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Sadhana Vidya is a bi-monthly magazine brought out by the organisation which contains an editorial written by Guru Pattabhiram, articles based on the teachings of Swami Rama and other Masters as also articles of interest contributed by various Sadhakas.

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Sadhana Sangama Trust has brought out various DVDs which are as follows:

By Shri. Pattabhiram:-

1. Antar Darshan (Set of 2 DVDs)
2. The Science of Meditation
3. The Role Of Guru
4. Experiencing Silence
5. Spiritual Dimensions Of Health (Set of 2 DVDs)
6. Your Questions Answered
7. Moving Beyond The Space Of Conditioning
8. On The Path Of Enquiry
9. Intensify Your Sadhana (IIT workshop) (Set of 2 DVDs)
10. Awakening Your Intelligence Through Gayatri Mantra (Set of 2 DVDs)
11. Grace and Deservedness
12. Creating a new setup for Sadhana
13. Developing Skills and Samskaras
14. An Insight into Mantra Sadhana
15. Health to Spirituality (Set of 2 DVDs)
16. Ashtanga Yoga (Set of 2 DVDs)
17. Dhyana Yoga (Set of 3 DVDs)
18. Exploring Different Dimensions of Sadhana (Set of 2 DVDs)
19. Arogyavardhini (Set of 2 DVDs)
20. Expansion of Consciousness Through Meditation
21. Meditation For Holistic Health (Set of 3 DVDs)
22. Self Discipline (Workshop in IIT) (Set of 2 DVDs)
23. Overcoming Fear (Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra) (Set of 2 DVDs)
24. Yoga Sutra (Set of 7 DVDs – Daywise)
25. Mandukya Upanishad (Set of 6 DVDs)
26. Harmony – The Purpose of Yoga
27. Yogasana (Set of 2 DVDs)
28. Nitya Sadhana (Set of 2 DVDs)
29. Upadesa Sara (Set of 6 DVDs)
30. The Inner Quest (Set of 2 DVDs)
31. Freedom - Are You Ready?
32. Maintaining The Right Balance
33. Obstacles On The Path Of Sadhana
34. Overcoming Obstacles
35. Removing Kleshas Through Kriya Yoga
36. Removing Impurities
37. Ashtanga Yoga - The Eight Fold Path Of Yoga (Set of 2 DVDs)
38. The Path Of Fire & Light (Set of 3 DVDs)
39. Shakti Sumeru Dhyana (Set of 2 DVDs)
40. Do's & Don'ts For Sadhakas
41. Good Health - The Stepping Stone For Sadhana
42. Chakra-Prana-Mantra Dhyana (Set of 3 DVDs)
43. Awaken Your Intelligence (Gayatri Mantra) (Set of 3 DVDs)
44. Self Healing Through Yogic Kriyas (Set of 3 DVDs)
45. Vyadhi Vs. Samadhi
46. Harmony In Family Life & Relationships (Set of 2 DVDs)
47. How To Pray?
48. Our Questions Answered
49. Identifying The True Center (mp3 Audio)
50. Experiencing Oneness
51. In Communion With Eternity
52. Tuning To The Supreme Consciousness
53. Goal Vs. Purpose
54. Meditation - The Art Of Dying
55. Touching The Divine Essence Through Meditation
56. Developing Deservedness
57. The Inner Realms Of Meditation
58. Self Healing – An Introduction (mp3 Audio)
59. Understanding The Disease Process (mp3 Audio)
60. The Four Pillars Of Self Healing
61. Preparing For Self Healing - Stabilizing The Posture
62. Preparing For Self Healing - Cultivating Silence
63. Preparing For Self Healing - The Inward Journey
64. The Four Dimensions Of Self Healing
65. Meditation For Self Healing
66. An Enquiry Into The Self

By Smt. Jyothi Pattabhiram:-

1. Rasa Yoga
2. Japa & Its Four Dimensions
3. Karma & Japa – Their Correlation
4. From Dance To Spirituality
5. The Concept Of Guru
6. Strengthening Your Japa & Meditation
7. Understanding Bhakti Yoga
8. Vibhaga Pranayama
9. The Horizon Meditation
10. The Twilight Meditation

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