Winter Camp - Day 2

 A report by 'Bansuri'

Friends, Apologies for updating Day 2 program on Day 3. Well, the day itself folded in such an engaging manager & tight but enchanting schedule, at the end of the day (night), all I could do was to take some time to chew or digest the Prasada or the vast amount of knowledge transfer that all of us got during the Day.

The Day 2 started with Guruji’s Meditation Session in morning. Guruji took all the participants through Guided Meditation Practice. He emphasized the importance of Meditation in a Sadhaka’s Daily life and how it would lead him/her through the final goal. He guided the participants on the importance of Self Discipline, Self Study & Self Awarenss in the process of Meditation.

During this session, our beloved Guruji gave lot of importance to the word “to Attend”. He lovingly described Meditation in a very simpler term so that we all could understand and apply in our daily Sadhana. He stated Meditation is nothing but “to attend”. 

Guruji giving importance on "Meditation" for a Sadhaka
At the end of the class, I personally felt I was doing everything but “to attend” during Meditation. I could understand from the class, mechanical recital of Mantra or sitting & closing the eyes, start our inner movie Journey visualizing our family, business issues / problems, finding a solution for them by closing our eyes is certainly not what Mediation is. Mediation means “To attend”, attending to each & every activity that happens. As a true sadhaka, Stillness of the Body / Mind, Rhythmic Breathing & Calming the Mind are the basic essentials that we need to attend to while Meditation. 

Guruji clarifying Participants queries

Later during the Lecture session, Guruji talked on the very important Patanjali Sutra “Chitha Vrithi Nirodhaga” and its application towards Pranidhaana. We could understand from the session that Yoga means shifting from reaction to response & Freedom from the bondage is the real effect of Yoga. Once we are free from bondage, then the inner consciousness would be in touch with the eternity.

He stated, according to Patanjali the very purpose of life is to experience THAT unconditional space in each one of us. Only if we are in that unconditional space, we can able to understand one’s true self.  Another signification question that Guruji put to all of us was “Is it possible for us to see things as they are without adding any condition. For example, he stated, we often use or state these statements to our closed loving ones – “I am loving you because…”, “I am working because….”, “I am sharing because… “ We participants were pondering quite for a while, when he asked us “can we remove that BECAUSE and still possible to love, can we remove that BECAUSE & still able to work, can we remove that BECAUSE & still able to share ? In this way, Guruji meant that we can identify the true self and attend to one’s true nature. 

According to him & Patanjali, “Mind that is constantly seeking is not a spiritual mind”.  To really attain pranidhaana, Is it possible for us to create a mind where it does not seek anything?. Can we empty our mind to find out where reactions are coming from, To find out where the waves are arising from ? Yoga says go back… modern education says go forward… He stressed this is chittha vrithi nirodhaga…

He also posed one serious question to all the participants – “Can we take charge of our life & take the responsibility of our life instead of blaming on external things?  When we trust divinity, divinity takes away all those that are not needed in you with great compassion but which for us are pleasurable things, but it’s a painful process one has to go through in this path. Are we ready to take that journey?

Guruji also remembered & shared one personal incidence that happened between our beloved Gurudev & Swami Rama. He lovingly shared, how Swami Rama once said to him, “Bete, at the right time, right people will come and do the right thing for you, you only keep doing selfless service…. as selfless service is your worship… ". As followers of our beloved Guruji, we need not agree more with what Swami Rama has once told to our Gurudev, as Selfless Service is always been our Gurudev's very being & existence which inspires thousands & thousands of seeker’s all over the world towards Sadhana Sangama & its mission.


This first Winter camp organized by Sadhana Sangama also has daily sessions with Jyothi Ma on Sri Vidhya based on techniques as contained in Sri Vidya Tradition. Her session concentrated on the following:

• Mandala meditation based on Soundaryalahari text of Adi Shankaracharya
• Chanting of chosen slokas - contemplate on its meaning and feeling - Japa to get the direct experience of divine mother.
• Learn to draw the related yantra and meditate on it to directly experience its latent    energy.
• Understanding the subtle relationship between mandala – mantra – yantra.

Jyothi Ma on "Sri Vidhya"

Enthusiast participants discussing on Dhaarana with Jyothi Ma

There is also separate evening session with Jyothi Ma on “DHAARANA”  an essential requirement for meditation from Vijnaana Bhairava an ancient text of Tantra which provides 112 types of Dhaarana techniques for any individual disposition. Selected few types were imparted to the Sadhakas & also on the signifance of “Soundaryalahiri”.

Friends, considering the vast ocean & teachings that involves in SriVidhya technique, it is best not to capture them with this untrained mind (Mine) and put into words here. It is best understood & heard from Divine Masters only.  As Jyothi Ma, stated beautifully only with the help of Guru grace & holding on to the guru’s feet, one can sail through the vast knowledge of Sri Vidhya. So Guru is the Dharanaa for Srividhya Practice.

I only pray to the divinity that all sadhaka’s who are in the path of Sadhana and who have the Grace of receiving that vast knowledge would get to know atleast few glimpses of these great Sri Vidhya technique from these realized Masters & great Sadhaka’s.  Jyothi Ma also expressed her idea that she wanted to impart few knowledge from Srividhya technique to all Sadhaka’s across world for which you can expect communication mailers from Sadhana Sangama soon. 

All the Sadhaka’s who attended the camp felt so blessed not only for receiving such vast knowledge but also to be part of the divine “SRI VIDHYA” pooja that both Guruji & Jyothi Ma performed late in the evening. All the sadhaka’s could witness Sri Vidhya Pooja performed by Jyothi Ma added with beautiful explanation of each steps performed by our Guruji. Participants also visualized & performed some of the steps in the pooja. 

Sri Chakra

Jyothi Ma performing "Sri Vidhya" pooja
Guruji explaining the process of Pooja

Day 2 also witnessed the end of the year 2012. After the Sri Vidhya Pooja, the day ended beautifully with Jyothi Ma cutting the cake and Guruji sharing the cakes first to the resident students of Sadhana Vidyalaya, then later to the Hungry Minds (including me)….

Jyothi Ma cutting cake welcoming New Year 2013 with School Resident Children

Guruji distributing cakes to all participants

Friends, Please wait for Day 3 New Year Message & updates, and also to one of the important update from the Day 1, which I missed in my earlier post… Till then, Happy Sadhana Friends…

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