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In the Himalayan Tradition, the Gurutatva started with Hiranya Garbha – Golden Womb supposed to be Brahma’s Manasa Putra. From there on the Guru lineage is continuing through Aadhi Sesha and Vyasa without any break and working in the entire universe. Pujya Swami Rama is the recent link in our Tradition. This Guru Tatva takes the form of Guru with a definite Mission on earth and works, by joining and uplifting sincere souls that are interested to uplift themselves. 

It is much easier for us when the Guru energy takes the form of a human being, to see, relate, talk, discuss and communicate and get connected with the energy. When the Guru is not limited by the human form it becomes the Mantra. The Mantra, then becomes the Devatha and all the three – Guru, Mantra and Devatha become one.

The emotion that obstructs in relating with the Guru energy should be given up. This message of the Masters should be remembered and reinforced within us.  Our experience in the Sadhana & Mantra should translate into Bhakthi. This Bhakthi should become Shakthi i.e. strength and this strength should become weapon for destroying all the obstacles in the path of Sadhana. For this to happen we should create proper environment that will facilitate the Guru Krupa to flow uninterruptedly. We should become the magnet attracting the Guru Tatva and for that there should be a clear and sustained transformation in our nature, habit pattern and attitude. 

Anybody can invoke Guru Krupa, provided one strives sincerely for it to happen. Life is a procession, a parade. Ups and downs are part of life. We have to seek the grace of the Guru to give us strength to retain our individuality and not be affected by the ups and downs of life.

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