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Dear Sadhakas,

Hope by this time you would have begun to feel the gentle breeze of the winter. I feel like sharing something about “health” with you all in this Editorial. Health is an essential aspect of human endeavour for happiness in life. The word “health” can be dissected to get “he” and “al” (pronounced as “all”); meaning He (god) is all (he + all); i.e., He permeates the entire creation and works through all. Anybody who stays with this feeling will always be in a healthy mood. Even if you see the word “Heart”, it could be divided to get “He” and “Art” meaning His (HE) Art. All our emotions and feelings spring from Him and one who lives with this feeling, his life becomes an Aesthetic Life.

So friends our health (wherever I say health, it implies physical + mental + emotional health) should be in perfect balance if we want to live peacefully and happily. The kind of attitude mentioned above will go a long way in developing such an aesthetic life. Action is unavoidable. So, it will be wise if we learn to perform our actions in a skillful and efficient way. That is the only way to live rather. Those who resist this natural law experience what is known in common parlance as suffering, strain, misery, dejection, stress, psyco-somatic diseases and the list goes on. The absence of this list in one’s life is what is known as peace, happiness, bliss etc.

Friends, don’t you all feel that it is high time that we understood this simple secret and make our life a very healthy one, thereby influencing the surroundings around us to become healthy? I do sincerely hope that you will give a serious thought to what I have said. My only request is: Do not ignore your health as well as your near and dear one’s health. Take personal responsibility in this matter and see the difference in the quality of your life. I would like to see you all with the result of this experiment when I meet you next in person. Till then, please do take care and I assure you of the blessings of the Parampara in this venture.

In service of Guru Parampara
Sri Pattabhiram

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