Let's hear from our Guruji (Series 5) - Arogyavardhini

We all know how important it is to keep a good healthy body to pursue our Sadhana. As Swami Rama says, "A healthy body is the one which does not create any disturbance for you. It will not distract you from your aim of attaining the purpose of life. Your body speaks to you. The body has a simple and subtle language. Nobody teaches you, but you have to learn that language. If you overstrain, your body will tell you.  This consciousness will lead you to understanding, to self-awareness, and then you will understand the capacity of your body. Many things you do without understanding the capacity of your body".

Let's hear Guruji - Arogyavardhini DVD

So in this series of “Let’s hear Guruji”, let us today look upon “Arogyavardhini” – a 2 DVD set which is a Holistic package of Meditation, Kriyas & Asanas for Total Health.

What is health? It is not the mere absence of disease, actually it is the presence of positive energy at all levels -- physical, mental, social and spiritual. In this video, a whole package of Meditation, Kriyas and Asanas for total health has been given by Guruji Pattabhiram. Apart from this package, Guruji has very succinctly explains the concept of Pancha Kosha Viveka and its importance.

Arogyavardhini - 1

First DVD starts with the Meditation session. As Guruji says, Meditation is nothing but a beautiful journey of the consciousness to its own soul.  Listen to our Gurudev’s mesmerizing meditation session with the beautiful bird’s background sound (song) from the serene Ashram.

Pancha Kosha Viveka:

Post Meditation session, Guruji talks about “Pancha Kosha Viveka”.

What is Pancha Kosha Viveka? The intelligence that is there among 5 koshas of existence is called Pancha Kosha Viveka. Human being is made up of 5 layers. They are Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vignanamaya and the last one is Anandamaya.

Guruji explains that a Sadhaka can work at the first 4 levels i.e. Annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya & vignanamaya, because these four layers belong to nature. However the last one i.e. Anandamaya has to reveal by itself through Grace.

So what is Arogya vardhini?  Arogya Vardhini means integrating these four - Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya & vignanamaya .Guruji further explains in detail on how to integrate these four by referring to Bhagavad Gita verse:

yuktahara-viharasyam, yukta-cestasya karmasu, yukta-svapnavabodhasya, yogo bhavati duhkha-ha

Guruji says that Grace is very important & needed. Without Anugraha, nothing is going to work. However Till we receive that anugraha there is something called ‘Purusha Prayatna’ and working at these 4 levels of existence is that 'Purusha Prayatna'.

Guruji then moves on to explain the 4 levels in details. Guruji also take reference to following Patanjali sutras and explain them beautifully:

- tasmin sati shvasa prashvsayoh gati vichchedah pranayama
- bahya abhyantara stambha vritti desha kala sankhyabhih paridrishtah dirga sukshma
- bahya abhyantara vishaya akshepi chaturthah
- tata kshiyate prakasha avaranam
- dharanasu cha yogyata manasa

In this session, Guruji also shares insights about Swami Rama‘s voluntary creation of cancer lump to emphasize on the fact on how Mind has great potential, and how we are not exerting & exercising our mind to its full potential.

Some of the stills taken from the DVD:

Swami Rama


First responsibility is to take care of the physical body

Happy Sadhana

Find out where are you in the path of Sadhana ?

Without Grace, nothing is going to work

View Excerpt from Part 1 of Aroygavardhini DVD here:

Other things that are covered in this DVD by our Gurudev are: What is mind, what is intellect, What are the mind based personalities, How to study the mind, What is the approach to be taken when a thought comes, What is Puraka, Rechaka, & Kumbaka, What is emotion, and how to study the motivation behind each emotions and how it leads us to depression.etc.

Arogyavardhini - 2 (PRACTICE)

After the lecture session, Guruji moves on to the practice session. Guruji says, Yoga starts with loosening up exercises as our body is rigid & muscles are in tensions. Yoga means moving from rigidity to flexibility.

View Excerpt from Part II of Aroygavardhini DVD here:

In this DVD, Guruji explains various Kriyas for Warming up.  Guruji explains what kind of yogasansas one should start with by comparing the movements of a child. He beautifully explains simple techniques and how each kriyas help one from overcoming various health related problems like Arthiritis, Joint Pain, irregular bowel movement, lower back ache,  constipation, tiredness, Respiratory problems, stomach problems, etc.

Guruji tips while doing each Asanas along with how He guides on the Prana movement while doing each Asanas is a great treasure for us to learn.

Learn following Kriyas & Yogasanas directly from our Guruji through this DVD:


Tada Kriya
Hasta Varthula Kriya
Neck Rotation,
Ardha Kati Chakrasana Kriya
Meru Vakra Kriya
Ardha Kati Kriya
Kati Vartula Kriya
Janu chalana Kriya


Eka pada Pawanamuktasana
Surya Namaskar

Warming Up Kriyas

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD


Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Stills from Arogyavardhini DVD

Surya Namaskar

Guruji says, while doing Asanas, Every minute is a culture, every minute is training, every minute is an understanding, every minute is a coordination and every minute is a harmony.  If we don’t understand these principles, yoga will not give its desired results.It is a great pleasure in watching this DVD to see our Guruji demonstrating on how simple movements with awareness help in improving the diaphragmatic breathing and how it helps in releasing sluggish toxins inside our body.

Friends, hope you liked this DVD coverage. So far in the "Le'ts Hear Guruji" series, we have covered Awakening your Intelligence through Gayatri Mantra, Overcoming Fear through Mrityunjaya Mantra, Chakra Meditation, Pearls of Wisdom & Arogyavardhini. If you are interested to get this DVD, please contact +91-9312796128 / 9868112750 or write to basantpnd4@gmail.com. You can also get these DVD's or any other DVD's from this list here when you are attending the upcoming Summer Camp on "Love & Family Life" at our Bangalore Ashram.

In this DVD, in one of the instance, Guruji takes reference to Krishna in Bhagavad Gita wherein Krishna says:

Crores & crores of people think of me;
Lakhs & lakhs of people try to put one step in that direction;
Thousands & thousands of people travel half way through;
Hundreds & hundreds of people come to very close to that door;
Ten & tens knock the door;
Only One who is fortunate enters.

So Guruji asks us to find out where we are?

Till we meet next time, Happy Sadhana...

- 'Bansuri'
(the messenger)

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