Summer Camp 2014 (Final updates)

Guruji Birthday Celebration (update):

On 21st Evening, the Sadhaka's arranged for cake cutting ceremony which Guruji lovingly obliged. He wanted his ailing mother also to be part of this occasion. Before the cake cutting, Guruji shared how his mother was instrumental in organizing Sadhana Sangama activities during its earlier days and how she took care of all the sadhaka's during tough situations.  It was truly a heart whelming occasion when Jyothi Ma shared that they still haven't told Guruji's mother all about Guruji's health condition though she could suspect that something has gone wrong with his son (Guruji) for past few months. 

When Guruji insisted his mother to speak few words on this occasion, it was all tears from her eyes. She then with great difficulty spoke with tears that, "I have given birth to my son (Guruji) and took care of him all these while, but I am now too old that I can no longer do anything for him...." Though she could not complete the sentence, it was understood by all the sadhaka's that its now our duty to take care of our Guruji, so that through Him the Grace that flows can reach thousands & thousands of families...

Then Guruji lovingly patted on her back and then started cutting the cake along with all the parivara's. He then gave a piece of the Cake to her mother, and she in return in spite of her old age/ illness, took all the effort to give a piece to Guruji, Ma & Kavitha Akka.

After the occasion, Guruji's mother was in joyous mood and waved hands to all before leaving.  Truly it's a great memory for all the Sadhaka's assembled there and one could see how much sacrifice & efforts that are required to be in this path of Sadhana. 

Prior to the cake cutting ceremony, Mrityunjaya Japa & Abhishekam was performed inside the Cave along with all the sadhaka's for the welfare of Guruji's health & all the Sadhaka's. 

Curious junior sadhaka's eagerly opening the Cake parcel

Hmm... looks delicious
Now the cake is ready...
Guruji lovingly sharing his Mother's stint with Sadhana Sangama in earlier days

Guruji's mother gracing the occasion

Mother & son recollecting their best moments...


Guruji was not feeling well on 23rd and hence could not take any class. But towards evening he wanted to spend the time and hence made the evening session as a question and answer session. He gained energy after coming to the class. The next day morning, i.e., 24th morning, he was suggesting that first four sadhanas itself, if practiced sincerely and regularly, will take time to bring in the desired transformation and, therefore, rushing to fifth sadhana will not do any good. However, he very briefly summed up the four sadhanas and touched upon what the fifth sadhana is. It is Ashtaanga Yoga given by Maharishi.

Summing up:

1.       Be in ATHA, in saakshi bhaava – Atha Yogaanu Shasanam is the First Sadhana.

2.       Mind needs to hold on to something, some ideal. That is ISHVARA who is untouched by Klesha, etc. Keep remembering that you are that ISHVARA – Ishvara Pranidhana is the Second Sadhana.

3.       Merging with OM. Give up the wrong attitude and develop a new energy and merge it with OM. Chant with meaning and feeling. Tasya Vachaka Pranavaha is the Third Sadhana.

4.       Basic kleshas are troubling us and we can come out of these disturbances by adopting the Prathiprasava concept. This is the Fourth Sadhana.

5.       Ashtaanga Yoga is the Fifth Sadhana.

Ashtaanga Yoga flourishes on the backdrop of the above four Sadhanas.

Yogaanga anushtaanath ashudikshaye jnana deeptihi aaviveka kyathehe

In the absence of impurities the wisdom glows and shines. That wisdom is nothing but viveka kyathi – that intelligence which is not touched by any impurities. We will touch our Nija Swaroopa, True Self, in this state and the endeavor of Sadhana Panchaka is to help us rise to this level.

Guruji on the final  day of the Summer camp
Om Shree Gurubhyo Namaha
Gurudev concluded the Camp by appealing to us to practice Sadhana Panchaka with sincerity and regularity and assured that the entire team of Rishis are waiting to guide us in the path of Sadhana and lead us into FREEDOM.

Om Shree Gurubhyo Namaha
Om Shree Parama Gurubhyo Namaha
Om Shree Parameshti Gurubhyo Nama

Om Shree Sarva Gurubhyo Nama

All the sadhaka's took a group photo along with Guruji and shared their happiness and love for Guruji & how they enjoyed this year Summer Camp.

Summer Camp 2014 Group Photo

Summer Camp 2014 Group Photo

This camp was also graced by Jyothi Ma in the form of discourse on 'Durga Saptasati' on how it has to be recited & it's meaning. She also initiated few willing Sadhaka's on the same. We would look for feasibility to upload the audio files of these sessions at the earliest.

Dear Friends, the updates are not verbatims of Gurudev's lectures and hence it is strongly recommended that you kindly buy the DVDs of Gurudev's lecture so that the message is communicated without distortions. The DVD's will take a month or so to be on sale. You may kindly contact Mr. Pandey at +91-9312796128 or write to for getting the DVDs"

Thanks for reading Summer Camp updates and keep visiting us...

- A report by a 'Sadhaka'

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