Let's hear from Guruji - Intensify your Sadhana (Series 7)

Guruji Pattabhiram - Intensify your Sadhana
Pranams to all the readers of 'Let's hear Guruji" series, a series which looks upon various DVD's of Guruji's public programs and its contents. Today we are happy to share few info about "Intensify your Sadhana" - 2 DVD title, Based on One day workshop conducted at IIT, New Delhi by Guruji Pattabhiram & Smt. Jyothi Pattahiram. 

For any spiritual aspirant, Sadhana is very important as it gives a comprehensive knowledge of life with all its currents & crosscurrents. As Swami Rama puts it:
All sadhanas, all practices, are meant to purify and strengthen the mind that disturbs your being and prevents you from being aware of the Reality that is within you.

So Sadhana plays a pivotal role in any sadhaka/aspirant's life and it is equally important to know how to intensify our Sadhana. This DVD is divided into three sessions and below let us see briefly the contents of these sessions. 

Guruji Pattabhiram - Develop Intent deep inside
Session - I

Our Guruji explains beautifully what is Sadhana and what is required to Intensify our Sadhana in this session. Guruji says, "For any intensification, mood is very important. If the mood is positive, congenial and also very encouraging, then the very mood very attitude, very feeling, will lift our energy level. 

If there is no intent in doing the Sadhana, then Intensification is not possible. Intensification is possible when we develop intent deep inside. The intent here is the Sankalpa, an important dimension in life. Sankalpa means 'samyak kalpa', which means accepting completely what you want to do. When you accept something wholeheartedly, then the very acceptances gives you the confident energy". 

Guruji Pattabhiram - Develop 'Samyak Kalpa'
Guruji says, that most of us are not able to pursue our sadhana successfuly, because we have not accepted it totally. We have taken our Sadhana in a very lighter way as it is put in the list of other priorities and only sadhana becomes a victim in prioritizing our other values, issues and the activities. Guruji here beautifully explains the reason behind one's failure in their Sadhana. He says, When we put Sadhana in our priority list, we give importance to those which gives us immediate effect. Since Sadhana does not give anything instantly, we shift & postpone our Sadhana.

Hence developing the intent feeling completely is very important for your Sadhana to prosper. Guruji then goes on to explain how to develop that intent in all of us. This is very important aspect for any spiritual aspirant before starting the Sadhana. Guruji explains the ways to intensify the Sadhana. He talks about three important aspects i.e. Sadhya, Sadhana & Sadhaka.

Sadhya, Sadhana & Sadhaka
He then goes on to explain all these three aspects in detail and how they are connected with each other. Understanding these 3 aspects helps any students to intensify their Sadhana beautifully. 

Through these aspects, Guruji also explain what is the purpose of life according to Himalayan Tradition. Guruji breaks the conventional thinking and asks, "If you think that the purpose of life is God Realization, then you will not reach the destination because we don’t know what God is. When we don’t know what God is, how can we realize Him?. Guruji then puts it very clearly that according to Swami Rama, the purpose of life is not to realize God, but to get 'Freedom from the known & the Misery'. 

Guruji then goes on to explain what are those miseries and how to overcome them. 

He says, "If you trust life, it connects you with the right person". Guruji then recollects his younger days memories and shares few experiences from his own life, to make us understand how the Life helps a Sadhaka when He trust it. It is a great experience for all of us to hear few glimpses of our Guruji's younger days which itself can be a great inspiration for many especially the incident when he was travelling in a train towards Mumbai, where he apparently lost all the contacts and his belongings and how He got the right help at the right time. Must Watch!.

Session - II

In this session, Jyothi Ma shares few episodes from Swami Rama's life, taking reference from the famous book "Living with Himalayan Masters" and explains the take away from these episodes which in turn help us intesify our Sadhana. 

Jyothi Pattabhiram talking about Swami Rama's life

Jyothi Ma states that, "Students are many, but very few become disciples. Disciple is the one who has accepted the discipline in the path shown by the Guru in totality. Students do practice whatever the Guru tells him, he practices sincerely diligently, by that alone, one cannot become a discipline, he is a mere student. Then what additional quality, that is needed for a student to become a disciple, so that he can intensify his sadhana, by the grace of guru ? 

Jyothi Ma answers this question by stating, "To become a disciple, you have to have the Sankalpa Shakti (determination) which has no conflicting ideas, to do or not to do. You simply do it. Then she explains How does the Sankalapa Shakti can be attained. by referring to Swami Rama's life. 

Below is a brief excerpt from this Session that can be viewed from the youtube:

Session – III

This is a guided meditation session taken by our Guruji Pattabhiram. Before the meditation, He explains, what is Sri Vidhya, Shiva Shakti union, Bindu & how to keep uninterrupted focus on the Sushmna point. He also explains beautifully the message of Sri Vidhya practice in very simple words that we all can understand.  

If you are wondering why our Gurudev always ask us to concentrate on the Sushmna  point atleast for few minutes, you will get the answer by listening to this session. 

Guruji Pattabhiram showing the Sushmna point
He then guides the aspirants to a beautiful Three Minutes meditation at the Sushmna point, which is a must for any Sadhaka if they want to intensify their Sadhana. 

As Guruji says in this DVD, according to Swami Rama there are four types of people. They are:

- Target oriented people 
- Time oriented people
- Pleasure oriented people
- Purpose oriented people

A Sadhaka should always be purpose oriented and for that whatever quality that needs to be developed, that has to be developed. In that way, this DVD is a great help line for any aspirants to become purpose oriented by understanding the purpose of life, what is Sadhana, why one has to Sadhana and what is required to Intensify your Sadhana. 

Guruji Pattabhiram - Trust Life
Friends, hope you liked this coverage. If you are interested to get this DVD, please contact +91-9312796128 / 9868112750 or write to basantpnd4@gmail.com. For other list of DVD's please visit here

See you soon in another series, till then, let's hear Guruji...

- 'Bansuri'

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