human activity – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, professional. Yoga is also defined as: Yogah samadihi. This means harmony with oneself, others and the surrounding environment. The opposite of samadhi is vyadhi, which means anything that goes against the harmony.

Holistic health is achieved by bringing harmony between various dimensions of human life:
  • Physical
  • Pranic
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Social Relationship
  • Professional
This project aims at training people to maintain the harmony and remove vyadhis with non-drug therapies like yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy.

Sri Pattabhiram has taken up Arogyavardhini project to promote the concept of holistic health.  The organization will be called Swami Rama Holistic Health, Treatment, Research and Training Institute. Project is being taken up to provide the following facilities in Sadhana Sangama Trust ashram near Bangalore:
  • Treatment: Treat patients using Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Home Remedies
  • Research: Conduct research in these areas
  • Training: Provide training to the teachers in holistic health. Also provide weekend training to the corporate managers in holistic health concepts and practice.

Three-storied building in the ashram campus will be constructed on a 1 acre land area. This will have facilities for patient beds, treatment rooms, kitchen, dining halls etc. 

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