Summer Camp 2014 - Update 3

20 May 2014

After a good night’s sleep, all the participants assembled at the Dining Hall for Gurudev’s morning session, fresh like a just bloomed flower. The morning was cool and pleasant and the rising sun with its morning red shined through the Hall setting the perfect ambience to continue the enquiry.

In today’s class, Gurudev with his usual midas touch very cheerfully untied the complex knot of mind, mann, mouna and language.

Gurudev began the discussion with the sleep analogy. He asked the participants, ‘Did you all sleep well?’ to which the Parivara replied, ‘Yes, Guruji, very well’. Gurudev asked the Parivara, ‘How did you know that you slept well? You were absent during your sleep and when that is the case how can you be so sure, so confident that you slept well?’

Gurudev brought the focus to the point by asking whether our LANGUAGE communicate what we intend to communicate? He said that this enquiry is a must for a Sadhaka.

When we start probing on this, what naturally follows is MOUNA. Gurudev said that the LANGUAGE that we speak at present emerges from the expression of experience within. For example, if the experience within is hurt, our language will invariably be hurt. If it is one that of joy, our language will be that of joy.

Gurudev beautifully explained that withdrawing out of deep anger, frustration or helplessness and keeping quiet is not MOUNA. He said MOUNA happens when we consciously probe our language, we go backwards to find out from where the language emerges from and in the process we go beyond the mind, and maana, i.e., mesurement. When we go beyond maana, MOUNA occurs.

By this time the sun rose a little bit more and perfectly projected its rays on the face of Gurudev, thereby amplifying the glow of already glowing radiance.

Gurudev continued in the same vein and said that all, except human beings, that exists are in tune with divinity. This is so because human beings have evolved two LANGUAGES – one that is within and one that we project outside due to obligation, courtesy, etc., For example, when we are angry inside and if we have to express that while in a group, we won’t be speaking the real language of anger but express it in a different language which, in this case, will be sarcasm. He said because of this we have lost touch with the divinity.

In this connection Gurudev said that LANGUAGE acts as cleaning agent. The analogy he gave was that if a container is not clean, and into it if you pour pure milk, it will get spoilt. In the same way, if our maana is impure, even if Grace flows into it, which is happening in every one of us, every minute, it gets corrupted. Therefore, the challenge lies in keeping the maana pure and LANGUAGE is one definite tool to achieve this.

While we were all wondering at the capacity of Gurudev to assimilate, conceive and consolidate this treasure called Jnana, he concluded the session for the next yogasana session to begin. Parivara demonstrated their capacity of Chitta Vritti Nirodaha by resisting the wonderful aroma of breakfast (today we had tasty Dosa with chutney) that filled the hall and diligently stayed with the Yogasana session.

- A Report from a 'Sadhaka' 

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May 21, 2014 at 7:21 PM

I missed the camp this time .After reading the post i felt like attending the camp.

Thanks for the daily update. I pary to Swamy Rama to Bless our guruji with good health.



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