Yoga & Married Life

Try to analyze from the very beginning and see how a child grows. A child comes to this platform and he lives with the values that he likes. Dolls, different colors, different things to play, but when that love grows, goes to higher avenues of life, then he finds more objects to fulfill his need. This his love goes toward beautiful clothes, beautiful things around him. Slowly he grows and he finds that he needs some recognition in the world and social status and he works for it. Again achieves yet he is not complete. Biological necessity in man and woman leads him to a state, then he thinks that he is not complete. He wants someone as his companion. He becomes aware that there is only one principle in him and that is called male principle and without female principle he cannot live happily. Yoga science also says the same thing. Yoga science has got its own philosophy behind it and that says Purusha and Prakriti. There are two principles in the universe. One is called male principle and another is called female principle. They cannot live without each other. There are born in the same but they are called two because of their two different functions. 

So when a man or woman, they get married; what for they do that, get married? Marriage is a little bit different a far more higher role than sex life. If you study a few ancient scriptures you come to know that marriage is not a contract. It was never a contract. Today our society created great, a great conflict between our training that we have in our childhood and our social life. Law says you can divorce but church says it’s not good. You should not do that. Now this conflict becomes a disease. What to do? Shall we go according to the trend of the time or shall we go according to the teachings of the church? The seeds which are sown in the childhood no matter how much we enlighten and educate ourselves they remain stored in our subconscious and they remind us again and again. They create conflict in our minds. Some are subtle, some are gross. Gross, subtle, gross expressions, we often express in ourselves but some of the subtle expressions which we are, are stored in the subconscious mind you cannot talk about them to anyone. And when you cannot talk about such things you start dreaming. So dreaming has become a sort of remedy for many, many diseases. Sigmund Freud started studying the dreams and by studying the dreams he came to know that which we consider life, a vast portion of that life remains buried and we hardly share that life with anyone. Wife and husband’s union and marriage is on the basis of equality even in Christianity. In all the great religions of the world you will find that wife and husband they got together and when the ring is presented it’s a beautiful thing. If you attend a marriage ceremony properly and what the priest says during that period you will come to know he says there is a piece of metal having two ends. Now these two ends are getting together and it becomes a ring. Man is not something separate from the woman. Woman is not something separate from the man. They are one and the same not because they are valued as only one; their aim is one. They are one because their aim is one. 

What is their Aim? We will see in next issue…

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