Annual New Year Camp Highlights


Guruji’s Session:

Authentic knowledge can be gained only through Direct Experience. How you can have that direct experience and, of what, is the question? At present, your Consciousness which is locked up in the body needs to be freed so that it expands and stabilize in its true nature. When we say direct experience, it is the experience of this Consciousness in you in its full  potency.

To attain Direct Experience Self–discipline, Self–study and more importantly Self–surrender is required. Self–surrender alone can lead you to Self-expansion and to merge with the Divinity within you. When you surrender, you allow the Divinity to work through you. Therefore, in this camp, we are going to focus on what is self-surrender and how it can be attained.

¨ Morning & Evening lectures on Pranidhana by Guruji with practice sessions

Jyothi Ma’s Session:

Based on techniques as contained in Sri Vidya Tradition:

¨ Mandala meditation based on Soundaryalahari text of Adi Shankaracharya
¨ Chanting of chosen slokas - contemplate on its meaning and feeling - Japa to get the direct experience of divine mother.
¨ Learn to draw the related yantra and meditate on it to directly experience its latent energy.
¨ Understanding the subtle relationship between mandala – mantra – yantra.

DHAARANA an essential requirement for meditation would be imparted. Vijnaana Bhairava an ancient text of Tantra provides 112 types of Dhaarana techniques for any individual disposition!

¨ Intensive practice to enhance the power of Dhaarana for deeper meditative states


Camp fee for 5 day’s - Rs.2000. You need to kindly do your own transportation arrangement to reach the Ashram. Request you to confirm your participation by writing to on or before 31st October 2012 so that arrangement for stay & food can be made accordingly at the Ashram for you.  

Let us together build beautiful and harmonious families. Come and join us in this endeavour.

With yogic fragrance,
Jyothi & Pattabhiram

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