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The 2nd Sunday Satsang (SUNSAT) was held on 8th June, 2014 at Sri. Ramachandran’s place. Around 18 people attended.

We followed the programme schedule circulated earlier. We felt the need to work with the schedule by rearranging the things which we will do before the 3rd SUNSAT.

Gurudev was suggesting that we start and end the SUNSAT exactly at the appointed time i.e., 7.30 am start and 8.30 am end sharp. He was suggesting this because he said that to transcend the concept ‘time’ the first step is to strictly adhere to time.

Conversation with Gurudev provoked many thoughts in my mind relating to Satsanga and I wish to share them. Friends, SUNSAT can be a Group Study, studying one’s own self and others at the same time, if we approach it with that attitude. So, please don’t view them from the prism of right or wrong.

I plan to share them over a few weekly updates and if you find something useful you can adopt it.

Invoking Guru energy

We usually invoke the Guru energy (Hiranya Garbha Aarabdhaam … … ) before starting the programme. I am sure this is the practice others also follow, be it a Satsanga or doing sadhana at home. 

While invoking Guru, what I practice personally is that on the Guru Chakra, I invoke the Guru Trayaa – Asmad Gurubhyo Namaha (Guruji and Jyothi Amma together as one Guru form. If you are comfortable only with Guruji as the Guru image, please continue with that practice.), Asmad Parama Gurubhyo Namaha (H.H. Swami Rama of the Himalayas - Guru of Sri Pattabhiram & Smt. Jyothi) Asmad Parameshti Gurubhyo Namaha (Bengali Baba - Guru of Swami Rama). 

Just above the Guru Chakra is the Vamsa Rushi Chakra, at the top of our forehead. Vamsa Rushis are a combination of one from the Saptarushis and two or four other Rushis who are given the responsibility to protect and guide your family, generations after generations. Mostly, South Indian families are aware of their Vamsa Rushis. Even if you are not aware, just imagine a light and invoke that Energy also. 

If we do this with feeling and confidence, setting aside our logic and intelligence, these energies descend and monitor our sadhana and guide us. This has been happening to me and hence I thought I can share this with you all so that you can also benefit from the presence of these powerful energies in Guru Chakra. 

Some of you may wonder why am I sharing this, as it is a common and regular practice which is being followed by one and all. Yes, I know. But the reason is that instead of making it ritualistic, endeavor should be made to make it workable. When we invoke Guru energy, the feeling should be so intent that the Energy not only descends but you feel its presence. That is the idea. This is certainly not to disregard the sincerity of Sadhakas who are already doing it with intent feeling but there may be some, a very few, who may not be experiencing this and hence I thought of sharing this. This is the connectivity that Gurudev was telling me, at a basic level. Since SUNSAT is blessed by the Guru, it will definitely monitor this activity every week. So, why can’t we make use of SUNSAT to experiment on this when there is collective energy of Sadhakas? 

Other Chapters of Sadhana Sangama are also encouraged to give a weekly report of their Satsang and mail the same to

N. Narayanan, Delhi 
Vande Guru Paramparam

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