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Dear Friends,

Hope you all liked & cherished Guruji's New Year Message. Day 3 of Guruji's lecture session later in the day gave a great insight about how an aspirant has to take up the path of Sadhana and what all obstacles one may face during the process. Below is the brief write up from the lecture session. 

If the mind is not calm & serene, no spiritual growth is going to take place. Guruji’s lecture session started with this strong message, preparing us for the foundation for our Spiritual Sadhana. He stressed the importance of Sankalpa for doing any spiritual practice. At the same time, he cautioned that the moment we take sankalpa, the entire nature will perform test after test, hurdles after hurdles to the Sadhaka to test the Sankalpa shakthi of a Sadhaka. A True Sadhaka has to face these test in the spiritual journey. Sankalpa has to follow the discipline.

My mind gone into self inspection for few seconds when Guruji stated, "A true sadhaka is the one who first talk less and values his/her commitment".  Quite a long way to go for most of us, I guess...

Guruji then explained in detail on the Patanjali’s description about 5 tensions that a Sadhaka has to go through in the path of Sadhana to receive "Svadhyaya". Svadhyaya means, that intelligence, that wisdom which is going to remove all obstacles and hurdles and allow the inner energy to travel smoothfully and reach its source. These tensions are those that disturbs the tranquility, harmony of the Mind. Because of these elements, Ishvara Pranidhaan (self awareness) becomes out of question & Awareness is not possible if we are surrounded by these tensions. So what are these tensions & what do they mean? Friends, I have tried to capture in nutshell below in the best of my ability, hope it helps the readers:

Avidhya – basic tension of every human soul. Avidhya means “I don’t know” in simpler terms. For example, I don’t know how to react, I don’t know how to talk, this “I don’t know” creates Tension.  There is a big difference between I don’t know statement made by a realized masters & I don’t know statement made by ordinary souls.  In the former (realized Masters),  there is humility, there is divinity. But in the latter (ordinary human beings), there is only darkness. Highest state of mind also says “I don’t know”, lowest state of mind also says “I don’t know” . But there is vast difference between both of them.

Asmitha -  Avidhya leads to Ashmita. Ashmita means wrong identification of one’s own self.

Raaga – the Attachment, that energy field that gives me comfort is Raaga. It means trying to possess more and more.

Dvesha – Where there is raaaga there would be Dvesha. For example, “I am attached to my son” is RAAGA & if the son doesn’t relate with you as you wanted, then the RAAGA turns into DVESHA. That which gives me disturbance & create frustration in me is Dvesha (likes & dislikes)

Abnivesha  -  Abnivesha Anxiety, Fear (of not getting or losing) & Insecurity. Output of Abnivesha is Restlessness. 

Guruji in lighter moments with the aspirants after the lecture session

While we understood very systematically from Guruji what are the basic tensions that Patanjali was talking about on the path of Spiritual Sadhana, before we could question Guruji on how to overcome these basic tensions, Guruji beautifully explained how Patanjali gives scientific approach to overcome them as well. I have again tried to put them in brief manner as follows in the best possible manner:

Patanjali Says, start working from the last, i.e. work first on Abnivesha. See how anxiety, insecurity & loneliness is killing one own self. Contemplate, keep working on it. Find out how we are trying to avoid, escape & fight because of this anxiety, insecurity, fear & restlessness. On deep contemplation, one realizes most of them are our own imagination & assumptions. Every fear is created by us unnecessarily, illogically by our mind.

After working on Abnivesha, then we should start working on Raaga  & Dveesha. Raaga & Dveesha are the unseen energies, inspiring motivating energies behind all our actions. We should start toning down the Intensity of Raaga & Dvesha through FORGET & FORGIVE. Once these elements on worked upon, then one has to start working on Asmitha & finally the Avidhya.

Guruji stated one can be free only when one learns to detach. With detachment, there is freedom. 

Friends, let us try to contemplate on this for some time, which would also give me some time to wrap it up the rest of the camp details probably in next post. Thanks for patiently reading and bearing with untrained Mind (of me). 

- A report by 'Bansuri'

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